Monday, June 29, 2015

Boston Temple


Tay sent us an email on Friday this week to let us know a change in her week! We are sad we couldn't get to hear from her this week, but happy she was able to have some new experiences! Love our cute Sister Bee!

Hey shooting a quick email to just let you know today I took my p-day
and went to the temple with a member. It was a heavenly heavenly day!
Boston temple, is beautiful!! Sadly we didn't have time for emails..
And Monday will be a normal missionary day for us.. So still update,
I'll still be able to rEad them just not reply. Love you all so
much!!! I'll give lots of details in two weeks :) 

LOVE and MISS you!!!!!! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Happy Week!

HELLO famila and fwends :)
Thanks for the updates.
Sister Bee sure loves you all with her whole soul!!

I had a happy happy week here, and I pray and hope you all did too!

Ready for the spill from this week, and the missionary work?
Well... Monday we finally got in with a couple I have been praying
for. Yipee!! My first week here we tracked into them, and I felt such
a good feeling. We've tried back lots, and just weren't able to catch
them home at the same time. But we finally did Monday!! Had a very
good spiritual talk, and taught the restoration. It's moments and
lessons like these, that make being a missionary the best thing in the

Sister Olsen, (From Utah!) came on exchanges with me here this week.
Monday through Wednesday. She is the biggest sweetheart, and we had
such a good time doing missionary work together. We got along so well,
and had so much in common. We went for a nice nice run one morning for
morning exercises and it was so great... Until two days later, when
the soreness set in! Haha I seriously felt like I was a 19 year old
living in a 93 year olds body!! We had a dinner both nights with two
great families in the ward, the Seavys and the Haraczkas. I'll put a
picture below of when we got caught in a HUGEdownpoor... Haha :)

Thursday we had a lesson/ pizza party with our friend Sally who had
questions about our church, she also had her curious friend Amanda and
their little boys with them. Both had some great questions about what
sets the Mormon church apart from the others, I find it such a
blessing when I am able to share with others what I love, and know to
be true. Sally could be my best friend, sometimes I wonder if I was
sent here to teach and meet her. She is just goofy, and has the gift
of gab like me! I wish we could meet with her more often, but she is
learning about the church nice and slow, which is perfect for her! She
did come to church, and bring her sweet little boy a few weeks ago

Friday's we do service at an assisting living home, called Wadleigh
house every Friday. We play hang man with all the oldies, and I'll tell
ya what.. it is a highlight of the day usually. I just love them all
so much!! They are so stinking funny!

Saturday the missionaries in our ward went up to the Zion Girls camp
with a few of the members to help get the camp grounds ready for girls
camp next week. It was the most beautiful 170 acres that the church
owns. So green, with a beautiful lake around it. In my head I was
imagining a good swim in the lake, or a good walk around the camp
ground, but in reality we helped clean the kitchen, lol!  All of us
missionaries helped with the dishes. Sister Payne and I washed from
9am to 2pm, haha talk about raisin fingers times 100!! It really was
enjoyable, and I hope and pray those sweet girls have a good time at
girls camp :)

Sunday was good, we were asked to to teach the 4 and 5 year olds in
primary. It was so fun!! So many fun kids in our ward. We were handed
the lesson right before we were supposed to teach it.. It was the
weirdest thing when I opened the lesson book, I recognized and
remembered the whole lesson from when I was in primary. I couldn't
help but be thankful for you mom and dad for taking me to primary all
those years, they really are such valuable years where we can learn so
much. I know that is where my testimony of this gospel began, and I
know how important primary is. PS... I'm not going to lie, I was
probably the most excited kid in the primary room when they started
sing "popcorn popping!" Yesterday We also did a lot of street
contacting in downtown Dover... That was so great, people were out and
weather was good!! We were even able to have a good conversation about
who we are, and what we do as missionaries with two different
families. It was all fun and games until one of the dads we were
talking to had this bug fly straight into his ear... He couldn't get
it out and it was really quite scary. I didn't know what to do, I had
so much concern for this man, but I wanted to laugh because I couldn't
believe it was actually happening. Needless to say, great family, but
our conversation ended a little earlier then planned because of a rude

Well that's about all I have to update on my week.. Love ya long time!
Have a fabulous week.

