Monday, November 23, 2015

Try a little harder, to be a little better...


Hi lovely family and friends

This email probably won't be anything too special, just kind of a simple week...I hope this email finds you happy, and having a good day. With thanksgiving coming up, I can't help but think of all of the many things we are blessed with.

At the end of this week we had stake conference on Saturday night, and Sunday morning down in Concord, New Hampshire. It was a really good conference. My favorite talk was on the Atonement. And that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can say "'twas I, but it's not I." That saying has not been able to leave my mind. Because of Jesus Christ and The Atonement we can all find our good, our better, and our best. "A saint is a sinner that keeps on trying." I think of this week And I actually had a few hard days. I think it all came down to my bad case of being a perfectionist, Or just a bad case of I'm a girl, and sometimes I can just be a little dramatic. Haha I think we all have times in life that we just don't feel good enough, or strong enough, or we can have our hard time seeing our self worth. It's a human thing we all go through. I feel like sometimes we try, and fail, we try again, and fail.. But I have come to know that our only true failure is when we stop trying. All we're asked to do is try.. Try a little harder to be a little better, and I know that as we do that, it's enough in the Lords eyes. Which I'm so thankful for, I'm also thankful for a God that doesn't give up on us. I'm grateful for the gospel and Jesus Christ that can help us get through anything everything. The divine means of help and strength that come from the Grace of God is the most powerful thing here. His grace is sufficient to help us, we just have to have confidence and faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that as we look for the Lord and seek His perfect strength that He will give us the light we need to keep going. Anyways, just some thoughts.

Always keep trying, ask for the Holy Ghost to be with you, because with that help we will be able to see our self and others through heavens eyes.

Have a good week, eat lots of good food, and have a happy happy thanksgiving, may we all remember to give thanks to our loving Heavenly Father and our Savior. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart. I'm grateful for Him, and I'm very grateful for all you.

Best wishes.
Love you so much!!
-Sister Bee

They kind of like each other! :)

It was sunny so they had to take a picture!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015



Can you believe another transfer has gone by.. I was so happy to hear that ill be in Manchester for at least another transfer.. Yippee!! Sister Hallam and I will be staying together for one more!. I just truly love Manchester, and I love the people we're teaching here even more. We've worked so hard this transfer, and have definitely been blessed for it. 

So this week was real neat. We had real set appointments, with real people, who had real intent, and really wanted to learn! #holla

Talk about a super busy week... I swear my head would hit the pillow, and then my alarm would be going off the next second with me still laying in the exact same position. Lol!

Sister Stoker, the mission Presidents wife came out teaching with us one day this week. Which was really fun! I sure love that sweet woman. She made our investigator really feel loved which was wonderful. This investigator is amazing, she is so kind, and so open to the gospel, she even has agreed to be baptized! The first time we knocked on her door she told us that there had been a recent death in her family, and that this is something they could really use! She even came to church yesterday, she had to leave a little early for work, but I was still so happy and excited to see her there!! It's sooo amazing to teach her, because she knows it's all true!. There is a quote in Preach my gospel that I really like from President Boyd K. Packer, and he said, “A teacher of gospel truths is not planting something foreign or even new into an adult or a child. Rather, the missionary or teacher is making contact with the Spirit of Christ already there. The gospel will have a familiar ‘ring’ to them." I loved that so much.. It was a good reminder that everyone here is a child of God, and has already chosen Jesus Christ and His gospel once, we're just here to help them choose it again!

Sister Pettingail, and Sister Holm, they are missionaries in the office took us out to lunch on Thursday this week. Which was wonderful to get to know them better, they are such Christ-Like women. We had a good chat and then some yummy lunch. We met them on the side of Manchester that we never get to, and I feel like it was divinely inspired that we were led to that part of town at that time.. After lunch we figured we would just stay over there and do work in that area. We decided to stop by and visit a member that we didn't know too well, as we knocked on the door, she came running and let us right in. She said you guys are sisters huh! We both said yes, and then looked down and noticed neither of our name tags were showing because we had just put on our coats.We laughed for a bit and she told us of how she knew that we were going to stop by today, she said she was prepared because she had a feeling. So we sat down and got to know this cute member, and her friend that was over visiting. We shared a Mormon message on how we shouldn't be living beneath our potential or privileges. We then asked if they knew of anyone who could benefit from the gospel. The member got a huge grin and then her friends hand shot right up in the air!! It was great!! The friend has showed interest in the gospel before, but wasn't sure if she wanted to start taking the lessons yet, but she said us showing up when she was there was a sign from God and her grandma that has passed away that was Mormon. We ended up teaching the restoration right there and then. As we taught about the apostasy and how the gospel of Jesus Christ left the earth when Christ was crucified she let out this big sigh and said she wish that it could be brought back! My heart sang with joy as we told her how it's been restored back... Christ's EXACT gospel is here again. Well needless to say we have met with her a few times this week, she has already read a chunk of The Book Of Mormon, and she came to a baptism with us on Saturday. Last night we walked into her lesson and asked if she had any questions about the baptism on Saturday. And she said yes... She asked if I would give a talk at her baptism, and if Sister Hallam would sing at it... She then told us that the members we originally stopped by is going to baptize her. Haha wait.. What!? So exciting huh!! She so ready and excited to be a member.

