Monday, October 26, 2015



Ehhh oh family and friends :)

Sorry not too much to update you on this week, but I had a good good
week, and I hope you did as well! Taught some good lessons, spent a
lot of time finding, did some service at the New Hampshire food bank,
and had some really good member meals, including delicious homemade
Dominican Republic food. Oh and I had to give a talk in sacrament
yesterday with 15 minutes to prepare. I was so not prepared, so I
talked on ways that we could be prepared for all things in life. I
hoped that it went well, I prayed in my heart that the spirit was
there, because I truly know that's all that matters when you're giving a

I'll share with you the scripture I will be ponderizing this week, and
hope that you'll ponder it with me! It's Ether 12:4 "Wherefore, whoso
believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even
a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh
an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and
steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God."
Devin G. Durrant has asked us in this past general conference to
ponderize. He said " I sincerely pray you will choose to ponder God’s
words in an extended and deeper manner." I love the promise that he
gave to us as we do this.. "As you make this effort, you will feel an
increase in spirituality. You will also be able to teach and lift
those you love in more meaningful ways."

Im grateful for that, and want to try to do better at pondering things
from the gospel. I love being a missionary, it's truly a blessing and
a privilege. I am grateful for hope, this week I have been extra
thankful for it. I know that hope helps us conquer any discouragement
that we may have. Hope is what gets me through anything and
everything. I know that my hope comes from Gods light, and it makes me
feel better as I rely on His light and hope. I know that God can only
be as close to us as we allow, and as we give our faith to him and put
our hope and trust in Him, that we will feel Him closer. I run into
people all of the time out here that don't have faith or hope that
there is a God, and it breaks my heart, because I know with all
certainty of my soul that there is a God, and that we are so loved by
Him. I know that because the Lord allows me to feel His love each and
every single day for the people here in New England.

Hope and love on loved ones!
Love you all deeply, and miss you much!
Have a happy happy Halloween, and eat lots of candy!

Sister Bee

" All of us missionaries flew out to the mission field on the same
day, and were able to be together at our one year mark at interviews
with President Stoker. Oh and the kid on the right, he's just photo
bombing, he's the the weirdest kid I've ever met, but the good kind of
weird that you just love, andd lives just in Bear River City!"

"Good ole Pauline... She is our investigator! We had the same bag,
or as they call it in New England a "pocket book" so we took a picture
with them. Saturday we had such a spiritual lesson with her, and she
took us out to lunch afterwards. So that was really neat :) She
doesn't act like she is a day over 20 and I love it, I hope to be that
fun and energetic when I am that age!"

"Sometimes my eyes tear up looking at the beautiful leaves!"

"Our neighbors, Karen and Kathy, are the best! They took us out to eat on Friday!"

"We sort through clothes every week for the homeless, and this week we found these HUGE pants that both of us could fit into! haha!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who is Jesus Christ to me?


hi fam, and friends,

Thanks for all the lovin, sure love to hear what's happenin!

Can you believe it's October? Can you believe it's been a year! What a
year. Haha :) it's kind of a weird feeling to know I have 6 months
left, such a good chunk of time, but then sometimes I feel like there
is no time left. I hope to make the very best of these last 6 months.

Well.. Let's just say that there is never a dull moment here in
Manchester! My oh my have my eyes been opened. It's seriously the most
fun thing to be a missionary here, always something new happening! On
my mission I can finally say I have mastered the gift of looking thug
and looking like I'm not scared, it's awesome cause then all my homies
think I fit right in the hood with them. Im sure I fool them in my
dress and tights huh ;) Mom... Maybe for Christmas, you could send me
some of my snap backs so I could fit in a little more? Haha just
kiddin :) Don't worry though, we had a lady tell Sister Hallam and I
that mace was an essential here, so we got some at the store today! So
we're safe. I know that the Lord protects his missionaries, we are so
very watched over and protected. D&C 84:88 - "I will go before your
face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my spirit
shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you to bear you
up." I know that promise applies to all, our Father in Heaven, and Our
Brother Jesus Christ is with each and every one of us.

