Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Week!

Happy Happy Christmas Week!!

It's been another good week here, loving every minute of it!
We had a fun zone conference up in Vermont at the JSM. Zone
conferences are my favorite. I always leave so uplifted and edified. I
hope I can do my best to apply some of the great things I was taught
that day, I was very touched by the spirit.

It's the greatest thing to be able to have morning studies. 
Studying in the gospel can honestly put anyone in the best
mood! I love morning studies more than anything.. I'm so grateful for
the study habits the mission has helped me get in, because before my
mission I was not the best at studying. This week I had a few
questions that I really needed answered. I said a prayer and opened up
the Book Of Mormon, and opened right to a chapter that answered very
clearly what I was looking for. I was once again just taken back at
how aware God was of me, and how he answered my question through the
Book Of Mormon. I am so grateful to know that we have a loving Savior,
and a loving Heavenly Father that is so aware of us and our needs.

Kiks, our sweet investigators baptism day is still on for the second
of January. She's really excited, and so am I! I'm so happy for her, I
know what happiness the gospel brings into lives, and I'm so happy
she's accepting such great blessings into hers.

The ward is so good here. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to be
here, and to get to know them. They are full of charity, and kindness,
and gratitude. The ward motto is "come as you are." I love that
because they accept anyone and just simply love them. I know that's
what Jesus Christ would do too. It's a wonderful ward, with the most
amazing people who emulate so many teachings of Christ. Yesterday they
did the most sweetest thing for us missionaries and got us very nice
presents. My heart was very touched to be serving here with them.

Well that's about it for the week.. Have a Merry Christmas.
Two questions we can ponder this week that our mission President has
encouraged us to think about..
#1-What has Christ given us?
#2-What can we give to Christ this year?
Such a special time of the year to celebrate Christ birth.. I love Him
with all my soul. I know with everything in me that He lives, I know
that because He has helped me with everything I have done these past
14 months. I glory in Him, because I wouldn't be able to be here today
without Him.

I don't think anyone could of said it better than my bud Nephi..
He said "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus,
for he hath redeemed my soul from hell."(2 Nephi 33:6)
So thankful for Him.

Hope we can all remember this week the importance of the Saviors
birth, and why we need Him. I hope we can all reflect on what He has
done for us. He loves you, oh so much.. And so do I!

Remember Him, Love Him, And Follow Him.
Feliz Navidad!! SEE YOU FRIDAY!
-Sister Bee

Went on an exchange this week with Sister Crook in Concord, NH. She's a sweetheart,
I really enjoyed getting to know her!

The missionaries in my ward!

Mom, I regifted the "riesens" candy you sent me... Haha and we attacked a
family's door in our ward with them!

The Adams (senior missionary couple) took us out to lunch this week! They're great, they both shared beautiful testimonies with us. I didn't know I could feel the spirit so strongly at a public restaurant haha

This is what the ward got us. Along with $55 to Walmart and $25 to Target. I couldn't believe it.... Best ward!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Glory to God in the Highest


Hi family,
Nothing too out of the ordinary this week. Taught some lessons, tracked
some streets. Oh I did have my first chili dog this week, I was a
little nervous to try it cause it just has never been something that's
ever looked that appetizing to me, but I tried it and loved it.. Even
had to go back for another one! Haha, can't believe it's taken me 20
years of life to try such a wonderful thing.

This week was another really great week. On my mission I have seen
just how Gods hand is in every little thing. It's amazing to see how
he cares and loves, and really is in every detail of each and everyone
of our lives. There are too many tender mercies and miracles in this
life for Him not to be! Before our ward party we headed out to do some
tracting, which led to come miracles, we had prayed and felt very
strong to go to Mcarthy street. We tracked the left side, and had some
success. Showed the new Christmas video at one door step, and at the
next door we got a return appointment! After we had been out for
awhile we looked at the time and realized it was time to get going for
the party. As we were walking back to the car which was a ways a way
from us, I felt a strong urge that we needed to knock a certain house
on the other side of the street. As we knocked we received a cute
little boy at the door step with his dad. Showed them the Christmas
video, and gave them a Book Of Mormon. He then told us that he would
read the book! We left the street feeling so happy.. There are not too
many people here that accept even Christ in their life, but I see such
a difference in the time of year and how people's hearts are more open
to Jesus Christ! Sharing the gospel has brought me the most divine
peace I've ever felt. I know that as we share our testimonies with
those around us, it blesses on both sides. I  was reminded once again
that that the spirit does touch our heart, feelings and our mind. Its
such a blessing that we receive the spirit as we ask and seek for it,
it's such a beautiful promise that we may have such a gift with us to
lead and guide us.