So Saturday... It sure was a special day ;) Good ole Bishop Dickson sends us a text bright and early that morning to run out to our apartment parking lot. We were a little confused what he needed, but we took off running.. Opened the door and there is our bishop standing with a big box of donuts for us. Haha, he tells us that he's here with donuts to tell us that we need to bring our A game to ward clean up in a few hours. Hahaha man this man just kills me. (He's just like uncle Sammy, but on steroids!) Just an all around great guy. Shortly after we took off to go get the Elders (we're on a car share with the Manchester Elders, so we share the car with them) and headed off to ward clean up-- which was raking leaves... My oh my it was a blast! It was two wards combined so there were lots of hands there to help. It was really nice, and I truly saw that lots of hands make light work. We would rake all these leaves onto a tarp and then have to go dump them all. It was really enjoyable. As we were raking I was thinking about how this fall weather felt really nice, then I looked over to my companion and she's crying... I was so confused and asked her if she was okay. She said she was crying because she had never been that cold before. I couldn't help but giggle a little. She's from California and had never been in that kind of weather before. Needless to say I didn't dare mention of what is a head of us!

Wellll... Plain and simple family and friends... The church is true. God has perfect love for YOU. We have a God full of miracles who wants us to be happy, and will help us be happy.

"Only God can bless us. Only He can sustain us. Only He can cause our hearts to beat and give us breath. Only He can preserve and protect us. Only He can give us strength to bear up the burdens of life. Only He can give us power, knowledge, peace, and joy. Only He can forgive our sins. Only He can heal us. Only He can change us and forge a godly soul. Only He can bring us back into His presence. And He will do all of that and much more if we but remember Him to keep His commandments. What then shall we do? We will remember Him to keep His commandments. It is the only intelligent thing to do."

Remember... The Lord’s way is not hard. Life is hard, not the gospel.

Love you so so much. So thankful to have you all in my life.
💜Sister Bee

 "COLD STONE!? Say what... I haven't seen one for a year, so
we had to take a pit stop and celebrate for a good week. (Good thing
celebration calories don't count)"

Leaf clean up!

 "Our investigator that had to leave church early for work is a
photographer and sent us this picture from her session last night! WOW!"

Sisters that live nearby!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Mission Conference


This week has been pretty neat. It's still so beautiful.. all the leaves are still falling, so pretty much everywhere you look it's snowing leaves! So.. fun fact about Manchester...Adam Sandler was born and raised right where I am serving! This week was wonderful. Especially Saturday!! We were so fortunate as a mission to be able to have a mission conference, at the Joseph Smith Memorial with Elder Brent Nielson Of the Seventy and his
wife. WHAT A SPECIAL DAY! My goodness, I just cried at the end of the day with such gratitude to have been at such a sacred place, with such amazing people. What an amazing couple they are, they shared so much with me that will have such an impact on my entire life. Sister Nielson, she talked to us about the holiness of everyday life, and how missions and life can be a wild roller coaster. She told us that it's not going to be a year and a half of an uphill ride, she shared that it's a really dippy roller coaster, and sometimes the dips can be really dippy. But she showed us how there is holiness in every day life. I truly want to be better at noticing the holiness of everyday life. I liked how she said some of the most holiest things we learn in life or on our missions have to be wrapped in opposition, but with the enabling power of the Atonement we can be strengthened. Then Elder Nielson gave us a huge training.I was amazed by how he trained exactly to our needs. He talked to us about the difference on the enabling, and redeeming power of the Atonement. My love for the Atonement and the gospel teaching were so strengthened. Then we also had a two hour of question and answer session. It amazed me at how our questions he could flip to a scripture and answer it so on point. I saw right before my eyes a man called of God and being such an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I can say that it was truly one of the best days of my life. I felt the spirit stronger than ever, and I learned so much. I wish I could just personally Skype you and share all the things I learned. I wish my attention span was better to type about all the things I thought were so awesome. But I can say I'm very grateful for this gospel. I know with every certainty of my soul that this church is true. I know with everything in that this true church has been restored back on this earth. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, it was such an opportunity to be at his birthplace. I know that the prophets will never lead us astray, that it will only lead us to happiness. They teach the standards and laws of God, and when we're on Gods side we can never fail. This weekend at lunch we had the privilege to sit at the same table as Elder Neilson and his wife. The lunch was really good, I don't know if it's always that way at the memorial or if they were just really wanting to impress Elder Nielson. They even used real plates! He was telling us that he watches and works around the Prophet and Apostles a lot. He said something that I thought was really cool, he said that it was not an experience when you meet someone and they're not made up to what they're supposed to be. He told us that it was the opposite way when he got called to his calling. That the Prophet and apostles ended up being better than we even think they are.

