Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Colds and GPS


So so happy to be able to email you this day!

It was a wild wild roller coaster ride this week. A ride with some
amazing miraculous experiences and a few crazy ones too.. All in all I
still give all my thanks to my Heavenly Father!

We had a few great service project at a members house doing some hard
work and labor! Made me feel like I was back at the farm in good ole
Howell Valley. We helped them with some things and then had some lunch
with them. Their home is so homie, and I feel like I'm around family
when I'm there. We also helped volunteer at a South Perish
Congregational church and helped them serve at a spaghetti dinner. We
met the pastor and a lot of their congregation and they were all so
kind! They also asked lots of questions about our church, which was
great!! Truly a great experience.

Also this week I had a gnarley cold.. Three bags of cough drops later,
and living off the wonderful thing they call DayQuil and NyQuil, I am
finally feeling like myself again! Having my nose be a running foist
for a couple days was really really unattractive and gross. I tried
really hard to be a trooper.. But I know because of our endurance, God
blessed us with 8 GREAT people to teach this week. It was a truly
terrific to see the things God led us too. I have felt so much love
from God for these people, and love to see the light shine in them as
they hear about this gospel. Some were even families, and I can say
the lessons we had with them will be some of the best memories. We
also may or may not of had a crazy man call us cult and say some
really rude things, we tried to walk away but he jumped in front of
us. It was ridiculous! But it's okay I finally realized a blessing for
my weight gain on my mission... If things got out of hand I could have
just sat on him. ;)

So mom and dad.. Last week at zone conference we got this thing called
a "TIWI" installed in our car. Let's say you do not have to worry that
I'll be speeding! It's a little black box that talks back to me when
I'm driving. It has a deep voice and will notify me when I take too
hard of a turn, or if I go over the speed limit. If I don't slow down
within ten seconds it notifies the President that Sister Bee was
speeding. Hahaha. It's crazy, and the little voice is quite scary. I
think I pee a little bit every time it corrects me or tells me to slow
down. Sorry if that's too much information, but it's true. It amazes me
the technology they have. It truly shows me how much the church wants
its missionaries safe! I heard the best quote from a new englander
that's lived here all her life..She said "you can't get there from
here" haha. Most correct quote I ever did hear! So many trees and no
one can get here to there without a GPS in New England. I'm so
thankful for my GPS, and that it can help me get around. Being on a
mission I tend to relate the weirdest things to the gospel.
So...Here's a "Sister Bee's translation of the day" for ya.. What
could our spiritual GPS be??..The scriptures! Saying your prayers!
Partaking of the sacrament weekly! And relying on the Lord! I have
came to know doing these things, and from not doing these things in my
life that as we do them we draw closer to our loving God. As we feast
on our scriptures it enlightens us to be more in tune with the things
that matter most in life. As we communicate with God, we feel his love
and assurance that He's there. And as we partake of the sacrament
weekly we let the process of the Atonement take place. I'm not perfect
in any which way or form, but I have noticed as I have tried my best
to let God be my GPS in life that He has taken and shown me better
things than I could of imagined. I know that as you give everything to
God, have patience (still a work in progress for me) and LET GOD GUIDE
YOU, you find a greater sense of real peace and happiness.

It was sad to hear word of the passing of Elder Richard G Scott. It's
crazy to think him, Elder Packer, and Elder Perry have all passed
while I have been on my mission. I pray for their families! And am
once again thankful for knowledge of heaven that we have. On the
bright side it's conference weekend this week.. So enjoy it! I can't
believe it's been 6 months since the last one... Time is such a weird
thing! Copy link below and watch a quick little preview of conference

I know that God lives and that he loves you, each and every one of you.
I'm grateful for personal revelation and I know that general
conference is a time to seek, receive and act. The prophet and his
apostles are not just wise guys giving us advice, I know that they
have been called of God. They're wonderful instruments for the Lord
today. We can better learn from there counsel.

I truly hope you have a fantastic week 💜

"Let faith fortify every footstep along your way..
 Let hope open your eyes to the glories Heavenly Father has in store for you
 Let love for God and all his children feel your hearts."

-Sister Bee

Thank you for sending me some applesauce chocolate chip cookies,,for
making up for my baking fail. They were delicious. You guys are simply
the best! They sure brought a smile to my face :) Miss and love you

Clarification on invisible fence lines from last week, since all of
you asked! Haha... They keep all the scary dogs back from us.. Pit
bulls, Rotwhilers... So therefore, thank goodness for invisible and visible
fence lines! Had a freaky experience where I thought I was going to be
attacked but the invisible fence line saved the day :)

Lunch at the park! We drew the plan of salvation with chalk and explained it to people at the park. We even got to give a Book of Mormon our to a man! Thanks for the great idea Ryan!

