Friday, April 15, 2016

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever



It's been a good one out here in Maine :) I think overall this week
I've just been blown away By such Christ-Like members. I have had two sick little 
companions this week :( Nice thing about being in a trio was I was able to go to
a lesson with leaving the sick ones at home, and go to Church while my
companions stayed home and got better. It's been fun to have members
as companions this week, it's helped me not to die from cabin fever!
After church on Sunday, a member came over knocking on our door with
homemade soup. It sometimes just blows my mind at how kind people can
be. I'm very grateful I haven't gotten sick and hope that'll stay that

A little miracle that we can this week was on Thursday we had a lesson
with one of the members of our branch. We followed up and asked them
if they had set a date for someone to be taught in their home. They
said yes! April 9th.. And we were all like umm hmm... That's in two
days! But we cheerfully said that was awesome and both us and the
member started praying that she could find someone to invite to take
the missionary discussions in her home. Well she exercised great
faith, and that night at the grocery store she ran into an old friend
who she invited to take a discussion! He said yes and we were able to
teach him yesterday! It went great, other than that awkward moment
when there was a miscommunication error somewhere in the conversation
and he thought he was there to teach us.... Hahah... Haha.. Man so
awkward. Anyways we were able to have a very good lesson with him. I
truly hope we helped this man begin the search he didn't know he was
on. He told us that he would read, pray, and come to church. It was a
neat experience of us all bearing testimony how we know this can and
will bless his life.

As new companions we're still in the "get to know you" stage. Haha!
This week Sister Bishop asked me to tell her about my family. She
probably realized pretty quick that that was a mistake, because once
you get me started on my family, I just can't quite shut my mouth! As
I went through each family member and told her about all of your
"super powers" and the qualities you have, my love grew even more for
you all. As I was describing dad, I thought of kind, loving, soft
spoken, and supportive man that he is, I thought of how he never
missed a dance competition or ball game of mine. Even if it was a
simple church basketball game, I knew I could look over to the stands
and see dad cheering me on. (Loving every moment of him being there,
until he pulled out the video camera! Lol) I couldn't help but be
grateful for all the times throughout my life that dad has showed me
glimpses of exactly what Heavenly Father is like. Always watching,
always caring, and always loving. I loved how Elder Hallstrom in this
past General conference said "Our most fundamental doctrine includes
the knowledge that we are children of a living God. That is why one of
His most sacred names is Father--Heavenly Father." I love Heavenly
Father, I know that He is our literal creator and Father. He is there
for us, always watching, supporting and caring. I often think of how
moms are with baby monitors. They can hear and see us through those
monitors, but sometimes those loving moms often leave their babies to
cry it out by themselves, so that they can grow and become a better
person. I know that is how Heavenly Father is, He may be quieter than
some of us like, but I can promise that He is our number one fan, and
wants all of us to return to Him! We are A child of God! Elder
Hallstrom came to our mission about a year and a half ago and I
remember leaving that conference knowing that I was a child of A God
who loved me. I think that is such a special message that we can
share. He told us that anyone can get up and sing the beloved hymn, "I
Am A Child Of God" but do we really know it? Do we live like it? I
hope that through this week you can remember how special you are,
being out here on a mission has helped me realize that we can't give
up on ourself, or on others, why? Simply because we are children of a
Supreme being who loves us, and who is our loving Father.
"Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep
growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Have a happy day.
Love you forever, and ever.
-Sister Bee

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