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At the first of my mission I was told a story that I've reflected on
time and time again.
The story begins by telling about a man who looked out his window and
saw a HUGE boulder on his front lawn. He was confused, and a little
bit frustrated when he saw this. As this man went outside and looked
at this huge boulder a little bit closer, the Lord came down and
commanded him to push the boulder. The man was faithful and wanted to
do what the Lord asked of him to do. So the man pushed and pushed,
with the rock going no where! Neighbors, friends and family walked by
and would laugh or tell him he was never going to be able to move the
rock, but still, this faithful man pushed. After four weeks of
constantly pushing and pulling with the rock not budging he finally
decided to give up. He was tired, and confused why he had been
commanded to do this. He finally went to the Lord and said "I've been
pushing for 4 weeks and haven't been able to move the rock. This is
simply just a waste of time and energy!" The Lord came down and said
to him "I didn't ask you to move the rock, just to push." He sighed
and asked "was I making the commandment harder than it needed to be?"
He goes on to say "well what was I supposed to gain from this?" The
Lord said "look at your arms and legs, you are so much stronger from
being obedient to me."

I know that we're truly given commandments to help us grow and become
stronger, even if we don't understand why were asked to do them. This
week we had the opportunity to go to two sets of interviews and train
the missionaries. It was SO much fun! I even had my exit interview,
that was sure wacky! I got lots of good advice for life, dating, and
education, so that was good! Anyways we were able to train on
obedience. I always am very grateful for these times that I am able to
give a talk, or train missionaries because it helps me dig in the
scriptures a little bit more on a certain topic that I probably
wouldn't have done other wise. My testimony for the why behind
obedience has grown so much this past week. I truly do know that
obedience is an eternal principle, it's not just something we do, it's
something we become. But all in all, the things were asked to do is to
help prepare us for the eternities! The more we give ourselves to the
gospel, the more it strengthens us. I love to look to our perfect
example or obedience, Jesus Christ. In Mosiah 15:7 It says "Yea, even
so he shall be led, crucified, and slain, the flesh becoming subject
even unto death, the will of the Son being swallowed up in the will of
the Father." Christ's obedience to the Father is breathtaking. I'm
grateful for His obedience and for teaching us the was back to Him. I
thank God everyday for the Atonement Of Jesus Christ. His sufferings
on the cross and in Gethsemane is there for our benefit. I've came to
know that it is okay to use the The Atonement daily. As I've relied on
redeeming and enabling power of the Atonement daily, I become more
grateful for this precious gift. The Atonement allows to strive for
obedience, it also allows us to learn from our mistakes without being
failures. I know that Heavenly Father has given us these commandments
so that we can become stronger and more faithful disciples. At times,
I know that we do not understand the why, but I do know that as we act
in faith He allows His grace to come into play, and when Grace comes
into play God begins to look at the desires of are hearts. I'm
grateful that because of Christ and His divine means of help and
strength that we can always strive to be obedient to the Father.
Well just my thoughts from the week. Hope you have great week ahead of you!
I heard a little girl yesterday at church say,
"I like to like!"
"I love to love!"
It was so cute coming out of a 4 year olds mouth, so my words to you
this week is...
I like to like, YOU and I love to love, YOU! Thanks for being the best
family and friends a girl could ask for! XoxXXooOO

Love/Sister Bee

Awkward moment of the week..
Yesterday we had a man literally chase Sister Bishop and I down after
inviting him to learn about the gospel, he thought he'd return the
favor and ask us out on a date 😂 #awkward Sorry mister we're sisters,
and we're happy to be Sisters!

The Wilson family. Love and adore them with my WHOLE heart!

We treated ourselves... We really treated ourselves as you can see! Cool experience at 'Orange Leaf' the frozen yogurt place. It was in Augusta after zone interviews. I was happy to be able to go through Augusta again. It's like going down memory lane being back in my first area. It's a very humbling experience just to look back and see how much Heavenly Father has helped me grow into a missionary since serving there. I'm eternally grateful Heavenly Father took a chance on me and was willing to help me through. When we walked into the yogurt place I said a little prayer in my heart telling Heavenly Father that I would be very happy to run into someone I met while serving in Augusta. About 5 minutes later in comes Josh. Josh's parents are less active members we were working with when I was there. It was a pleasant surprise to run into Josh, it was such a sweet moment to just catch up and hear about how him and his family were doing. I'm grateful for the prayer of the heart, and I'm grateful for those little moments that show us just how much Heavenly Father is really listening.

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