Harry and Sister Bee!

The leaves are changing!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sick Days and Muffin Fails

Weekly email number 78923 ;)

Hi fam, hi friends,
Hope all is well!! 

Not too much happened this week. Just same ol' missionary work!! Sadly Sister Dickson got sick again, poor girl, she's been sick on her mission more times than not. But she's feeling much better, so we're both happy for that! Thursday we decided to take it easy, she slept and we tried to get as much work done that we could get done in the apartment. I'm terrible at being inside all day.. Holy cabin fever! I don't know if the Lord was trying to teach me a lesson to never do anything stupid so I don't ever get locked up in jail... Because I seriously think I would go crazy if I ever had to stay inside for more than a couple of days. On the plus side I feel like this was just what we needed, a day where Sister Dickson could get some rest and I was able to get a lot of little things done that needed to be done, work on the area book, some planning, and a little extra time to study. Oh and I even deep cleaned the whole house. I sure love a clean apartment, too bad it doesn't stay clean all the time! Just as I was feeling so accomplished I decided I would make some chocolate chip applesauce muffins, that we could take and deliver to some ward members and some investigators as soon as Sister Dickson was feeling up to it. Welp feeling like Betty Crocker and what not I pulled them out of the oven, let them cool down a bit, poured me a nice glass of milk, and decided it would be totally appropriate to taste test the muffins before we took them out. I took one bite and pretty much gagged! Oh man they were terrible!! Haha I don't know what in the world went wrong... But something went really really wrong... I followed the recipe exactly, but it ended up being the only good thing in the muffin was the chocolate chips. I was so sad! Sad they didn't work out, and sad they didn't taste like grandma Sorensons delicious applesauce cookies... After a little 10 minute meltdown that I was someday going to be the worst wife and never be able to cook for my husband, I got my act together and came up with a solution.. I'll find a park and feed them to the ducks! Then I thought again, I don't even think starving ducks would eat these nasty things.. 

Anywho.. the cutest thing happens here at this time of the year, I hope someday I'll be able to get out my camera to catch the moment on film to send to you! But there are little squirrels running around everywhere with acorns in their mouths.. Haha feel like every where I go and no matter what I do I'm like the little dog Doug off of the Disney movie Up, where he gets so distracted by a "squirrel!" 

Our investigators baptism date got moved back this week to October 10th. So we're keeping her in our prayers. Transfers are October 6th, So it's right after transfers, so hopefully I'll still be here for it. If not that's fine too, I know that Lord puts us where we need to be in life, and I have full trust in Presidents Stoker evaluation to where he puts his missionaries. Even though I'm dreading the goodbye to the people, companion, and area. A sister in the ward is thinking that my time is up here, (Aahhhh) and she's leaving on vacation tomorrow until after transfers. So she's having us over tonight for a "just in case goodbye" and she even dropped us off a loaf of bread this morning for breakfast. She has such a talent for cooking, and I admire how she uses it towards the ward members, and in my benefit for the missionaries. Lol! 

Zone conference,was Wednesday this week in Exeter New Hampshire, and my oh my what a wonderful day! The conference went from 9-6, so it was a really long day. It was a blast to see old friends, companions, the Mission President and his counselors. The George Town ward from Massachusetts  provided us a delicious lunch.. And last but not least.. The spirit that was there was beautiful. I learned so much, and it just makes my love for the gospel which is near and dear to me become even more dear. Most of the day was focused on the Book Of Mormon!! President Hinckley said that as we read the Book Of Mormon, something SWEET, GOOD, and BEAUTIFUL will always come from it. I know that to be true. The gospel of Jesus Christ, and The Book Of Mormon does and will bless our life as we embrace it. It has so many passages that can help us through are day! 

Speaking of the scriptures Elder Nessen shared a good scripture out of the bible with me in an email this week. I'm so grateful for all my friends that have helped keep me on the straight and narrow growing up, it's fun to email back and forth every week, especially with the ones that are serving God at this time as well. It's amazing to me to hear about all the miracles that God is performing all over the world. This verse rang so strongly in my mind and heart! It's in Romans 8, verse 39 "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Heavenly fathers love for us, and the Saviors love for us is the most precious thing on this earth, and I'm grateful to know that there is nothing that can separate that love from us.