As I said earlier the ward Christmas party was this week, which was
great! Seriously so much fun. The Manchester ward is so great, so full
of love. Our investigators Kiks came, so that was a plus too!

Here is a little Christmas thought I read this week by Elder D. Todd
Christofferson that I really liked..
"I think it’s appropriate this time of year to just think about that
baby in the manger. Don’t be too overwhelmed or occupied with what is
to come; just think about that little baby. Take a quiet, peaceful
moment to ponder the beginning of His life--the culmination of
heavenly prophecy but the earthly beginning for Him.
Take time to relax, be at peace, and see this little child in your
mind. Don’t be too concerned or overwhelmed with what is coming in His
life or in yours. Instead, take a peaceful moment to contemplate
perhaps the most serene moment in the history of the world--when all
of heaven rejoiced with the message “Glory to God in the highest, and
on earth peace, good will toward men."
I hope we can all take time to notice and let the peace that comes
through Christ into our lives this season.
Hope you have a happy week.
Love you very much. We skype so soon, yay!
XoXoXo 💛
-Sister Bee

#1.We got to help with the sugar cookie decorating at the ward party
which was sooo fun!

#2. Our great bishop.. Bishop Dickson! His advice these past two weeks
to us have been "flirt to convert!" Haha such a great man.

#3.. Ahh it is what it looks like.. So last Monday I found the shoes I
have on, on sale. (40% off of an already marked clearance, woohoo! Too
cute not to get for $11) Tuesday I was all excited to wear my brand
new shoes!! Haha and here comes the story... Haha. So that cute little
fence I'm posted up on yep..  There's a lady on the other side of it
playing with her dog. Everyone who really knows Taylie knows I am
already not the biggest fan of dogs in the first place. Well when I
see her I really wanted to talk to her so I yell "ohhhh what a cute
dog you have!" (Lie number 1) she replies with a kind thank you. We
then asked if we could share a short message with her, and she said
yes! So as we're sharing the message with her of course my eyes were
on her and not the dog. All of sudden my bare feet start to get really
warm! I look down and the freaking dog is peeing on my bare feet!!
Ew.. Haha I scream, a deep ugly pig squill comes out.. Haha see you
later spirit that was in the lesson. She apologized and felt so bad..
I told her that it was just no big deal at all! (lie number two, cause
I was far from home with no where to wash) haha. So moral of the story
don't lie. After the whole scene Sister Hallam asks if I want to stop
in somewhere to wash, I said yes! As we got looking around the only
thing that was around was ghetto markets and whole in the walls..
That's when we lost it and could not control our laughter on the side
of the street.. Haha well anywho Sister Bee walked around with Pee on
her feet for a majority of the day. Nasty I know.. Took one for the
team that day!

#4.. I thought our kitty was fat... Hahah!

Saturday, December 12, 2015



It was SO nice only having to wait four days to get to talk to you guys again!
You know what else is nice? The weather here!! It's unbelievable! The
sun is shining, and the birds are still chirping.. I'm hoping this
stays all winter long! We even walked to church yesterday, and I
didn't have to wear a jacket! I love to look back in my journal to a
year ago and read about the terrible weather I was in, haha. Last
November 30th church was canceled because the roads were too snowy,
and the next Sunday it was canceled again because the churches boiler
was broke. Yay for good weather, I'll be praying for the sun to stay
out all of December!

