Friday, January 30, 2015

Keep On Keepin' On!


(Sorry I am posting this so late! We were on vacation. :) -Tawnie)

Hey. Hi. Hello... Dear Loved ones.. haha

I hope you are all doing well! My prayers are with you all and with little Brinlee. What a little angel! I hope she gets better soon and fast. <3

This week fllllleeeeew by! I will update you on a little, but things are so good here in Maine! We're supposed to be getting a huge Historic Winter storm these next few days, and its called Juno. Haha all the missionaries are grounded on Tuesday, and we should be getting some serious snow! SOO be excited for pictures next week ;) 

We had District P-day at the church and played some games, which was super fun. I forget how much I love volleyball until I play around a bit! Such a great sport :) It was fun to have a little break and relax for part of the day. Later we had a dinner appointment with a cute young family!! They acted more like Utahns and later they told us they were from Idaho, and were just in Maine for a little bit for his schooling. They had such a cute little boy and girl, and it was fun to see them get excited about the little spiritual thought we left with them.

On Thursday we work at the Augusta food bank and help people in need gather their food. Such a humbling experience. Some of these experiences I'm having out here I just can't put into words. and I truly am so thankful for them. I feel so blessed for what I've been given, and to have the happiness that comes from the gospel in my life, and I just want to share it with all of them!!

While we were tracting this week, we got a 2 return appointments! Such a miracle right there :) And i'm really excited to go and meet with them this week. We even tracted into a man that knew all about mormons, but was pretty set in his religion, but wanted a Book Of Mormon, so that was exciting!! Its amazing to see if you pray and truly ask for guidance where to go, the Lord will direct you to someone that may be interested in learning more about the church. Another man we tracted into asked if Sister Collins and I were married and we both said no. haha He then began to start to tell us about his neighbor boy and how he had 2 jobs and was such a good catch and about his grandson, and then about another young boy he knew, little did he know were not allowed to date on our missions! haha 

We had a lot of meals this week with members. Some of the most kindest people I know! Some were great, some were not so great (tad bit sketchy) haha. But that fact they invited us over and the love they show to us is amazing. I can't even begin to describe my love I have for them. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to share my testimony with them, and hear how they all converted to the church. We have a great ward and a great Bishop.

We are really getting to know this less active family. We've had two appointments with them, and a dinner appointment with them, and I just love them so much. They're great, and are starting to read their scriptures and pray again. It is so neat to watch!

So funny moment: I asked a lady in the ward "how she was doing?" She replied, "super good and super gassy!" hahah I literally died of laughter. I was trying to hold it in but couldn't! The thought came to mind, I think we might be a little too close when she starts telling me she's a little gassy. LOL glad she felt comfortable enough to tell me how she was really feeling :) 

We taught the gospel principles class this week, and that is always really enjoyable! And also our investigator Mary came to Church again Sunday!! She is really liking it :) I'm so happy for her too. She really loves sister Collins and I, and I feel very grateful for this opportunity to teach her twice a week!

At our District meeting this week, I was the lucky one that got to stand up and bear my testimony after ;) haha I have realized though from my mission it finally doesn't make me nervous to get up in front of people and bear my testimony. I completely know that is because the Lord is helping me! He is with us always, and I know he listens to our prayers. God is very very aware of ALL of his children. I know that anything is possible with God on our side. He is so great, and wants each of us to find true happiness. This church is so true, and The Gospel Of Jesus Christ has truly grown to be a huge part of me. I love it with everything I am. It surprises me that I hated studying any subject in high school, but could study the gospel for hours and hours out here and never get tired of it! The Book Of Mormon is a very divine and inspired book, and I know that it is true. I'm thankful to be out here, and to be a missionary. Definitely a very special time in my life. And I'm thankful to be out here serving. I know we all can serve everyday, we just have to pray for an eye of service and the Lord will help you see how you can build of his Kingdom here on earth. I miss you all so much, and I love and care for you all so much. But I know the time flies, I mean look its already been 3 months! 

Have a good week, you are all so great. The Lord loves you so very much, and so does Sister Bee!!

Keep on Keepin on. Xoxo

Sister Bee 

Taylie loves Sister Cassidy

She loves the cute streets and buildings in Maine


The whole gang!
Cute Sister Bee

They had a big lunch together before transfer calls!

