Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Handing out a Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith


Hi fam bam,
Last week in the mission field.. SO surreal!!
Well this might be a little short, we had a pancake party and played
volleyball at the church today with a bunch of missionaries and it was
so much fun! Can you imagine, volleyball + chocolate chip pancakes =
one heck of a happy Sister Bee. Except for I got some gnarly floor
burns now, anywho.. It was a fabulous week!

Cumberland county may be the least church going county in the most
atheist state in America, BUT.. We don't let that stop us, we had
another good week, full of some neat miracles!

On exchange this week we made a goal to hand out as many Book Of
Mormons that we could in two days. Our first house we knocked on was a
very kind man. He commended us for what we do, and we were able to
share a little about what we believe in. He told us that he knew
everything about the Mormon church and we had our differences. As we
parted ways and knocked doors around his rest of his neighborhood we
handed out a Book Of Mormon.. Woohoo! As we headed back to our car the
man came running out to us and said "hey! I've been thinking, and I've
decided I really want to read the book." I was flabbergasted!! He had
such a change of heart in a brief amount of time. He promised us that
he would read the book and then he said one last thing.. I want you to
guess my name! As we sat there and thought, I said "I have no idea!"
He said... "Wait for it!... It's Joseph Smith!" Hahaha I about died! I
handed out a Book Of Mormon to Joseph Smith!!

We found a new investigator this week who is SO sincere about
learning! He is a less actives husband and we went to go and meet her,
and her husband was outside working on his jeep. We were able to spark
up a conversation with Scott, and he said he has been looking for
truth. We were able to have a really good talk with him, and the
gospel was able to answer a lot of his questions. Such a hand of the
Lord that we caught him home!

A member brought her friend Barbara and her daughter to church on
Sunday, and they loved it!! We have an appointment on Tuesday to teach
them more, which is great! We can't wait :)

It's gunna be a good week.. You know what they say.. Go big or go
home! Hope you have a awesome week.
Love you so much!
- Sister Bee

Oh! Happy Mother's Day dear mama :) Excited to talk on the phone on
Saturday. I can do either 2:00 your time, or 6:00. Email me back and
let me know what works best. Yay!

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