Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Hello everyone!!
It's been a great week here in Somersworth! I'm sorry this is coming into you so late.. I had my email all written up to send home to you and apparently I have forgotten how to use an I-pad cause I accidentally deleted it all... Yes you heard me right though.. I am writing you this email on my FLIPPING I-PAD!! Woohoo :)  Wednesday our whole mission got I-pads and they're going to be such a wonderful tool to use in missionary work! 

So Monday was super fun we had our district p-day so two wards sets of missionaries put together, and we went to Agunquit beach. It's only 25 minutes from my apartments doorstep.. Pretty exciting even though as missionaries we don't go much. Haha! Afterwards we had a family home evening with Sister Klick and Anaiah (the cute family that let us Skype at their house on Mother's Day) and the Chesleys. So Monday was a really good day. We even met with our beautiful investigator Sister Haraczka (but she's pretty much a member) haha we read out of The Book Of Mormon in Ether. Ether chapter 6... One of my favorite chapters.. When you get some time this week definitely read it. I like how we can relate that chapter to ourselves.. The Jaradites had some trials on their journey to the promised land... I love how they showed faith and cried out to The Lord and then he helped them to where they needed to get going.. It shows us that when big waves or trials hit our life, if we pray to the Lord, He'll help us get to our promised land (heaven). It talks how the lord gave them light by lighting stones for them. I love to think of the stones Heavenly Father has lit for me to help me through this journey.

Tuesday started out with Jehovah witnesses coming to our home.. Haha. I think we threw them off when they asked our names and we replied with The Sister Missionaries from the church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.. 😁 on Tuesday we do service at my favorite place it's called Seeds Of Faith.. It's kind of like a DI or thrift shop in Utah.. But we help organize clothes and go through them.. The great thing about this store is all the funds go to people in the area who need help! 

Wednesday we had our I-pad training in Exeter NH... Which was really fun! I don't know if I was more excited to see old friends or get the I-pad. Haha

Thursday was a GREAT day. We had three less active lessons which was good.. Most of them were very young I'm the gospel. So we start with the restoration which always brings in such a special spirit! 

Friday was my 7 month mark... Weird! So long, but so fast at the same time. We did a lot of tracting that day. And ended it with dinner at our Bishops house, Bishop Hunting and with his darling family. And had a ward meeting with out new ward mission leader brother Knight.

Saturday we had a really fun day. We did service for The Hacketts, awesome family and they are new to the church. He had just torn his bicep tendon and she had just broke her foot.. Sad day! But they needed lots of trees and branches moved. It was a lot of work, but I was happy to help where they were both hurt! There are so many BEAUTIFUL green trees here.. I love it so so much. But can you say hello tick season? Also on Saturday they found out that the first speaker in church was not going to make it to church.. So who got picked on to fill the spot? Me haha... I had a half hour to prepare the talk Sunday morning, not saying it was great.. But it came together. My bishop said to prepare to 5 to 7 minutes.. so at 4 minutes 59 seconds I was closing it up. Nothing like short and sweet right ;) I spoke on obedience, and how I've seen it bless me in missionary work. I always love to write talks, I feel like none of us really enjoy doing it but it is where we grow and learn more.

Sorry that this is all over the place...I was so sad when I saw my email had erased.. I hope you all know I love you very much. And hope you have a good week!! Always in my thoughts and prayers.

Sister Bee 😘

All of Tay's companions in one picture! So fun to see.

Cute Kami Walker was visiting the area since her brother served in the same mission and saw Taylie :) So fun!

A fun P-Day!

We LOVE her!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Instruments for the Lord

MAY 18

Hi family and friends :)
Thank you for all the updates... It makes me so happy to hear from you all and how you are doing. You all have such a special place in my heart and I love you dearly.

Missionary work has been wonderful, running to and fro, and its been great! Lots of great people to teach here.

Monday we had a family home evening lesson with a family in the ward.. It was so fun! Haha 4 kids under the age of 8 sure screams out party! Haha The Sargent Family is wonderful I hope I can get some pictures for you of them sometime! Their little girl in church yesterday was sitting a few rows in front of me, and when she saw me she screamed "Oh My goodness mom... Its the girl Missaronies!!" She can't quite say missionaries, but she sure got a few giggles from people in the ward. I feel extremely blessed to be able to meet all of these great people.

We we're so blessed yesterday. 2 of our investigators came to church. My heart was oh so happy. Sally, we met her my first night here, a member brought her to a relief society activity at the church and we got talking!.She is so funny and full of great questions! We have had lunch and dinner and a few lessons at the members house with her.. It was so good to see her at church. She told us she really liked it and was happy with the feeling she felt there. Our second investigators name is Jonnie.. Oh wonderful Jonni, she had such a fun personality. I seriously just love her! He baptism date is June 20th, we're working so hard to get there, she really wants it. its just surrendering her will to God is what we're working on. 