       Just wanted to end my email with a quote I read this morning out of true to the faith. It said "The most powerful missionary message you can send is your own example of living a happy Latter-day Saint life. Remember that people do not join the Church only because of gospel principles they learn. They join because they feel something that begins to satisfy their spiritual needs. If you are sincere in your friendship with them, they will be able to feel the spirit of your testimony and happiness."

    I know that to be true. Our investigator when we first started meeting with her was convinced that she would never be a Mormon. But as she has seen the example of the people in the Mormon faith her heart has been touched. I know that the spirit has touched her heart, and when the spirit touches hearts, hearts our changed. She does like the wonderful doctrines we have taught, but I have seen more than anything she's been most affected at the way us as Mormon live our lives. We had a beautiful lesson with her at the church yesterday, and she told us that she was most affected on the way we learn and then live the gospel.

    "It's not enough to wish, it's not enough to dream, it's not enough to promise. We must do!" -Thomas S. Monson. I have came to know that acting is a huge part of the gospel. Acting truly is a Christ Like attribute. We have to act on the gospel principals, and that will only bring us closer to Christ. It's such a privilege, to be apart of this work in its hastening time.. I love our Heavenly Father, and my Savior Jesus Christ with my whole soul. I know that we can only find true happiness from the Gospel Of Jesus Christ! I hope you are all happy and have a happy week. I care and love you all so much.

💜Sister Bee

Tuesday, November 3, 2015



Ehhh oh family and friends :)

You ready for a weekly update coming at you from Sister Bee? Okay I
invite you to be excited.. Because we had a great great week out here
in the mission field! Well to start off, we'll talk about one of my works that's in continual
progress.. Patience! There is a quote I love by President Uchtdorf
which says: "Without patience we cannot please God; we cannot become perfect.
Indeed, patience is a purifying process that refines understanding,
deepens happiness, focuses action, and offers hope for peace."
Patience is sometimes very hard, but I loved that quote because it
helped me see how important patience is. Sometimes when I don't see
good things or results happen immediately, I can get a little
impatient, but I do know the Lord was just helping be to be a more
patient person. But these past few weeks as I've strived to be
patient and to trust in God, I've been able to see that the Lord has
really poured out His blessing upon my companion and I. I think a big
part of patience is us having to have trust in His timing. As we've
been researching for people to teach this week we were able to find two
solid people ready to learn! One being named Jessica, total
sweetheart! We show up at her door, she lets us in because it was late
and dark outside, and there was the awkwardest moment of my life..That
morning we had ran out of Book Of Mormons. Anywho, we show up at
Jessica's door and she is so happy to see Mormons and she tells us, "I
really want a Book Of Mormon!." (What! We don't have a Book Of Mormon,
and some one is actually asking for one... What is this!?) My
companion and I both begin to laugh a little and begin to tell her we
had ran out this morning. She than breaks into this huge laugh, saying
"there are Mormons on her doorstep without the Book Of Mormon..." Haha
total hand to the forehead moment, but hey it gave us a good excuse
to go back the next day with a Book Of Mormon, and gave us something
to laugh about to break the ice. I see great potential in her. 