Sister Bee 💗💗💗💗

Some pictures below :) I might be looking a little chunky... The ward
and some friends of ours have dropped of bread, banana bread, Texas
sheet cake, and chocolate chip cookies, all this week!! It's just so
terrible, but so great at the same time. They might have to roll me
back to Utah next May ;) ps... Today is my 8 month mark, can ya
believe it!? Cause I sure can't!

Monday, June 15, 2015

If you are trying, you are winning.


Family, and Friends :)

Its been a good week here!

This week is Fathers day!! Yay!! Happy Fathers day to Our Dear and Gracious Father in Heaven. And happy fathers day to the one and only Dar Bee!! If I had it my way, I think we should be able to skype home not only on Christmas and Mothers day... But Fathers day as well!! And I don't think birthdays would be a bad idea either... anyways haha! Dad, a member in our ward flew over to Tremonton this week and I sent her with a card to hand deliver to ya. Just want to thank you for all you do for our family, I love you more then words can say. I hope your day is nothing but wonderful, because that's what you deserve! 

Our church was a full house yesterday.. We had alot of visitors! Our ward mentioned something how this is a vacation place during the summer, so we always get visitors. It was fun to talk to all of them. A group had gone to a Red Sox baseball game the night before.. how fun huh! We live pretty close to Mass, and I can't wait to come back someday and go to a game. Yesterday we also had the best sacrament meeting. Someone from our stake came and talked, and he seriously gave the best talk I've ever heard. I felt bad I didn't catch him after to tell him how much I enjoyed his talk. His talk hit home to me. He talked about how we all go through struggles... but if we're struggling were doing the right thing. Because if you are struggling you are trying, and if you're trying you're winning. Not going to lie, every stinkin day I struggle.#thestruggleisreal. It was so nice to hear that, I felt from the spirit very strongly, that as long as we keep trying in life, The Lord is proud. Thats all he wants and asks of us.. To keep trying!!  My mission, or should I say my life has been a huge process of slowly trying to overcome weakness and shortcomings, but I am grateful that we all the opportunity to improve and to become, and to just keep trying!

The missionary work here has been so good this week!! Sister Bee is jumping for joy!! 

We finally got in with a potential this week... I had such a good feeling about this family so I made sure we just kept going back. Time after time something was going on, busy, dinner, kids are going crazy, but this week she let us in! She told me "Since its the fourth time you guys stopped by, I guess I should let you in!" haha what can ya say? I am like a cat, you feed me once, and always keep coming back ;) We talked about our church and what believe in and we also talked about the Book Of Mormon which was really good as well. I was happy we finally got to tell them a little bit about The Church and what we believe in.

We had a great family home evening lesson with a darling family yesterday. The dad, hasn't been to church since a kid, and the wife is not a member. They have two of the cutest kids, 4 and 2, both beautiful!! It was a blast! They made us pizza, and we talked about the iron rod and did an object lesson. The kids loved it! We set up plans with them to do more family home evening with younger couples in our ward with young kids so they get to know the ward. Such a benefit to have so many young and fun people in this ward. When we were walking out, I looked at the window screen and the little boy had his face squished against it and said "bye Sister Bee!" It made my heart melt :)

After that we hurried over and met the Rochester Elders. They are the other missionaries in our ward. We are with them alot, and we do alot of missionary work together.They pulled a cruel joke on us sisters cause on our way to the members house they had caught grasshoppers and flung them on us when we got into the car.. haha!  So this sweet sweet lady had us over for dinner.. and my oh my it was a thanksgiving feast!! It was pretty great. This member has fallen away from the church, and said it was good to have the missionaries back in her house. Her less active daughter was there, along with her boyfriend. We had the most spiritual lesson. The spirit was there, and touching all of our hearts. The member said it is time for her to get back, and we talked about getting her to the temple again, which is really exciting for her. And for the daughter we are going to work towards her patriarchal blessing, and for the boyfriend, the Elders are going to start teaching him the missionary lessons. It was such a good night. I felt so blessed to be helping The Lord in His Work. 
side note* who gave you your patriarchal blessing?? The answer is the Lord! We should treat them as scriptures. Something that has really been on my mind this week! 