I learn so much daily about diligence and faith. Those two things can get us through anything! This week we decided to walk down a street because it was full of people walking around. We had passed at least 5 people who said they didn't have time to talk.. haha I mean, come on we don't smell that bad!? After that we decided to knock a few doors and while we began to do that, I saw a man out walking his dog. I knew we had to talk with him! He told us that he had a minute, and I think it threw us both for a surprise! He was ecstatic, it was his first time meeting a Mormon in person. lol! He threw out some questions and we talked about the Book Of Mormon. He pointed to his car down the road and told us he would read it, and just to leave it on his car so we did. After our good chat we continued knocking on doors and then we were heading back to our car, and passed the same man.. little did we know he had picked up the book and was reading while walking! haha, It brings a smile to my face to share what I love, even if it is in the smallest and simplest ways. 

This morning I was looking back on my week and was noticing the ways that The Lord had used me as an instrument in His hands. It's crazy to me, that most of the time when we are following the spirit and being led through life, or to someone, we may not even recognize it until we look back at it. I know that we all can be guided through this life through the spirit as long as we pray and try our hardest to listen to the promptings and do what the Lord would have us do. I know that through small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. We truly never know what a smile or saying something kind can do for someone. Its a blessing that we all can be instruments for the Lord every single day by doing small and simple things.

The picture below is of wonderful Sister Blaisdell. How old do you think she is?? Not a day over 30 right? ;) Haha, She is 93, and truly a beautiful women, and so upbeat for being that old! I met her my first Sunday here and fell in love with her. She has been nagging on me to get over to her house so she could make us an ice cream Sundae... and we finally had some time to stop in this week for a sundae and a quick spiritual thought. Her testimony is so strong and pure. She showed us her dads only Book Of Mormon from 1917 and there was such a special feeling looking through the pages.

I hope you have a great week. ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers. The church is so true, so thankful for the Atonement, and that we can overcome anything through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Sister Bee

Thursday, May 14, 2015



YAYYY.. yesterday was just fabulous.. So good to skype yesterday, and see that you are 
still real people! and not just people I talk with through a computer screen on Mondays! Lol Mom I hope you had a great mothers day, you sure deserve it!.

 I don't have to much to update you on.. where we just talked yesterday! But just wanted to say thank you for everything!

This week I've done a few studies on Gods grace. And I have learned so much about Grace! In the bible dictionary under Grace, its says that it is the divine means of help or strength, given through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ. Grace is an enabling power that allows us to have faith and use the Atonement. I have come to know that Grace is sufficient to all of us who humble ourselves and look unto the Lord in everything. I loved the quote this past conference from Jeffery R. Holland that says 

"He extends unending grace, although He extends it with pierced palms and scarred wrists." 
It's such a blessing to know we can all have the help and strength from above if we're willing to accept it and reach out to him, putting our best effort forward. The Lord loves us so much, more than our mortal mind can comprehend, hope you all never forget that!
Have a stellar week :) and talk to you next Monday! Xoxo

Sister Bee

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Diligence and Persistence!


May oh May.... How I love the month of May!! The weather today is 83 degrees.. yep 83! It is wonderful to be able to stick your hand out the window without getting frostbite ;) Thank you all for the little updates on how you are doing, I sure love to read them.

We had some great lessons this week. I love the gospel, and I love teaching it.:)  Its funny how all through school, I hated to study. But now I am always itching and wishing for more time in the mornings to dig deeper. Seriously I never liked mornings until my mission.. Well I still don't like them.. at all, but I love the study time we get bright and early!

Yesterday I got to meet a lot of the ward. Yay! This ward is awesome... and has lots and lots of cute babies which I love! I had a little boy right in front of me yesterday, he was such a little flirt. It was hard not to get distracted! haha. The Bishop and his counselors are great, they so want to help the missionaries out in the work, and truly love and care for the ward so much. I feel so blessed to be here in this ward! 

There is the kindest lady, Sister Davis in the ward that has brought us over fresh homemade bread these past two weeks... so so yummy. This ward is full of people who emulate the teachings of the Savior.

This week we got in and had 5 less active lessons which was a really good. Filled up the schedule and got to meet some really great people.:) 

I went on exchanges this week to Sanford ME. While we were there we had a lunch appointment with a French woman. Her English was really good though. I asked her to say some things to me in French, and she went babbling off.. it was soo funny! But it made me very grateful that I am English speaking haha ;) 

We found a new investigator this week named ginny!! Can I get a woohooo!! We taught her the restoration and she really liked it.She has been to a lot of different church's, but is open to listen to us and hear what we believe in. I hope we can take the spirit to her and that she'll be able to feel the truthfulness of this gospel. It was the last house we decided to knock on for the day, and it truly made me believe in that saying "the last the best of all the games!"
Sorry this email is all over the place and isn't to interesting.. haha you know you're a missionary when the funniest thing from the week was watching two competitive old ladies at an assisted living place we do service at get so competitive over B.I.N.G.O. I couldn't help but laugh. They were dead serious, and most definitely not happy when they weren't winning. I sure love old people, but never want to become one. :) 