Saturday and Sunday we had the best event at the church! There were
nativity sets collected from all around the world... Talk about
BEAUTIFUL! It was so fun the missionaries all took turns either
dressed up as wiseman or took turns showing the new Christmas video to
people who came in. There was a great turn out. What memorable night!

We have a good week ahead of us. Lots of good work to do this week! 3
out of our 4 investigators dropped us this week, which was absolutely
heart breaking. It hurt, but I know that it hurts our Father in Heaven
even more. He loves us so much, and wants us to choose so badly His
path of happiness, hope, and joy. You know what they say you can drive
them to the well but can't force them to drink. So this weeks plans
are to find some new people to teach! I have full faith that we will

With the nativity event this week I was thinking a lot about The
Saviors birth. From day one there was no room for Him in the inn, even
Jesus The Christ was turned away from and rejected in His life. It
blows my mind that there were people who turned away from Jesus
Christ, The Son Of God. I know that when we understand Christ, and
that because of Him we can return back to God, that there is no one
we'd rather turn to. What a humble birth, for the most humble man of
all. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ. I know that He lives, and that
He is close, closer then we think. He is literally the Son of God, he
was tempted, just like you and me are, but with His help we can
overcome any temptation and weakness. I love the Lord, and that love
seems to grow deeper and deeper as the days on my mission go on.

Have a wonderful week.
Sister Bee

Sorry not too much to update on, and I got a little distracted in the
gym playing basketball and ran out of time to email. Wish you a great
week!! And please watch "Elf" for me! (I love that movie.. Haha)
I'll send you a video of the fun Elm street Christmas parade, it was a
blast and we got to invite so many people to the nativity event that
was as the church!
***Ohh, and our dear investigator kiks is still going strong!! We see
her tonight, I can't wait!! :)

The one and only Bishop Dickson!


Hot chocolate and church Christmas movie!

Ben and Jerry's P-Day stop!

Elm Street parade!

Thursday, December 3, 2015



Hi family and friends!!

Long time no talk :) I hope your thanksgivings were full of lots of
food, fun, and love! Mine was great.. To start off the exciting week
we went with our Bishop out to lunch, and then after we went grocery
shopping and put thanksgiving dinner baskets together for some people
in the ward that were in need, I was grateful to be able to help with
that! Thanksgiving day we had three meal appointments... (The life of
being a missionary in America) All of them were so yummy! I ate
like I had never seen food before, lol. First we started off with
lunch with our lovely neighbors Karen and Kathy, (Kathy was the one
that called you mom and Tawn, haha she's such a goof!) then we stopped
at our bishops for dessert, and last but not least we had dinner with
the Bank family. I was so stuffed, and so grateful for the people I
got to spend it with. I love this time of year to take a step back and
to remember the things were grateful for! I loved from one of Elder
Uchtdorf past general conference talks when he said that "there is one
thing we can do to make life sweeter, more joyful, even glorious... We
can be grateful!"

It's been a big week, but a GREAT week here in Manchester. I truly am
just thankful to be here. I love every single thing about Manchester,
sometimes I just take a step back and think, how did I get so blessed
to be here? The area, the people, the city, the companion, the ward,
our investigators... I just love with my whole heart! 

Can you believe it's December!? I sure can't! Such a wonderful time of
the year. I love Christmas season, it truly is something that changes
the whole world.. It's the best time of the year, especially as a
missionary, people's hearts are a little more softer, and a little bit
more turned towards Christ. I love new englanders, they're different,
but oh so great. I feel like over time here that I have finally put it
into words on how to describe them. They're like a chocolate chip
cookie... Crunchy and sometimes a little hard on the outside, but once
you get to know them they're gooey and soft on the inside! Haha it's
great to serve the Lord, there is a special spirit that comes with
serving Him, and I feel like around this time I can always feel Him a
little more nearer. The church has came out with an awesome new
website called It's phenomenal! It's got the new
Christmas video, "A Savior Is Born" and also a video called "A world
without a Savior" (pretty intense video!) I love them both, it helps
remind us the true reason for the season. A Savior is Born! And He's
changed the world for forever. I love Jesus Christ, He is the most
precious thing in my life.. He brings us hope, love, happiness, and
every good thing on this earth. I can't begin to thank Him for the
help and strength He has given me. What a wonderful time of year to
celebrate Him.

