Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Happy Happy!


Hi dear family,

Hope all had a wonderful week! Things are going so well here, I
couldn't love this area or my mission more. We are working so hard,
and Heavenly Father really is blessing this area with such great
things. General conference was simply terrific. We watched it in the
church with our recent converts and one of our investigators that is
just full of surprises showed up! It was a very neat experience to
listen to conference for myself, but also having people right next to
me who I loved, knowing their questions and concerns and seeing them
all be answered. The gospel really is for everyone, and it does help
us no matter where they are in life, or no matter what they are going
through. I was thankful to have that reconfirmed to me yesterday, the
Gospel Of Jesus Christ is for everyone, even you and me!

So we got some pretty exciting news this week.. Elder Rasband of the
quorum of the 12 is coming to our mission this May. So exciting! His
grandson is in our mission, so he's coming up for a conference. The
sad news is, he's coming right after I come home. With this neat
opportunity our mission President has allowed the missionaries going
home this transfer have the option of extending their missions. I have
put much thought and prayer, and fasting into this, and I have decided
to extend my mission for 2 weeks. It works perfectly where I'm in a
trio and the flight plans weren't hard to change at all. I will be
coming home now Wednesday May 25. I hope you guys are okay
with this.

It was hard to say goodbye to Sister McVey, she has become such a good
friend of mine over the past 12 weeks. I'm very grateful for all the
things she taught me, she brings out the best in everyone. Tuesday
this week we went down to Portland to pick up our new companion and
received the cutest thing you ever did see, Sister Bishop! (No her dad
is not the bishop, but it would be the coolest thing if he was, lol!)
She's from Bountiful Utah, cheered and danced growing up, and
graduated the same year that I did. We get along so good, shes a
sweetheart, and I'm so happy to have her and Sister Draper as my
companions for this transfer!

We had such a good zone conference last week. It was on the importance
of Sabbath day observance. At the conference a slide on the slide show
stuck out to me that said this:
Picture yourself receiving the most important invitation of your life:
A chance to spend a day with Jesus Christ!
- How would you prepare spiritually and physically?
- What blessing might you hope would come from such a visit?
The Lord has invited each of us to set aside a day to commune with
Him, the Sabbath day which He has established. I really pondered these
questions for a long time. I felt the spirit impress on me little
things that I could change just a little bit to make the sabbath more
of a delight. As I was studying later this week I realized that when
God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses that all of the commandments
had one verse, except for the for the sabbath day, it had five verses.
I think that's sayin somethin! I know all the commandments are here to
bring us happiness, and blessings, and especially this one. I know
that as we prepare for the sabbath and for partaking of the sacrament
far before when we sit down in he pue that it does make our Sunday
more of a holy day. I have came to love this day of rest, service and
peace. I know that as we strive to keep it holy that it does connect
us with our creator.

I love the gospel, and It's the best thing in the world to share it.
I'm grateful to have this wonderful church in our lives. Sometimes I
just don't know how I got so blessed to have it in my life. I know that
because of Christ we can overcome death and sin. I don't know what I
would do without my Redeemer and Savior. I'm grateful that because of
Him we can be an eternal family. I believe in Christ, and its sure a
joy to serve Him at this time.

I'm very happy, and I certainly hope you are too!

Oh and by the way, Elder Rasband really is coming to our mission, and
his grandson is in our mission.. But Aprils Fools on the extending
part, I wish I could! We ate dinner with the funniest family on April
fools that had pulled HILARIOUS April fool jokes on each other, and I
thought I'd had to share a little with you. Love you much :)
Have a lovely week.

-Sister Bee

I have really struggled this week. I have spilled and dropped anything that has been put in my hand. This time somehow I dropped the phone and it landed perfectly under the car.. Instead of my companions helping me, they laughed and took pictures.. lol

The new trio!

Got caught in a rainstorm during some service we do at the food pantry. Don't worry, a sweet old lady let me borrow her cute rain coat!

Saving the world with love.. one sticky note at a time!

Sister Draper and I!

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