Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Restoration


Hi my little family....
Man the Monday's are rolling around quick, I feel like I was just
updating you on last week!
We had an awesome meeting down in Manchester this week. They're pretty
great, I always learn a lot, and feel the spirit so strongly. It's
always fun to see other missionaries too. This week President Stoker
asked us the question of "What did Joseph Smith Learn from the first
The more time I think about it, the more and more the spirit teaches
me about it. I had jotted a few down that day and thought I'd share a
few with you:

We know because of the restoration that:
-Heavenly Father hears, and answers our prayers
-We know that God knows us by name
-We know God and Jesus Christ are two separate beings
-We learn the importance of modern day revelation, and that God still
talks to us and  to His prophets in our day

The list goes on and on. Needless to say I'm thankful for the
restoration of the gospel and for all that has been restored. I'm
thankful for the restored power of God, the Priesthood has blessed my
life so much. I'm thankful to know I can live with with you for
forever. I'm thankful to know the doctrine of Christ, Its such a
blessing to have repentance in our life's. It's a blessing to know of
the resurrection and that Christ lives, I'm thankful for all of the
things were blessed with because of the restoration and by having the
constant companionship of the Holy Ghost with us. The Book Of Mormon
has changed my life, and has taught me how to draw near to my Savior,
I am beyond grateful to have its divine guidance in my life because of
the restoration.
I'm thankful for Joseph Smith, he believed in the power or prayer, and
we need to as well. I know that wonders happen because of the
connection we can have with Heaven.

We found a new investigator this week! Yay, she seems pretty golden.
The spirit was so strong in her lesson, and I am looking forward to
continue and teach her! As we patiently waited by the door of
sacrament meeting yesterday, with several people promising to come to
church. Sadly no one showed. I was pretty bummed, I know that with
faith and time one day they will come. I was reminded of a scripture I
had read earlier this week from 2 Nephi 10: 23 "Therefore, cheer up
your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves--to
choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life." I'm
not saying these people are choosing everlasting death, but I was
reminded that I needed to cheer up my heart, and remember that people
have their agency. And on top of that, I look up to see a member from
the Somersworth ward!! They were visiting family near by and decided
to stop on in, it was so fun to see them!

Each week we have an exchange with another set of sisters, I truly
enjoy it. It's fun to get to know new sisters, and to learn from each
other. When they spend the night, some sleep on our couch, and we also
bought a foam pad, so it's like a huge slumber party once a week! This
week on exchange we had a cool hand of The Lord. So for exchanges,
Sister McVey goes with one Sister, and I go with the other, but we
both stay in our area. So on Thursday, Sister McVey and her companion
for the day were at one end of our area, and we were at the other,
just doing work on opposite ends. It was lunch time so my companion
for the day, Sister Clegg and I went back for lunch. We went to the
back door to get in, and the lock was jammed and not letting us in..
It was a total bummer! There was no other thing to do than to walk a
few miles to go meet up with the other set of sisters to grab the key
to the front door.. So we took off walking. On our way to where they
were at we passed a post office that we live by and we look over and
there was a struggling mom, with a HUGE package, holding her baby in
its car seat carrier.. We were able to run over and help her get into
the post office safely. I know this sounds so small and simple, but I
was SO grateful our key didn't work and we had the chance to serve
her. My testimony was strengthened on how if things don't work out the
way you have planned, that it's okay.. Because Gods plan for us is
ALWAYS better than the plans we have for ourselfs. I see that time and
time again out here.

Line of the week... "I'm a 90 year old man... So I can flirt with
you..." Uh.... Probably not! Haha
Oh next Tuesday will be my p-day. We're going to the temple!! So
expect a little update on Tuesday instead of Monday.
-Sister Bee

Saturday, February 20, 2016

And then there were three...


(Tay's email wasn't working great last week, so this is including pictures from the past two weeks!)

Hi my dear family and friends!!

Welcome to the month of love!! Yay for February.
My apologies for no email last week.. that was such a crazy day. I was
sad my email wasn't working, but you know what that means, just more
to update you on this week. ;)

We had such BEAUTIFUL weather last week. Lots of snow, and sunshine!
It was just fabulous. This week it sadly went into the negatives, but
still not too bad. We had a lot of service opportunities with the snow
which made for a great week. We had some cool experiences where
Heavenly Fathers hand was in the whole thing, I sure love how God can
lead us to those in need. Friday as we walked out the door we had
remembered an older couple that lived down the road from us, and we
had the idea of going to see if they needed help. As we got to their
driveway we saw that half of it had been done and then there was a
shovel laying down like someone had gotten tired and went inside. I
was so thankful to see the Lord lead us to that house. We both started
shoveling away when a woman opens her window and yells at us (in a
cranky tone) "what do you think you are doing?!" We both JUMP and say
"um... Shoveling your driveway?" Boy, did that surprise her haha.. She
said thank-you and closed the window. About a half hour later when we
we're finished she came out to thank us, and asked why we had done
that. We told her that we were missionaries from the Mormon church,
and that we love to serve, we even got to talk to her a little bit
about what we believe in. As we were leaving she said "you Mormons
really practice what you preach!". It was such a nice compliment, my
heart was touched and I couldn't help but think of what a wonderful
church we're apart of that teaches us to try our best to love and
serve as Christ does. I'm so thankful for all the service members of
the church offer daily to help mold and shape souls.

