Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Handing out a Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith


Hi fam bam,
Last week in the mission field.. SO surreal!!
Well this might be a little short, we had a pancake party and played
volleyball at the church today with a bunch of missionaries and it was
so much fun! Can you imagine, volleyball + chocolate chip pancakes =
one heck of a happy Sister Bee. Except for I got some gnarly floor
burns now, anywho.. It was a fabulous week!

Cumberland county may be the least church going county in the most
atheist state in America, BUT.. We don't let that stop us, we had
another good week, full of some neat miracles!

On exchange this week we made a goal to hand out as many Book Of
Mormons that we could in two days. Our first house we knocked on was a
very kind man. He commended us for what we do, and we were able to
share a little about what we believe in. He told us that he knew
everything about the Mormon church and we had our differences. As we
parted ways and knocked doors around his rest of his neighborhood we
handed out a Book Of Mormon.. Woohoo! As we headed back to our car the
man came running out to us and said "hey! I've been thinking, and I've
decided I really want to read the book." I was flabbergasted!! He had
such a change of heart in a brief amount of time. He promised us that
he would read the book and then he said one last thing.. I want you to
guess my name! As we sat there and thought, I said "I have no idea!"
He said... "Wait for it!... It's Joseph Smith!" Hahaha I about died! I
handed out a Book Of Mormon to Joseph Smith!!

We found a new investigator this week who is SO sincere about
learning! He is a less actives husband and we went to go and meet her,
and her husband was outside working on his jeep. We were able to spark
up a conversation with Scott, and he said he has been looking for
truth. We were able to have a really good talk with him, and the
gospel was able to answer a lot of his questions. Such a hand of the
Lord that we caught him home!

A member brought her friend Barbara and her daughter to church on
Sunday, and they loved it!! We have an appointment on Tuesday to teach
them more, which is great! We can't wait :)

It's gunna be a good week.. You know what they say.. Go big or go
home! Hope you have a awesome week.
Love you so much!
- Sister Bee

Oh! Happy Mother's Day dear mama :) Excited to talk on the phone on
Saturday. I can do either 2:00 your time, or 6:00. Email me back and
let me know what works best. Yay!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016



At the first of my mission I was told a story that I've reflected on
time and time again.
The story begins by telling about a man who looked out his window and
saw a HUGE boulder on his front lawn. He was confused, and a little
bit frustrated when he saw this. As this man went outside and looked
at this huge boulder a little bit closer, the Lord came down and
commanded him to push the boulder. The man was faithful and wanted to
do what the Lord asked of him to do. So the man pushed and pushed,
with the rock going no where! Neighbors, friends and family walked by
and would laugh or tell him he was never going to be able to move the
rock, but still, this faithful man pushed. After four weeks of
constantly pushing and pulling with the rock not budging he finally
decided to give up. He was tired, and confused why he had been
commanded to do this. He finally went to the Lord and said "I've been
pushing for 4 weeks and haven't been able to move the rock. This is
simply just a waste of time and energy!" The Lord came down and said
to him "I didn't ask you to move the rock, just to push." He sighed
and asked "was I making the commandment harder than it needed to be?"
He goes on to say "well what was I supposed to gain from this?" The
Lord said "look at your arms and legs, you are so much stronger from
being obedient to me."