And these two cute Sisters get to stay together for another transfer! YAY! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Months and Whoopie Pies


Eh Familia :)

Its been an AWESOME week here in Maine :) I saw lots of miracles and blessing. Hope it goes the same for you guys! All I have time for today sadly is a little update on some of the people we have been teaching: 

We've been busy teaching and even had a investigator come to church with us. He had to go in and out for his smoke breaks a lot, but hey its an improvement! and I know Heavenly Father is proud of him for coming to church. Our Investigator Mary has been sick, but she is simply amazing. It was neat to watch her have her first priesthood blessing this week. We even have a baptism date for her on June 13th, she is getting married June 6th, that's why it is so far away. But she is super excited! But she is so interested in learning, and really wants to come closer to Jesus Christ. Were teaching an older couple name Shelia and Steve and they are the coolest people ever, I love them to death. They really accepted the message of Joseph Smith well. I love being a missionary and being able to share the gospel. I hit my 3 month mark this week, so crazy! 

The Church is true, I know it with everything I am. Heavenly Father Loves us so so much! 

(Sorry you might have to get some stuff off of Sister Collins Blog this week, I ran out of time big time. But seriously was a great week. I promise it'll be longer next week)

Have a great week!!

Oh we got fed p-soup this week, it tasted like baby food. It was a little hard to shove that one down.


Miss you all! Give you all a hug from me to you! Give Brin a big birthday kiss, and cam one too! Xox

Sure Love You

Sister Bee

Augusta Zone Conference
Their investigator made them whoopie pies because she couldn't believe they had never had them before!

Looks like they enjoyed them :)

Chasing Turkeys and spreading the word

Tay says these are her best friends in the ward. She loves them!

Taylie just being Taylie! 

Cute companions after church!

An awesome member in their ward!

Cute Sisters at Zone Conference

Chocolate covered strawberries- Tay's fav!

Tay got her hair done!! She said it was weird not having my mom do it, but it turned out great!

Love and miss that cute girl! Even if her emails keep getting shorter :) Excited to hit the 3 month mark this week! She is doing great things!

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Investigators- Trusting in the Lord's Timing


What a wonderful week here in Maine!  Sounds like the flu bug has been going around in Utah, and I'm so sorry to hear some of you are sick :( 

We have three new solid investigators. I've loved getting to know them and teach them! I feel very blessed to have people to teach because we haven't for awhile! It really showed me that if you work hard, and do all you can, you just have to trust in the Lord and his timing! 

Our first one is Named Shelia. Sweetest person alive! Sisters Collins and I came in contact with her by tracting. This week we read the introduction of the Book Of Mormon with her and talked about Joesph Smith. She is awesome, and even said the closing prayer. We made some cookies this week and took them over to her house one night, and her Husband Steve was there, and was happy to see us and now will be joining the lessons too! How awesome huh? 

Our other new Investagator is named Mary! She is so beyond prepared to hear the gospel, and has just moved to Augusta! She has had a quite the life, and is really ready for a change! When we met with her this week we talked about Jesus Christ for most of the time,  and we invited her to church and she happily replied yes! She came to all 3 hours, and seemed to like it. We will be meeting with her twice a week and I hope and pray she'll keep having the desire to change for the better.

My companion and I the neatest opportunity to drive to Bath Maine and meet up with the Senior Sisters, and go to the St. Paul's Church, and teach them about what the mormons believe in. It was a great experience, and I will share more on it next week :) 

We had the sweetest lesson with Elliot this week. We actually had him give us the lesson!! He did so great, and has the sweetest testimony ever. For just being baptized in November it amazes me at the love he already has for gospel. The church has sure changed his life! 

I went on an Exchange this week with a sister names Sister Bulloch. Its always fun to get to know other Sisters!

I'm so sorry for the short email, just running out of time! but I thank you for you emails and love. I love hearing about how you are all doing! I pray for you all SO much. Things are awesome. The ward is SO great, and I'm thankful to be here! We have the coolest ward mission leader, and he gave the most wonderful talk in sacrament on Sunday on missionary work. We also taught the gospel principles class and the lesson was #1(Heavenly Father) where it's the new year. It was interesting having a lady in there that didn't believe that God was our Father. So we got to teach and bear testimony for an hour which was really cool! And awesome for our investigator Mary that was there :) 

Church Is So True
Miss You Guys Like Crazy

Sister Bee <3

Family Home Evening with the Houston family. Taylie says they are DARLING!