I just have to say first off how much I love Sister McVey, she has
truly been my best friend since day one. She is a wonderful person. I
feel like we were even best friends for forever. She blesses life's,
and she is blessing mine right now. She is the funniest person I've
ever met too, I can't wait for you guys to meet her. We weren't
worried about transfer calls at all because President Stoker told her
in her interview that we would be staying together until the end of
her mission. Well earlier that week I was showering one morning and
had the thought that Sister McVey and I would be training a new
missionary. I got out of the shower and yelled to sister McVey as she
was studying "Sister McVey, what If we train together as sister
training leaders!?" She laughed, and I laughed as well, knowing that
that was most likely not going to happen. Well lo and behold Saturday
night we get the call from the assistant and he tells us that we are
staying together and that a brand new missionary will be joining us!!
Man oh man, it was like fireworks on the 4th of July going off in our
apartment, we went nuts! This is the first time either of us have ever
heard of anything like this ever happening. We were SOOO excited. We
couldn't even sleep that night. It's just so fun to train a new
missionary, they come out with such a special spirit, and such fire! I
have two transfers left, and a missionary is trained for two transfers
and so I'll finish my mission training. I have really been wanting to
end my mission strong and running, and I know that a new missionary
will help keep me focused, motivated, and ready to work!

So the new Sister.. She's great! Her name is Sister Draper. She's
graduated from Utah State. She's super smart, it's awesome. I feel
like I'm walking around with freaking Google. I'm not even
exaggerating. She's from Delta Utah, youngest of 6 and she can solve
the rubrics cube with her toes. I already love her lots! It was a
little bit of an adjustment at the first of the week having 2
companions, but things have worked together so well. Being in a Trio
rocks my socks... Sister McVey and I take turns driving every other
day, and the days that I'm not driving I get to take a little nap in
the back of the car on our way to appointments! It's the best thing in
the world.

The work is going well. We've been working a lot with the members.
This branch is still just phenomenal! I have felt Heavenly Father near
this week. I'm very thankful for that because I needed Him! I'm
thankful for his love, it's the sweetest thing I have ever felt. This
week I was reminded to love everyone, and that you don't have to be
just like me for me to love. We are all unique, and God has created
each of us so  personally and differently. I'm grateful for His love,
that he gives to us all so freely. I'm glad that I can try to return
that love in such an imperfect way by serving Him and giving Him my

Well I hope you all know how much I love this church, I know it
blesses lives when we embrace the gospel. I hope you have a crazy good

Dad I bet you're happy about the super bowl!! Mom thanks for making my
traditional chocolate cover strawberries, I told sister McVey all of
our Super Bowl traditions and that one was included!!

Oh also we now have wifi in our apartment, because our downstairs
neighbor gave us her password to her wifi! So.. I can read emails
throughout the week, just can't reply until Monday's, so therefore
feel free to update me on anything or send pictures :)

Mom and Dad, thank you for the ALEX AND ANI BRACELET!! Thank you so so
so so so much!! I love it! They're huge out here in New England, and I
brought me one last Christmas with my Christmas money, and wore it to
death and it was lookin pretty dingey so I was so happy to receive
such a precious gift! Thank you. Tawn the package with all the goodies
were great, thank you for the cupcake stuff. We made cute cupcakes for
the ward members and neighbors!

Sending lots of love to you this week...
This..........................................much. Muah!

PS: I can't believe I almost forgot this... I tried real homemade New
England maple syrup on ice cream this week... Dear me!!! I'm in love,
you all need to try this sometime in your life.
-Sister Bee

Some call me the chicken whisper....  We stacked lots of wood on a
farm for service for a family that lives near by! I even got to share
my testimony at the end, so that was neat. This week was full of

Valentines Package
Laurie Griswold... We had a girls day today! It was a good p-day. It
almost felt like I was having a girls day with you mom. She's awesome,
and she's been through a lot and is so strong! She took us up to
Augusta, to TARGET, and to lunch, and to get our hair trimmed by a
member up there. It was so exciting I ran into four members of the
Augusta ward while we were there, it made me so happy to see all of
them!! I know Heavenly Father made that one happen because Augusta is
huge.. If you get sometime you should message Laurie on Facebook and
send some love her way, she bought our lunch and frozen yogurt today
and spoiled my companion and I. It was a terrific p-day, thanks to

We call our selfs the tripod. They're both 24, #oldies.

Elder Luu and I have served around each other a lot. He's a good ole
missionary, with an awesome conversion story. We served in Somersworth
together, and were both ecstatic to find out that we are serving
around each other in Yarmouth. He saw a bee tie and had to buy it
because of my last name!