I know that we're truly given commandments to help us grow and become
stronger, even if we don't understand why were asked to do them. This
week we had the opportunity to go to two sets of interviews and train
the missionaries. It was SO much fun! I even had my exit interview,
that was sure wacky! I got lots of good advice for life, dating, and
education, so that was good! Anyways we were able to train on
obedience. I always am very grateful for these times that I am able to
give a talk, or train missionaries because it helps me dig in the
scriptures a little bit more on a certain topic that I probably
wouldn't have done other wise. My testimony for the why behind
obedience has grown so much this past week. I truly do know that
obedience is an eternal principle, it's not just something we do, it's
something we become. But all in all, the things were asked to do is to
help prepare us for the eternities! The more we give ourselves to the
gospel, the more it strengthens us. I love to look to our perfect
example or obedience, Jesus Christ. In Mosiah 15:7 It says "Yea, even
so he shall be led, crucified, and slain, the flesh becoming subject
even unto death, the will of the Son being swallowed up in the will of
the Father." Christ's obedience to the Father is breathtaking. I'm
grateful for His obedience and for teaching us the was back to Him. I
thank God everyday for the Atonement Of Jesus Christ. His sufferings
on the cross and in Gethsemane is there for our benefit. I've came to
know that it is okay to use the The Atonement daily. As I've relied on
redeeming and enabling power of the Atonement daily, I become more
grateful for this precious gift. The Atonement allows to strive for
obedience, it also allows us to learn from our mistakes without being
failures. I know that Heavenly Father has given us these commandments
so that we can become stronger and more faithful disciples. At times,
I know that we do not understand the why, but I do know that as we act
in faith He allows His grace to come into play, and when Grace comes
into play God begins to look at the desires of are hearts. I'm
grateful that because of Christ and His divine means of help and
strength that we can always strive to be obedient to the Father.
Well just my thoughts from the week. Hope you have great week ahead of you!
I heard a little girl yesterday at church say,
"I like to like!"
"I love to love!"
It was so cute coming out of a 4 year olds mouth, so my words to you
this week is...
I like to like, YOU and I love to love, YOU! Thanks for being the best
family and friends a girl could ask for! XoxXXooOO

Love/Sister Bee

Awkward moment of the week..
Yesterday we had a man literally chase Sister Bishop and I down after
inviting him to learn about the gospel, he thought he'd return the
favor and ask us out on a date 😂 #awkward Sorry mister we're sisters,
and we're happy to be Sisters!

The Wilson family. Love and adore them with my WHOLE heart!

We treated ourselves... We really treated ourselves as you can see! Cool experience at 'Orange Leaf' the frozen yogurt place. It was in Augusta after zone interviews. I was happy to be able to go through Augusta again. It's like going down memory lane being back in my first area. It's a very humbling experience just to look back and see how much Heavenly Father has helped me grow into a missionary since serving there. I'm eternally grateful Heavenly Father took a chance on me and was willing to help me through. When we walked into the yogurt place I said a little prayer in my heart telling Heavenly Father that I would be very happy to run into someone I met while serving in Augusta. About 5 minutes later in comes Josh. Josh's parents are less active members we were working with when I was there. It was a pleasant surprise to run into Josh, it was such a sweet moment to just catch up and hear about how him and his family were doing. I'm grateful for the prayer of the heart, and I'm grateful for those little moments that show us just how much Heavenly Father is really listening.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016



Hey is me again. Your MAINE homie, Sister Bee. 
We've had some beautiful weather to be out in this week. Bring on the SUNSHINE!! 

We had a few very special lessons this week. One of our investigators is doing so well. She loves learning, and is starting to recognize what the spirit feels like! One struggle that she has is getting to church. She lives 45 minutes away from our church building so that is quite a drive! She just said its a lot to have to get her family up and ready and to church by 9 in the morning,  which I completely understand that is a lot to have to do. Especially when you haven't been to church and cant see the blessings we receive from going. After we invited her and she sat there contemplating the member that was with us asked our investigator, "what are you willing to sacrifice to know Jesus Christ?" The room went silent, and the spirit filled the room so strongly. 
She then promised to come next week with her family, and I know she will.. That question has been in my head ALL week. What are we willing to sacrifice to know our Savior? I know that sometimes the things the Lord asks us to do can seem a little difficult, but the blessings always outweigh the sacrifice! (Kinda seems selfish almost, haha) anyways,I hope we can all sit back and look at the things we can do to know Christ better! 

We also had another good lesson with our investigator Judith, oh wonderful Judith! At the end of her lesson there were lots of tears and we were able to give her very specific promised blessings. I felt so strongly that the gospel can help her improve her life. I love being able to see people come closer to Christ, there lives really do change. I know the Gospel that Christ established does improves lives. I'm grateful for the way it has blessed mine. 