So here's a funny little moment that happened this week.. Our ward had
a ward temple night. A lot of the ward members went down to
Massachusetts to the temple, I was really happy to she how many
members went down!. Anywho, we as missionaries were assigned by the
bishop to set up the church for a dinner after all the ward got back
from the temple, and we also had to go pick up the Chinese food for
them to eat. Well we go to go pick it up, its a Friday night and it's
packed in there, and here comes this little Chinese man walking out
with three huge beer boxes with bud weiser and coors light on the side
of the box and says "here is your food, I put it in boxes so it'd be
easier to carry!" Haha so we grabbed the boxes of our food and were
walking out of this busy restaurant holding them, I don't think there
has ever been a moment on my mission that I wanted to cover my name
tag, until then. Haha so off we go to the church and in we go with the
boxes, all the members had already gotten there, and you should of
seen the looks we got walking in with the "Chinese food."

Many have asked about our investigators, and they are doing good for
the most part! A lot of problems we have here is with our solid
investigators getting into anti. Man oh man, how I hate anti. You
wouldn't imagine some of the questions we get. But I am very grateful
they feel comfortable enough to bring up there concerns with us. I
mean questions are great, but anti is not. If you really think about
it, this gospel wouldn't be here if Joseph Smith wouldn't of asked the
question "which of all the sects are true!?" Its just hard to find a
balance of, yes questions are a very good thing, but not so much that
you research too much and find very untrue things. I'm grateful to be
in a church that with our questions we may have that we are told to
take them to God, and the scriptures, and that He will give us an
answer through personal revelation from the spirit. I've have my
studies this week centered around personal revelation and how we can
better communicate with God. I've learned lots, now I'm just trying to
apply it. There was a quote from true to the faith that says "The
witness of the Holy Ghost makes an impression on the soul that is more
significant than anything you can see or hear. Through such
revelations, you will receive lasting strength to stay true to the
gospel and help others do the same. Although we often describe
communication from the Spirit as a voice, that voice is one that we
feel more than we hear." I know that The spirit testifies of all
truth, and that if we have that with us we can never go astray,
because we'll know what's true and what's not. We don't have to know
everything is true all at once, we're just asked to hold on to what we
do know! The gospel is like a big puzzle, you put it together, and
sometimes you run across a piece that doesn't fit in the puzzle (or
make sense in your mind) but as you put it aside and work on what you
do know, the puzzle comes together and then we see how the piece that
is set aside, soon fits right in.

Last in the email...Saturday!! It was a special day. We tracked a lot,
and after walking 5 miles in the rain it was nice to sit down for an
hour and a half and drive down to Charron Vermont! There was a live
nativity, and we got to watch all the Christmas lights turn on for the
year with our investigator Pauline. She loved it, and so did we! It
was such a neat neat night. I also got to see the Sargent family from
Somersworths which was really exciting. Lots of the Manchester ward
went, and President and Sister Stoker! Pauline was amazed at the
beauty, and I was happy she got to feel the happiness and spirit that
is at the Joseph Smith memorial. Our other investigator Kiks is doing
amazing, she has a baptismal date and is just too cute. She's from
Hawaii, but lives with the Bank family and each time we have a lesson
Sister Banks feeds us dinner! We're there a lot and it's so fun to get
to know them all. It was exciting to see on Sunday both Pauline and
Kiks at church, it was a good good Sunday, after many Sunday's of no
investigators at church it was great to see two finally come! After
church we had dinner with the amazing Spencer family.. Well, that's
about all for now, but I hope you all have a good good week as well!

You're all in my thoughts and prayers.
Sorry for the big update.. And for it being all over the place..
I know the Church is true, I love Jesus Christ, and His gospel. It
will bless you. Hold on to what you know, and keep on keepin on :)
Remember...All it takes is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust ;)

Have a good good week!
Have a fabulous week..&&
Thanks Be To God.
Sister Bee