We now have a 3rd companion who videos all of the stupid stuff that we do.. haha

The awesome crowleys, members of our branch! Each fast Sunday they
have milkshakes and hot dogs to break their fast, we were invited to
join them this month. It was delicious, and BEAUTIFUL, look at their
view to the ocean!
The district that we meet with every Wednesday! The monsoons (senior
couple) are awesome, they make us lunch every Wednesday! I love this
group so much!!
My best mission buddy is heading back to Sandy Utah, she finishes her
mission on Wednesday! I'm so thankful for Sister Olsen, she has
answered so many of my prayers. She's so amazing in so many ways, and
has so many qualities of the Savior. She can make anyone smile and
laugh, absolutely hilarious. So thankful I had the chance to meet
this sweet girl!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Temple Worship


Quick weekly update for you!
So this week we had interviews with dear President Stoker, which was
amazing. I know I say this all the time, but I truly love him and am
so grateful for him. It's difficult at times being across the country
from your parents, but it's such a blessing to have two people,
President and Sister Stoker who love me just as their child. They
care, and bless, and emulate our Savior. It was a joy to talk with
them and to spend two days with them this week.

We had THE best lesson with our investigator this week. The feeling
during a great lesson and after is honestly the greatest feeling in
the world. I love the spirit, and I love seeing people allow this into
their lives! I hope I never forget the feeling and the happiness the
mission has brought. Our lesson was with a young busy mom and I was so
thankful she found the time to meet with us because I know she was
touched by the spirit. She said the most sincere prayer at the end of
the lesson. To hear someone pray for the first time is so touching!
It's the best calling in the world, to teach people the gospel and how
to pray and increase their relationship with Heavenly Father. I have
such faith in this investigator, and know she's going to accept to be
baptized soon!

Today we were able to attend the temple with Lorrie and Ellie
Griswold, both recent converts!. The Gull family--Members of the
branch came down with us and we all went out to lunch before, which
was really fun. Im so grateful that Ellie and Lorrie received the
blessing of being baptized themselves, and now today had the
opportunity to do baptisms for their family members who died without
having that same opportunity. It was a beautiful thing to watch, I
don't believe one of us had a dry eye. We all enjoyed every second of
it, and my testimony grew even deeper on the sacred work that is done
in the temple.

In my interview with President Stoker we talked a lot about the
temple, I feel like my love has grown so much for it over these past
few days. He shared with me some very cool things and I'd like to
share some of them with you! Something I really liked that he said was
that there is a difference between Temple attendance and Temple
worship. When we attend regularly it becomes temple worship, and
temple worship is where the revelation comes. He said that every big
decision he has ever made in his life was made in the temple, and I
hope to take that into my life because Heavenly Father knows best, and
He'll tell us what's best. Today I again had it confirmed to me that
the temple truly is the house of the Lord and there are crowning and
glorious blessings in store for when we go to worship. I'm thankful
each Sunday I can go to church and renew my baptismal and temple
covenants. I know that the temple, when it's our desire, can be open
to each of us, we are never too far from becoming temple worthy, it's
as simple as turning away from our worldly desires, and turning into
the Lord’s arm.

"Jacob 6:5 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, I beseech of you in words
of soberness that ye would repent, and come with full purpose of
heart, and cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you. And while his arm
of mercy is extended towards you in the light of the day, harden not
your hearts."

Well on that note.. I'll share some awkward moments from the week..

*When you're eating Taco Bell and you see a random person that is eyeing
you down, so you sarcastically say "you want a bite?".......That
awkward moment when THEY SAY YES and so you give a random person a
bite of your taco... #imsuchagiver... That was by far the weirdest
thing that's ever happened to me.

*That awkward moment number 2... when you pull over to get gas and you
and your companion had planned to go in and get big Mountain Dew and a
treat, then we look over to the next pump and our mission President
and his wife were getting gas right next to us.. Sister Stoker is
super healthy and would probably not be pleased with our decision to
go and get Mountain Dew.. So we got gas reaaaalllllyyy slow so we
could still go in and get a treat! Haha

Have a good week!! The church is true, I'm happy because I know Jesus
Christ lives, and leads this church today.. Love you all so much!
Sister Bee

Interviews! We got to go back to Farmingdale (Augusta) it was so
exciting to go back!!

We live nearby the beautiful ocean!! Don't mind my face, I'm really
tired a lot, and I feel like it shows strongly sometimes. Lol

Ice cream with the sweet Reynold girls!!
Gave us a traditional Maine dinner... Red hot dogs, and whoopie pies! I
love the Segars! Chuck gives us head hugs where we can't give him hugs
goodbye, lol!

Temple with the Griswolds!! Better than Christmas with the Griswolds :)

Went on a great exchange with two of the sweetest girls I've ever met this week. Sister Lewis and Manjar. Both from Utah! I gained so much love for them spending two days with them. The thing I love about Sister Manjar the most is that she is pure and kind, and it shines from her. The sister in the back, Sister Lewis, I adore her, she is the most profound missionary and loves the work and her Heavenly Father. It was a joy to serve with both of them!