Well, I'm outta time. BUT.. Have a super good week. 
-Sister Bee 

So sad news this week. We were the only trio in the mission and there was a sister that needed to go home. So we lost Sister Draper. :( That was such a sad goodbye. I can't tell you how much I love Sister Draper, I will always be grateful that I was able to train her-- even though I feel like she was teaching me more! When I first received her as a companion I was a little nervous, because we were very different in a lot of ways, but it was amazing to see our friendship and companionship grow. She has only been here two transfers and is already an amazing teacher, I can't wait to see her at the end of her mission! I'm grateful for her light, and her smile. 

We "donut" want Sister Draper to leave us :( 

Cutest package from Jessica Rose!


We helped some members move this weekend and they moved right by the ocean! Sister Bishop and I packed a lunch and had a little picnic on the beach.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever



It's been a good one out here in Maine :) I think overall this week
I've just been blown away By such Christ-Like members. I have had two sick little 
companions this week :( Nice thing about being in a trio was I was able to go to
a lesson with leaving the sick ones at home, and go to Church while my
companions stayed home and got better. It's been fun to have members
as companions this week, it's helped me not to die from cabin fever!
After church on Sunday, a member came over knocking on our door with
homemade soup. It sometimes just blows my mind at how kind people can
be. I'm very grateful I haven't gotten sick and hope that'll stay that

A little miracle that we can this week was on Thursday we had a lesson
with one of the members of our branch. We followed up and asked them
if they had set a date for someone to be taught in their home. They
said yes! April 9th.. And we were all like umm hmm... That's in two
days! But we cheerfully said that was awesome and both us and the
member started praying that she could find someone to invite to take
the missionary discussions in her home. Well she exercised great
faith, and that night at the grocery store she ran into an old friend
who she invited to take a discussion! He said yes and we were able to
teach him yesterday! It went great, other than that awkward moment
when there was a miscommunication error somewhere in the conversation
and he thought he was there to teach us.... Hahah... Haha.. Man so
awkward. Anyways we were able to have a very good lesson with him. I
truly hope we helped this man begin the search he didn't know he was
on. He told us that he would read, pray, and come to church. It was a
neat experience of us all bearing testimony how we know this can and
will bless his life.

As new companions we're still in the "get to know you" stage. Haha!
This week Sister Bishop asked me to tell her about my family. She
probably realized pretty quick that that was a mistake, because once
you get me started on my family, I just can't quite shut my mouth! As
I went through each family member and told her about all of your
"super powers" and the qualities you have, my love grew even more for
you all. As I was describing dad, I thought of kind, loving, soft
spoken, and supportive man that he is, I thought of how he never
missed a dance competition or ball game of mine. Even if it was a
simple church basketball game, I knew I could look over to the stands
and see dad cheering me on. (Loving every moment of him being there,
until he pulled out the video camera! Lol) I couldn't help but be
grateful for all the times throughout my life that dad has showed me
glimpses of exactly what Heavenly Father is like. Always watching,
always caring, and always loving. I loved how Elder Hallstrom in this
past General conference said "Our most fundamental doctrine includes
the knowledge that we are children of a living God. That is why one of
His most sacred names is Father--Heavenly Father." I love Heavenly
Father, I know that He is our literal creator and Father. He is there
for us, always watching, supporting and caring. I often think of how
moms are with baby monitors. They can hear and see us through those
monitors, but sometimes those loving moms often leave their babies to
cry it out by themselves, so that they can grow and become a better
person. I know that is how Heavenly Father is, He may be quieter than
some of us like, but I can promise that He is our number one fan, and
wants all of us to return to Him! We are A child of God! Elder
Hallstrom came to our mission about a year and a half ago and I
remember leaving that conference knowing that I was a child of A God
who loved me. I think that is such a special message that we can
share. He told us that anyone can get up and sing the beloved hymn, "I
Am A Child Of God" but do we really know it? Do we live like it? I
hope that through this week you can remember how special you are,
being out here on a mission has helped me realize that we can't give
up on ourself, or on others, why? Simply because we are children of a
Supreme being who loves us, and who is our loving Father.
"Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep
growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Have a happy day.
Love you forever, and ever.
-Sister Bee

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Happy Happy!