So exciting news...Tuesday we got a new investigator! We may or may
not have done a victory dance in the road afterwards. Lol sometimes,
well let's say most times when really good things happen out here, my
Beyoncé kicks in again. I was just so excited about getting our first
new investigator in Manchester.

Yesterday was a great day! Primary program = the best sacrament
meeting, and I actually knew a few more faces at church this week, so
that was good! Out tracting we found our most solid potential yet,
Amber! We have an appointment with her tonight!! Also Bishop Dickson
had all 6 of us missionaries over for dinner last night too, so that
was really fun. He is probably the most funniest person I've ever met,
and a very good bishop. He told me to tell the Bee family hi, and if
you need anything you can give him a call!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a question
running through my head.. It was such a simple question, but also a
very deep one. "Who really is Jesus Christ to me?" That question
stayed in my head all night and all during my studies this morning. I
talk of Christ often, I testify of Him daily, I wear His name over my
heart always... But who is He to me? I thought well yes, He is my
Savior, He has truly saved me! Yes, He is my Redeemer. Yes, He is my
Mediator, but most of all He is my best friend, whom I'm eternally
grateful for. It's amazing to me someone loves me, and you enough that
they would die for us. Knowing we're loved that much is a wonderful
thing. I'm grateful for the sense of belonging that comes from the
knowledge that we are a child of God.

I can testify with everything in me that Jesus Is the Christ, that the
Atonement is real. There is no pain, addiction, hard time, or sin,
that is not covered by the Atonement. He is there through joy and
pain. I know that time, with Saviors help can heal anything.. Also a
nap always helps too! Family and friends, Hold on, and trust on.
Andddd have spectacular week.

Love you dearly.

Sister Bee

Dad, Ty, Ry, congrats on all the hunts. Those are some lookers, and I
hope you enjoyed!



Birthday package from a couple of weeks ago!

Exchanges with Sister Harper! She says they had so much fun catching up!

Monday, October 12, 2015



Hello my dear friends and family!! This is Sister Bee, coming at ya
from Manchester New Hampshire! Yep you heard right, I've been
transferred. I'm excited to see the new adventures ahead.

First off...Thank you all so very much for all the birthday wishes!! I
felt your love clear up here in New Hampshire, and it really meant the
world. It was a great birthday. Why was it great? Well because every
day's a good day when you're a missionary... And well because I went on
a wonderful date with someone named Ben and Jerry... Okay maybe not a
date, but I definitely stopped in and enjoyed me a scoop of some good Ben
and Jerrys ice cream! What a blessing it is to have a birthday in
October especially in Beautiful New England!

Somersworth will always have a special place in my heart. Amazing how
many people became like family over a short period of 6 months. I sure
love that ward! But I'm so excited and happy to be here. I know it'll
be great! My companion, Sister Hallam is a sweetheart and she is from
California. We met most of the ward yesterday at church which it seems
like a wonderful ward. I really do love Manchester so much, already! I
At the first of the week you could say I was a wee bit stressed. No
knowing how to get into your apartment, not knowing a single ward
member, and being in a whole new world. I remained calm on the
outside.. But on the inside I felt a little bit like a chicken with
its poor head cut off.. Lol. I was reminded a good lesson though.. Is
that I didn't realize how much I needed Christ, until I needed Christ.
I try my best to always rely on Christ and to look to him, but I was
reminded this week that I needed to rely on Him more. He really is the
only one who can help us through!  I really have came to know that "In
the service of the lord, it's not where you serve, but how you serve"
is a very true statement! As Latter Day Saint I love how our church
teaches how important service is, and that we need to serve with all
of hearts, and all of our minds, and let's not forget all of our
strength. My wonderful friend, Elliot Kollman, a recent convert from
my first area has a favorite scripture, which helped his testimony
grow so much. It's in Mosiah, chapter 2, verse 17! "And behold, I tell
you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when
ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service
of your God." I hope we can all remember that everyone we meet daily is a
child of God, and we should try our very best to treat them as they
should be treated. There's a quote from last general conference that
has been ringing in my ears, it's from Larry R. Lawrence, he said
something like "Heavenly Father knows our divine potential, and he
rejoices every time we take a step forward!" I know that as we serve
others, and help strengthen them by bringing them closer to Christ,
that it only helps them and us to take a step forward towards our

Remember how loved you are by Sister Bee, sometimes I wish I could
just show you all how much love I have for you. I also hope that you
know that your loved way more by a perfect God, with perfect love for
you! I can promise you that, that love will ALWAYS be  there. Because
"Compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God."
-Uchtdorf. You're valued and loved.