The gorgeous and COLD streets they walk down. Houses are far apart and so for tracting they have to walk a lot, and she said this day she was grateful for the sunshine!

She didn't take many pictures this week but just wanted to say that she loves everyone :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a Small World


Hello Family!

How was your week?? Did you party hard on New years Eve? I think this was the first New years I've been to bed by 10:30... We ran into a man named Richard on January 1st, and he knew a little bit about the Mormons which was surprising! I asked him If he had a good new years eve, and he said yes! He then started to joke with me by saying " How was your new years eve? Did you stay up late and study your bible? Haha little did he know that's really what we did! Its different being on a mission, but I love it, I love being able to give 100% of my time to The Lord for this year and a half. Also that same day we had a meeting with some other Elders and and the older set of Sisters. After that we had a big lunch, and the senior Sisters had made us some yummy lasagna, and Sister Collins and I brought the salad. So that was yummy and fun!  Later that day we went and visited our investigator, and are going to start reading the Book Of Mormon with her, so that will be exciting :)

We had a lot of member meals this week, it's so fun to get to know them and their families. I even got to try some moose chili! So that was cool.. I love at the end when we get to share a spiritual thought with them, it's always good to feel of the spirit. 

This week was a cold one, I guess its supposed to be getting colder and colder too! When we were tracting this week we were bundled up to the max. Had my hand warmers in, beanies on, hoods up, and scarf over my nose.We both had our heads buried down into our coat cause the wind was hitting us pretty hard. Not paying attention to where we were walking, BAM I ran into a mail box. Haha we died laughing! Having it be soo cold, and then that happening made things better. We both were laughing so hard we were crying! 

So this Sunday was really good. I love Sundays out here! It had snowed a lot over the night and so the roads were a little scary in the morning. We didn't have a huge turn out at church cause of the weather. Where it was Fast and Testimony meeting, I got up and bore my testimony. My heart was so full and touched that I had to get up and share. Craziest thing too, so I met the Stake president for the first time yesterday. We got talking and his mission president was from Tremonton, I told him it was a small town and everyone knows everyone! His Mission President, was President Simmons!. Small world huh, crazy that our neighbor and the man that gave me my patriarchal blessing was his mission President! Where there wasn't that many people at church they asked  Elliot to pass the sacrament, which was way cool cause our lesson on Tuesday with him was on passing the sacrament!  

This past week has had its ups and downs for sure. But through it all I have really seen the Lords hand in my life. His hand is in everything, it's crazy once we start to look for it, we recognize it! This week I have studied quite a bit out of the bible. In John 14;16 He promises us that the Lord will abide with us forever. I loved that because I Know that The Lord is with us always, during our joys and our pains! If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:8) As long as we have faith, and try our best, I know God is proud of us! In my testimony yesterday at church, I said how thankful I was for my family, and my friends, I truly have been blessed with the best. I pray for you guys every night. I'm thankful that I've been raised in Utah, with friends that have the same values as me. I love Mondays to hear from my awesome family, but it is also so cool to hear from the other Elders and Sisters that are in different places of the world, that I've grown up with. I know we can all be missionaries every day, even just the small and simple things. Anyways, the church is true, love and miss you lots! Hope you have a good week!

Sister Bee 

Tay said they weren't looking forward to the colder weather this week! I think one day the high is 0! She reminded me to tell the family she wants a Lake Powell trip when she gets home, Summer must be on the mind :) She also told me that she found out she comes home May 4, 2016. I said her 18 months is up in April so it's not fair they get to keep her until May haha.. she said hey, what's another week or two? We love and miss her and are so happy she is doing well.

Sister Bee and Sister Collins! I think they will have permanent
hat hair for the rest of their lives!

How she really feels about the cold ;)

The castle looking building is the post office by their apartment

A member took them out for ice cream!

A typical New Englander car! She says they love their animals!

A cute street in their area

Tay is becoming known as 'the girl in the green beanie'