Love and miss you much. Have a happy happy week. Keep on keepin on.
Sister Bee

PS: biggest blessing this week... Thank goodness for invisible fence lines. 

PSS: fright-mares looked fun! I'm excited to go on the new ride with you next year. Hopefully Ryan didn't scare any of you this year like he scared me last year in front of all those people. Hahahah

Lunch with the Portsmouth Sisters on P-day!

Helped a family whose home burned down go through some of their stuff this week. So heartbreaking!

Still green and pretty!

Zone Conference!

At Zone conference this week we got a bag with random bits of clothing..
And 5 minutes to come up with something to act out in the Book of
Mormon. So we got Samuel the Lamanite. I was his angel, and the
people below throwing paper at him were representing the people who
threw stuff at him when he was up on the tower preaching. Hahah pretty
lame, but we only had 5 minutes!

Talk to you all next week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015



Dear family,
This was the fastest week of my life! 
Some weeks can feel like years... But this one fleeeewww by!
So the people we're teaching are still doing well. And I'm doing well too.

Yesterday in sacrament I was reminded of the first and great commandment. 
Matthew 22:37-39.."Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

How can we better love God, others, and ourselves with our whole >HEART.. SOUL... AND MIND? 
>> By following the example of Jesus Christ! 

This morning Sister Dickson read over a talk from the October Conference in 2014. Called "Ponder The Path Of Thy Feet" from our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson. Such a good talk, and good council. He told of "One woman, that each time she related experiences she had during a visit to the Holy Land, would exclaim, “I walked where Jesus walked!” She had been in the vicinity where Jesus lived and taught. Perhaps she stood on a rock on which He had once stood or looked at a mountain range He had once gazed upon. The experiences, in and of themselves, were thrilling to her; but physically walking where Jesus walked is less important than walking as He walked. Emulating His actions and following His example are far more important than trying to retrace the remnants of the trails He traversed in mortality. We choose to follow Him as we journey through mortality. His example lights the way. Said He, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” We, with Jesus, can walk the path of obedience. It will not always be easy, but as we strive to place Christ at the center of our lives by learning His words, by following His teachings, and by walking in His path, He has promised to share with us the eternal life that He died to gain.
I know that as we strive to make others around us feel loved, and feel loved by God, that we feel Gods love for us in our own life more abundantly. If you want that love, pray for it. (3 Nephi 14:7) "Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." But most importantly don't forget to love yourself. Always see yourself through heavens eyes! I know that I want to be better at loving everyone with the same love that Christ has.. "whatever is done in love, is done well." I know that to be true, In life everything truly boils down to love. So love yourself, love God, and love others... And never forget the love I have for you. I know that as we look to Jesus as our Exemplar and as we follow in His footsteps, we can return safely to our Heavenly Father to live with Him forever. I'm thankful for Gods love. It's there for each and everyone of us, we just have to open our hearts and feel it. I love the gospel. And I'll never be able to thank my Heavenly Father for this opportunity to serve a mission. Sharing the gospel with others has strengthened me beyond words. I know that as we share what we love, live what we know, and love others we find true happiness in life. 

This morning I was reading in the scriptures and found a chapter I really loved. Something that stood out to me was a promise from The Lord that He's given to each of us , He said "Return unto me and I will return unto you." (3 Nephi 24:7) I know we can always turn to Christ no matter where we're at in life. It's never to late, or were never to deep. If we return to Christ he'll return unto us. God will never break a promise! And I'm so grateful the comfort that brought to me. That scripture itself shows Gods love so much to me. 

This week we've shared the video link below with a few people. Man it draws me to tears every time. Definitely copy and paste link and watch :) SO powerful.

I love you. I love you. I love you. 
I got an hour of p-day left...What does that mean? NAP! 

-Sister Bee
More pictures from last p-day at Agunquit Beach

Since they don't have mountains here, they climb towers! 

Cute Shelby Pouliot knew of these Sisters love of Cafe Rio and made them a remake of them! Happy girls!

Exchanges in Portsmouth, NH with Sister Danner!

Tay loves sunflowers and was so excited to find one the size of her head!
Brother Noel and Emma at church!
Their area in the middle of trees!

Until next week...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Always Keep Trying


Dear loved ones..
How the heck are you? 