We then were blessed with finding wonderful Linda, she is a sweet little mom,
her family has just had a sad death in her family, so it was a great
thing to be able to teach her about the great plan of happiness. She
told us that this may be just what her and her family needs right now.
Her husband works really weird hours, and we really were wanting to
be able to find a time to catch him home, well last night we decided
to leave cookies on their doorstep and run. Well come to find out the
husband had just gotten home and was sitting in the apartment
buildings parking lot and watched the whole thing, so he jumped out
and we were able to have a great talk with him about faith and the
after life. There is honestly no such things as coincidences, I know
without a doubt that Gods hand is in every detail and moment of our
life. We have lessons scheduled with both of them, so we're
praying that things go great there!

         We had a good Halloween here! Our ward had a trunk
or treat party, it was pretty fun :) we helped set up for it. Us
missionaries were over games, and Sister Hallam and I were over
pumpkin bowling! Quite messy, but still very fun. I absolutely loved
seeing all the kids show up in their cute outfits. On Halloween day we
had a good lesson with our investigator Pauline. The spirit was very
strong, and I could feel the love that the Lord has for her so
strongly. I am so grateful for each opportunity I have to share the
restored gospel with someone. We visited some other people, and
delivered some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies we had made to some of
the ward members. We had great plans for Halloween night. Our mission
President wanted us in and safe at 5 on Halloween where it's not a
safe night to be out here. He called it "deep clean Halloween" haha..
Yippee ;) Halloween morning we put in some pork in the crock pot and
we're going to have a good dinner, sweet pork sandwiches, we had
planned to build a fort and watch some Mormon messages. But sadly my
companion and I both got a little flu bug, luckily it was just 24
hours! So we cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, laid on the floor, and
finally made it to our beds and were to bed by 7:30. Haha so
nothing too exciting here on that night. Thanks for the fun Halloween
pictures. Cam looked so cute as dash, and Brin looked darling as a
little lion, I can't believe how big they are getting!

         This week I was thinking about just how great the Atonement
really is, as I sat there and thought about it I had a strong desire
to better understand it. I am eternally grateful for it, but I do know
there are a lot of things I just can't quite comprehend about the
Atonement, and I possibly won't have a full understanding of it in
this life. As I kneeled down that night to pray, I asked Heavenly
Father with a very sincere heart to help me understand the Atonement
better. The next day we woke up with a voicemail telling us we needed
to study two general conference talks to prepare for our upcoming zone
conference on November 7th. I'm really excited for it, it is up in
Charron Vermont at The Joseph Smith Memorial of where he was born!!
In preparation our mission President asked us to study two talks by
Elder Bednar about the Atonement. I know this was an answer to my
prayer to understand the Atonement more fully. I've only had the
chance to study one talk so far and it's "Bear Up Their Burdens With
Ease" by a Elder Bednar. If you get sometime this week you should
definitely read it. I know my heart was very touched and it made me
reflect what our Savior has done for all of us.  "Thus, the Savior has 

suffered not just for our sins and iniquities--but also for our physical pains 
and anguish, ourweaknesses and shortcomings, our fears and frustrations, our
disappointments and discouragement, our regrets and remorse, our
despair and desperation, the injustices and inequities we experience,
and the emotional distresses that beset us.
        There is no physical pain, no spiritual wound, no anguish of soul or
heartache, no infirmity or weakness you or I ever confront in
mortality that the Savior did not experience first. In a moment of
weakness we may cry out, “No one knows what it is like. No one
understands.” But the Son of God perfectly knows and understands, for
He has felt and borne our individual burdens. And because of His
infinite and eternal sacrifice (see Alma 34:14), He has perfect
empathy and can extend to us His arm of mercy. He can reach out,
touch, succor, heal, and strengthen us to be more than we could ever
be and help us to do that which we could never do relying only upon
our own power. Indeed, His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
        I know God answers prayers, ask in faith and trust in his
timing. Patience and persistence is key in life. I also know that the
Atonement is for us. I'm grateful to be doing this marvelous work. I
know without a doubt that Christ leads this church today, there are to
many miracles and wonderful things about this church for God not to be
in charge. I know that as we try to understand the Atonement better we
can know Christ on a more personal level. I wish I could express the
gratitude I have in my heart for our Literal Father that's in Heaven,
and for Him sending His Son, our brother and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm
grateful for the enabling power of the Atonement in my life.

Love you all very very much! Have a great great week.
Sister Bee

PS: No more I-messaging on Mondays..SAD... I know!! Just back to
emailing for now. I was bummed, but I am sure grateful for the time we
were able to use it!
OH! And my apologies... My address is really
33 Croteau ct. Apt 1F. Manchester New Hampshire 03104
I totally gave the wrong one out the first email I sent out. Lol