Hi dear family,

Hope all had a wonderful week! Things are going so well here, I
couldn't love this area or my mission more. We are working so hard,
and Heavenly Father really is blessing this area with such great
things. General conference was simply terrific. We watched it in the
church with our recent converts and one of our investigators that is
just full of surprises showed up! It was a very neat experience to
listen to conference for myself, but also having people right next to
me who I loved, knowing their questions and concerns and seeing them
all be answered. The gospel really is for everyone, and it does help
us no matter where they are in life, or no matter what they are going
through. I was thankful to have that reconfirmed to me yesterday, the
Gospel Of Jesus Christ is for everyone, even you and me!

So we got some pretty exciting news this week.. Elder Rasband of the
quorum of the 12 is coming to our mission this May. So exciting! His
grandson is in our mission, so he's coming up for a conference. The
sad news is, he's coming right after I come home. With this neat
opportunity our mission President has allowed the missionaries going
home this transfer have the option of extending their missions. I have
put much thought and prayer, and fasting into this, and I have decided
to extend my mission for 2 weeks. It works perfectly where I'm in a
trio and the flight plans weren't hard to change at all. I will be
coming home now Wednesday May 25. I hope you guys are okay
with this.

It was hard to say goodbye to Sister McVey, she has become such a good
friend of mine over the past 12 weeks. I'm very grateful for all the
things she taught me, she brings out the best in everyone. Tuesday
this week we went down to Portland to pick up our new companion and
received the cutest thing you ever did see, Sister Bishop! (No her dad
is not the bishop, but it would be the coolest thing if he was, lol!)
She's from Bountiful Utah, cheered and danced growing up, and
graduated the same year that I did. We get along so good, shes a
sweetheart, and I'm so happy to have her and Sister Draper as my
companions for this transfer!

We had such a good zone conference last week. It was on the importance
of Sabbath day observance. At the conference a slide on the slide show
stuck out to me that said this:
Picture yourself receiving the most important invitation of your life:
A chance to spend a day with Jesus Christ!
- How would you prepare spiritually and physically?
- What blessing might you hope would come from such a visit?
The Lord has invited each of us to set aside a day to commune with
Him, the Sabbath day which He has established. I really pondered these
questions for a long time. I felt the spirit impress on me little
things that I could change just a little bit to make the sabbath more
of a delight. As I was studying later this week I realized that when
God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses that all of the commandments
had one verse, except for the for the sabbath day, it had five verses.
I think that's sayin somethin! I know all the commandments are here to
bring us happiness, and blessings, and especially this one. I know
that as we prepare for the sabbath and for partaking of the sacrament
far before when we sit down in he pue that it does make our Sunday
more of a holy day. I have came to love this day of rest, service and
peace. I know that as we strive to keep it holy that it does connect
us with our creator.

I love the gospel, and It's the best thing in the world to share it.
I'm grateful to have this wonderful church in our lives. Sometimes I
just don't know how I got so blessed to have it in my life. I know that
because of Christ we can overcome death and sin. I don't know what I
would do without my Redeemer and Savior. I'm grateful that because of
Him we can be an eternal family. I believe in Christ, and its sure a
joy to serve Him at this time.

I'm very happy, and I certainly hope you are too!

Oh and by the way, Elder Rasband really is coming to our mission, and
his grandson is in our mission.. But Aprils Fools on the extending
part, I wish I could! We ate dinner with the funniest family on April
fools that had pulled HILARIOUS April fool jokes on each other, and I
thought I'd had to share a little with you. Love you much :)
Have a lovely week.

-Sister Bee

I have really struggled this week. I have spilled and dropped anything that has been put in my hand. This time somehow I dropped the phone and it landed perfectly under the car.. Instead of my companions helping me, they laughed and took pictures.. lol

The new trio!

Got caught in a rainstorm during some service we do at the food pantry. Don't worry, a sweet old lady let me borrow her cute rain coat!

Saving the world with love.. one sticky note at a time!

Sister Draper and I!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Sister Bee fail...
I didn't leave enough email time for a weekly update..
BUT, I had a great week! Easter Sunday was awesomeeee.

We had a wonderful zone conference, I learned a lot. I'll be sure to
share some of my notes with you next week.

The "Messiah" sing we held at the church went great! Two of our
investigators came! That was really exciting.