Happy happy Labor Day :) we have a great day planned ahead of us. Beach, and lighthouse, which I already have butterflies in my tummy for. Then dinner at one of the best cooks in Berwick Maines home. Then last but not least, tracting! I'm excited for a fun fun day, and to have something out of the hamster wheel. Where we're going to the beach our email time is cut even shorter, so sorry for not replying to any of your personal emails... I'll be sure and do it next week! 

This week was a pretty good one! I really do love missionary work, even though it can be very stressful and hard at times. Each week on Sunday I ask the sweetest old man how he's doing... And I get the same reply.. He always says "ohhhh doin better than most!" I really look forward to hearing those words each and every Sunday. What a simple but powerful line! It's always good to remember we're doing better than most. In life I think we all need to continue to remember if we all threw our trials in a bucket, and saw everyone else's trials, we would grab ours back in a heartbeat. 

The work is doing sooo well right now! We have two solid investigators, and some really good potentials were teaching. We're also teaching the kindest less active, he's an African American man, and he has the best personality ever! He came to church yesterday, which was as exciting as ever! 

Our investigator Debbie is still doing great. I was able to tell her about my baptism experience and how the day before my baptism day both myself and my mom were down sick. I still remember feeling so achey as mom and I laid in bed on Friday night. Heartbroken, thinking we weren't going to be able to make it the next day...My sweet dad decided to give both my mom and I a Priesthood blessing that we would both feel better for the baptism the next day. Little to find out we both woke up as healthy as a horse! I know that we were both feeling better because of that Priesthood blessing. I also know that God recognizes our righteous desires and will help us accomplish worthy things. As my sweet friend Debbie has been struggling with health problems, I was able to share that experience with her. Yesterday we got to watch Debbie receive her first priesthood blessing to help her to have strength for her upcoming baptism day. I do know that priesthood blessings are so powerful, and that they do work according to our faith. It's such a blessing to have the power and authority to act in the name Of God here on this earth today. I have also been able to see different things that God has given me, or had me go threw in life for me to be able to help certain people here. I know where God puts his missionaries is divinely inspired. I also know that where He puts any of us is divinely inspired. I know that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we see why things happen, but also there's times where it takes us 11 years down the road to see why Heavenly Father put something in our life's. Each of us is blessed with different talents and abilities to help bless others, and I'm so grateful for that! 

We had a miracle happen this week! We had appointment set up on Tuesday with a former investigator. He was only taught 2 lessons in 2012, and then missionaries weren't able to ever get in contact with him again. I have tried checking up on him multiple of times, but last week we finally caught him home and found out that Tuesday evenings are his nights off. We had a member come with us to his lesson and he accepted it really well. He told us that three years ago he wasn't in the right frame of mind for church, but now he's ready to listen and come closer to God. It was a huge miracle to see this all take place. I was grateful for those missionaries who kept good records and wrote down his information in 2012. It was also a huge blessing to me too see that we don't always see the fruit of our labors! The good we do in life, is never ever a waste. Always keep trying, I know that as we plant the little seeds of love, hope, and kindness in this world, that someday they'll bloom :) 

I heard an Elder this week say a quote that His mom sent him in an email that I really liked. I thought it would be good to share.. It's said to "Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of the future destroy the happiness of your present" I know we have a loving Heavenly Father that loves us and desires for us to be happy.. That's why we have our Savior and the glorious Atonement, so that we can all be happy in this life and in the eternities. So I invite you all to don't let past mistakes get you down, or the fear of making them again get you down either. Rely on the Lord and His help and desire for you to be happy! :) 

Have a happy happy week! I love you all more than chocolate. (And that's a lot of love!) 

Sorry for no pictures this week.. I grew a planet (a huge zit) on my chin, and when I say big I mean big. I also have big bags under my eyes from stress and sleeplessness. Haha so I figured it'd be a good week for no pictures. Lol 

Oh our mission President asked us missionaries awhile ago to all read the Book Of Mormon all the way through in a certain amount of time. Today In my personal study I read 3 Nephi:11 when Christ comes down to the Americas. Man it gets me every time :) you all should read it this week! Seriously such a spirit comes with that chapter, and I get goose bumps on my arms. I know that Jesus is The Christ, and that He lives today. He's made it possible for us all to return to Him and Our Heavenly Father. 

Love you much! 
-Sister Bee 

--Joke of the week.. What'd the fish say when he ran into the wall? .....Dam....
(I don't know if that's appropriate for a missionary to say, but I laughed) haha

(She did end up sending a few pictures! Yay!)

A little thrift shopping

District P-day at the beach and lighthouse!