I'm thankful that The Lord loves us, and that He prepares a way for
each of us to accomplish the things He asks of us. I testify that He
truly knows what He's doing, and what will be best for us. I'm
grateful for the Heavenly help I've had this week in His work. I know
that any of us can Heavenly help, all we have to do is ask on sincere

Oh two cool facts about serving in Manchester that I've learned in the
first week.. Always lock your doors... And there are missionaries
everywhere! 4 sets of missionaries in my ward, how exciting huh! There
is a senior couple, the assistant to the presidents, a set of elders
and then me and my cute companion. Also at the Manchester Chapel the
Bedford New Hampshire ward meets there too, which has two set of
missionaries, and senior couple, and President Stoker and His wife. So
it's just a big missionary party all time here. I love it! This
morning grocery shopping we ran into 7 other missionaries, it's really
fun to run into people you know!

Sister Bee

Oh ps: we saw a huge miracle this week, by having 12 people invite us
back for a lesson on a specific day and time! That never happens. It's
amazing the miracles God performs. Pray that they'll be there when we
go back! Thank you, and have a happy week!!


New address:
33 Croteau Court apt 1F
Manchester New Hampshire

Donna and Minus Wright! The best missionary grandparents a girl could ask for.

Saying goodbye to Sister Dickson!

Saying goodbye to the sweet Nord family. I really love them so much! They live an hour from our apartment. We were out doing missionary work 30 minutes from their home the night before I left and they came to meet us on the side of the road to say goodbye.

 My new companion, and a sweet little girl in our ward. -story about
this sweet girl, she comes into church early yesterday, and gives me
her baby doll and whispers in my ear "watch her good, I have to go to
the bathroom." So off Katie goes, and in comes the Manchester ward...
And what do they see? The new sister missionaries, and me standing
there looking like a twenty year old that brings a baby doll to
church. Haha #awkward. I'm so good at first impressions.. Not! Hah

Until next week!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference and Shotgunning!

Come what may and love it
Hi dear family and friends.
I had a spectacular week, and I hope to hear you did too!

I truly enjoy every moment of missionary work, I will never be able to
repay my Heavenly Father enough for The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and
for this sacred opportunity to serve Him.

How about that Conference? Sister Dickson and I got some treats, and
our blankets and went and watched it at the chapel. Such an amazing
conference. There were so many good talks that I loved so much. What
amazing guidance and counsel we can receive from conference! I am
eternally grateful for Jesus Christ and what He's done for me. I know
He loves and is so aware of each of us. I was grateful to hear words
that can draw us closer and help prepare us to meet Him again someday.

We also got the big transfer call on Saturday... Sister Bee is leaving
Somersoworth, New Hampshire.  Received the news that I'll be staying
senior companion, receiving a Jr. Companion and shotgunning a new
area. I spent all morning being a busy BEE getting my bags packed and
laundry done, so I can get a good nights rest tonight! Finally done,
but my brain is fried... So apologies on this scattered email!

Kind of been an emotional wreck these past two days.. Haha tears of
happiness, sadness, and spirit tears from conference! So many loved
ones here that will forever be near and dear to my heart. And... I
sure hate goodbyes. Never been good with them, and never will be! I
trust in the Lord and know and feel like I'm needed else where!

Till next week my fiddle cakes..
Love you so much.
-Sister Bee

Tracting in the rain! Love Sister Dickson!

My crazy district! I'm sure going to miss them!

The leaves are changing!!!

Some of the cute oldies at the assisted living home!

Debbie :)

The State line is right by my apartment! Two  places at once!