Today is our districts p-day that we all do together. We were supposed to have a cook out, but its raining today so we're going to play games in the church. Which should be really fun, and remind me how out of shape I am haha! It rained all night last night, and oh man did I sleep good!!! The sound of rain can put this sister to sleep so fast!! But any other night I am confused where the time goes? I feel like I lay my head down, and the next thing I know my alarm clock is going off.. I don't know if thats a good or bad thing! Anyways I don't know what I am saying my fingers are just kind of typing.. hahah... gah!! Have a great week and I love and miss you all. 

I can't say it enough, but I thank the Lord so much for putting me in such a good area. It is such a special place here. With all the trees being so green I can't help  but always reflect on Joseph Smiths Prayer, and how His humble prayer was answered. I am so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father, and a Savior that didn't want to leave us here without Christ's true church. Its is beyond a blessing to have the Restored Gospel and Priesthood here on this earth to help us through. I have never been so sure of anything in my life, I know without a doubt that this is the true church here on this earth, and it is here to help us and bring us nearer to God. I am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord, I know they are everywhere if we keep our eyes open for them, and once we do notice them we realize how blessed we are.  I have been reading through Joseph Smith History for my past couple of studies because we have an investigator that has a lot of questions about him. I have watched my testimony grow more this week as I have studied that history. I would definitely recommend to read over it again this week, it brings such a spirit into your studies. 

Sister Bee

I apologize for the long one.. no one likes long ones. I just had so much to tell you about my good week!! Next week I plan on keeping it short, because I have a few emails I need to personally reply to.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recognizing Promptings


Hi family... :)

Hope your week was wonderful :) I sure enjoy hearing from you all on
Mondays!! It's good to get the updates on you.

So one of my biggest goals has been to learn how to make decisions by
the spirit. First off, I have the had the hardest time when it comes
down to it...knowing if that it is me telling myself to do something, or if
it is the the spirit. I have came to know that if its good, then just
go through with it, it won't hurt anything! For me the spirit
definitely speaks through my feelings, through little tappings on my
heart. So this week when we were out going from door to door and
needed to stop and go to a ward activity that we were invited to. I
knew it was time to go, and so did my companion. I felt like even tho
it was time to go, we needed to finish off the street we were on.
After talking my companion into staying, we finished knocking and the
last house on the street was solid. There was a man out planting his
flowers and so we went up to talk with him. He grew up in California
right next to a Mormon family with 9 kids and a tramp, haha he said it
was a blast! He said he loved it and has always wondered what made
them tick. We invited him to church, and he invited us back to chat at
a different time when he wasn't planting. I was so thrilled we were
able to meet him, and I felt like we were lead to that street for him,
and the spirit wasn't going to let us leave until we talked with him.
I know that as we act on good thoughts and feelings, we may not even
recognize that it was the Holy Ghost or the spirit telling us to do
it, but as we follow it we gain the Lords trust. Listen to your heart
and feelings, and I know the Lord can make anyone of us an instrument
in His hand. Even if it as simple as smiling to someone in the grocery
store. We finished that night off with the ward activity, it was a
cake auction at the church, it was quite hilarious to watch the ward
bid against each other for deserts. All the ward brought yummy deserts
and then had a auctioneer there bidding them out. All the funds made
went to the young women's girls camp coming up in June, let's just say
the young women should have a good girls camp this year! Haha

Monday we had an awesome family home evening with Gavin and Kate
Pouliot.. They're great, and have three darling kids. It was really