Transfer week...
I'm staying here in Yarmouth with Sister Draper, and we'll be
receiving a new companion! I'm on my last transfer of my mission. 6
weeks left. Kind of disturbing and exciting at the same time.Lol

Feeling extra blessed to be here in this area. We're teaching some
incredible people right now, and I feel so much love for them!

Love and miss you lots.
-Sister Bee

The Sisters Tay has trained!



Tay's new companion... Betsy ;)

Sweet Sister Kinney!

Easter Package!

So fun being reunited with Sister Dickson!

Sister Stoker!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Week!


:( Last week of team Mcbeeper... (McVey, Bee, and Draper)
BUT On the bright side it's Easter week, and that makes everything
better! Easter Sunday we have a big activity that we've been working
on! We're broadcasting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir "Messiah" sing at
our chapel, It's going to be so fun! We've literally invited everyone
and their dog to come, and have hung posters up everywhere in the
community! So.. PRAY THAT PEOPLE WILL COME! The branch is really
excited for it, and really helping us out with it by inviting friends
and they even made a Facebook page for us. We're going to hang these
huge poster boards all around the church explaining what we as Mormons
believe in. It should be neat, and don't worry I'll take pictures!

Yesterday I was able to attend my first linger longer. Where everyone
lingers, and stays longer after church and eats food... What a
glorious thing! It was kind of a cool thing to watch, after church we
walked into the kitchen to see if there was anything we could help
carry out. When I saw how much food was there I got a little nervous,
knowing how many people were staying after and seeing that there was
not to much food in the kitchen.  We had a really cool miracle though!
It may sound silly, but I saw it with my own eyes! It reminded me of
Mathew chapter 14 in the bible when Jesus feeds five thousand!
"17 And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two
fishes. (we had five sandwich platters, and two bags of chips,
18 He said, Bring them hither to me.
19 And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took
the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he
blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the
disciples to the multitude.
(We went in to the gym and had an opening prayer, as we went back to
the kitchen we had our own little miracle! There were platters on
platters coming out of the kitchen!)
20 And they did all eat, and were filled"
We all left fed, and happy, it was a great Sabbath!

I really am grateful for a living Savior, who performs miracles of all sorts.

This week was great, we taught lots of people, which is always
wonderful. Tuesday one of my companions woke up with this huge stress
cold sore on her upper lip, that morning we had an appointment with
one of our investigators. We go into her lesson and before we start
she looks at me and the companion with the cold sore and says "I know
you are sisters in Christ, but are you two related and really
sisters?" We said "no, we're just companions!" She then goes on to
say, "hmm.. That's weird! I totally thought you were related, you both
have the same upper lips!" So there I am with no cold sore, and was
just told that I have the same upper lip as my companion with a huge
cold sore on her lip. Nicccccce. Hahaha.

Welp... I hope you have a wonderful week and Easter. It's such a
special reason to celebrate.

He is Risen!
He lives
Because He lives
Wherever He Walked,
Wherever He Taught,
Wherever He Healed,
Then everything changed...
The man they called Master, Messiah, friend, was gone..
BUT THE GREATEST MIRACLE, was yet to come.
He is not here.. HE IS RISEN!
>>>He Lives<<<
And because He lives
If you reach out, call out, cry out,
Then, now, always, HE IS HERE..
During the good, the bad, the in-between,
He is Here!
No matter who you are
Or who you were
No expectations
No lost causes
At all times, in all places, He is Here!
He rose on the third day
-- and I'm so grateful that He lives, and Because He lives we will all
live again!

I miss and love you guys 🎈
-Sister Bee

If you haven't checked out this website... Check it out!
>>>> <<<<< #HALLELUJAH

Went on an exchange with Sister Lewis this week. She is the coolest girl!

Some of the women in the ward play volleyball in the mornings at the church, our schedule finally worked out where we could go! I got a little too into it and the knees are all floor burned, but it was SO much fun! Such great people here!

Some of the sweetest ladies we serve at the food pantry with!

Wilson family, and Abbie!

Planting eggs for the primary easter egg hunt!

Hair colored!

Beautiful little lakes everywhere!