I love you all, and am so excited to get to talk with you on Sunday :) Yay! Oh and one year from this day, i'll be giving you all big hugs at the airport, crazy! But until then I'll be trying my best out here. I love serving a mission, even on hard days.. I know that its what the Lord needed me to do. Diligence, persistence and the Atonement is what has been helping me so much. I love that the Atonement is for everyone. It is the greatest gift we could ever have in this life.  I see The Atonement Of Jesus Christ change me every day. We truly our so loved by our Heavenly Father and Savior! Have a fantastic week!!

Love you all, very much! Thanks for all you do, I truly appreciate it.
Talk to you on Sunday :)
Sister Bee

Ps: check out down town Dover New Hampshire on google.. thats in my area, and I love driving down the streets there :)

So pretty out here!

Sister Payne and Tay!

"This is Gary. haha he had some sick old bikes and we had a good chat with him and invited him to church!!"

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bloom where we are planted..


Hello My Dear Family And Friends :)

I am now serving in Berwick Maine and Somersworth New Hampshire :) I live in Maine, but most of my area is in New Hampshire. I guess I am getting the best of both worlds :) Our new apartment is nice, its one of the few in the mission that have a washer and dryer in it, woop woop #spoiled ;) The weather has been very nice here.. so I guess that is another woop woop! Haha I feel like it is the perfect place for me to be. Lots of neighborhoods, which is wonderful I love to be out and talking to people,  and inviting them to learn more about all this wonderful gospel has to offer!. Even though no one really likes to listen.. sad day.. Ha My new area is part country, which is awesome, reminds me of home, a little bit classy to my liking. I did love Augusta, oh so much. It was very hard to say goodbye... to the companion, the place, and most of all the amazing friends I've made there. It will forever have a special place in my heart. 

Tuesday morning I met my new companion, Sister Payne and we headed to our new area. She is from Washington. I am driving now.. oh dear! Haha I don't know what to think about that! Sometimes I feel so weird.. I'm just this silly 19 year old girl, and they are trusting me with my own apartment and car and oh so much. Its great though! 

 I came across a really good article this week in an ensign. It talked about no matter where we get moved to in life.. we just need to bloom where we are planted! I loved that line soo much! My testimony has really been strengthened this week in receiving personal revelation. It amazes me how the Lord can and does direct us to scriptures or things we need to hear to help us. I am so grateful for this gospel, it really always seems to have an answer. He has showed me time and time again, how aware He is of all His children. 

I have such a Love for the Lord.I know if we look and pray we will be able to feel his outstretched arms to us. "and thus doth the Lord work with his power in all cases among the children of men, extending the arm of mercy towards them that put their trust in him." (Mosiah 29:20) Trust.. I have really had to work on that in life, trusting in the Lord. I have come to know that our Father in Heaven knows us way better than we know ourselves, and I know that he knows whats best for us. As we put our trust in him continually, I know all will be well!  I have seen as I have put my trust in him it has stimulated so much growth in my life. Growth in many different ways.. Growth in the gospel for being one.. I love that about The Gospel Of Jesus Christ. It always makes us want to be better with a perfect example, Jesus Christ.  This is a church of hope, happiness, and love.. What a blessing it is to be apart of it! 

I met some of the ward yesterday, even though it wasn't normal church hours. So that was fun, I even got to say the closing prayer! For church we listened to a broadcast from Salt Lake City. I don't know if you guys in Utah got to listen to it, but it was amazing! I felt so much gratitude for our Savior, and what he has done for us.. I am grateful that because of Him we can be forgiven for our sins and weaknesses. Through the Atonement we can resist temptations of the world. I am also grateful that because of Him we can always have a best friend near. A talk in the broadcast talked about how we can't get home alone, and that we need each others loving help. I thank Heavenly Father everyday in prayer for the loving help that you guys have given me. He has blessed me with the best family a girl could ask for, and angels for parents. Friends to support and to help me as well.. I know as we go about our daily lives, there are so many opportunities to help and serve others. Always let your light of Christ shine, others notice it. 

I miss you all terribly.. but hope you have a fabulous week! The church is true, don't forget to say your prayers.  Always remember how much your loved... by me and the Lord!!

My new address
10 Cedar Lane Apt C
Berwick, ME 03901

I always love handwritten notes  ;) haha 

Sister Bee

These are our investigators :) They are so fun. Seriously they have such a light!! E is on date for baptism and has been for a while. To be baptized you have to come to church three times in a row, and the grandma they live with is less active.. So praying hard that she will be able to get these cute kids to church and to reactivate herself!