This week we also had a huge miracle!! We had a lady refer her self to
us online, she requested a Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her
Tuesday!! I called and talked with her on the phone and she seems
pretty legit. She said she's been searching for a church and everyone
she talks to refers her to the Mormon church. She even asked a few
questions about the church, and really agreed and liked the answers.
Can I get a huge WOOHOO! Haha

We ended our week with a great fast and testimony meeting. Along with
Dinner at Bishop Huntings house with a few other families in the ward.
Which was such a good time!! We finished the night off with some
tracting.. My poor companions allergies were acting up pretty bad from
all the pollen, but it was cool to see her work through it till the
end of the night.

This week I felt over blessed to be able to share the Gospel Of Jesus
Christ with others. We had some really good lessons this week, that
will forever be in my heart and memory. I've seen this gospel not only
change me, but it's the most beautiful thing to see it change others.
Its a great blessing to have the knowledge of the plan our father in
Heaven has for each of us. It can bring us so much hope and peace.

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I forget to take them.. Never
thought that day would come, lol! I'll try to be better. Have a great
week.. And I hope you never forget how much Sister Bee loves and
misses ya. Xoxo

Sister Bee

Tay forgot to send these home but they were back from their District P-Day at the beach!

She said these are the normal driveways there! So pretty and a good workout! ;)

Monday, June 1, 2015

SOMERSworth for the Summer!

Hello dear family and friends!!

Thank you for all the updates on how you are doing. Sometimes I just feel
like my heart could burst with so much love for you all. 💗💗

Not too much to update you on for the week. Worked hard in the heat this
week. And now it's just been pouring rain here! It sounds like Utah got
it first and it headed over here ☔️ It was a hard week for sure, but I
made it through!!

So our investigator Jonni... Man oh man do I love her!! She's great!!
So fun, so sweet and so ready to be a member. We are working so hard
for her baptism date on June 20th. I know that this gospel with change
her life for the better, and she knows it too! It's one of the neatest
things to have watched Jesus Christ and His gospel bless my life, and
it's even cooler to see it change other people's lives too.

This week a former Bishop in our ward passed away. So us missionaries
had a neat opportunity to help serve at the funeral. Funerals are
never fun, but it's so great to know of The Wonderful Plan Of
Salvation. It truly is a plan to bring us happiness. It was great to
see the ward really come together and show love this week. Its a
wonderful thing to have a ward family.

We also had some crazy fires this week. One being fairly close to our
apartment. Which was scary. Breaks my heart to think of families
losing everything.. One of the houses that started on fires was a
member in our ward, we had stopped by her house on Tuesday to see if
she would be interested in hearing a message from us and sadly she was
not interested.. Then Friday we drove by and the house was burnt down,
and I guess her dad passed away in the fire. Makes me sad to think of
the stress she's going through and she is supposed to be having a baby
this week.

Sorry those last two paragraphs were kind of sad... So on the bright
side.. Yesterday we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his
family... They only have 6 kids.. Haha it was a crazy circus! His
wife, Sister Knight is great, and I just love her to pieces!

It was transfer weekend. I'm staying in this area, guess I'll be
staying SOMERSworth for the summer. (Pun intended) haha. And I still
am with my same companion, Sister Payne. Both sets of missionaries in
the ward, so us and the Elders are staying for another transfer.

Sorry about not having much to update on.. But I'll leave ya with my
testimony, that I know this church is true. I know that the Book Of
Mormon is a very true book. I love it with all my heart. I am grateful
to know we have a Savior that knows how we feel 100% and that he is
Here to comfort and be by our side! I hope you all have a good week,
and know how much I love you!!

Sister Bee

"Agunquit beach! Last p-day the wonderful Davis family had us all over
for steak, chicken and a yummy picnic at their house. Afterwards we
loaded up in their mini and headed to a beach walk. It was beautiful!"

Sister Payne and Sister Bee!

Apparently a bird found Taylie! haha!