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Hello everyone!!
It's been a great week here in Somersworth! I'm sorry this is coming into you so late.. I had my email all written up to send home to you and apparently I have forgotten how to use an I-pad cause I accidentally deleted it all... Yes you heard me right though.. I am writing you this email on my FLIPPING I-PAD!! Woohoo :)  Wednesday our whole mission got I-pads and they're going to be such a wonderful tool to use in missionary work! 

So Monday was super fun we had our district p-day so two wards sets of missionaries put together, and we went to Agunquit beach. It's only 25 minutes from my apartments doorstep.. Pretty exciting even though as missionaries we don't go much. Haha! Afterwards we had a family home evening with Sister Klick and Anaiah (the cute family that let us Skype at their house on Mother's Day) and the Chesleys. So Monday was a really good day. We even met with our beautiful investigator Sister Haraczka (but she's pretty much a member) haha we read out of The Book Of Mormon in Ether. Ether chapter 6... One of my favorite chapters.. When you get some time this week definitely read it. I like how we can relate that chapter to ourselves.. The Jaradites had some trials on their journey to the promised land... I love how they showed faith and cried out to The Lord and then he helped them to where they needed to get going.. It shows us that when big waves or trials hit our life, if we pray to the Lord, He'll help us get to our promised land (heaven). It talks how the lord gave them light by lighting stones for them. I love to think of the stones Heavenly Father has lit for me to help me through this journey.

Tuesday started out with Jehovah witnesses coming to our home.. Haha. I think we threw them off when they asked our names and we replied with The Sister Missionaries from the church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.. 😁 on Tuesday we do service at my favorite place it's called Seeds Of Faith.. It's kind of like a DI or thrift shop in Utah.. But we help organize clothes and go through them.. The great thing about this store is all the funds go to people in the area who need help! 

Wednesday we had our I-pad training in Exeter NH... Which was really fun! I don't know if I was more excited to see old friends or get the I-pad. Haha

Thursday was a GREAT day. We had three less active lessons which was good.. Most of them were very young I'm the gospel. So we start with the restoration which always brings in such a special spirit! 

Friday was my 7 month mark... Weird! So long, but so fast at the same time. We did a lot of tracting that day. And ended it with dinner at our Bishops house, Bishop Hunting and with his darling family. And had a ward meeting with out new ward mission leader brother Knight.

Saturday we had a really fun day. We did service for The Hacketts, awesome family and they are new to the church. He had just torn his bicep tendon and she had just broke her foot.. Sad day! But they needed lots of trees and branches moved. It was a lot of work, but I was happy to help where they were both hurt! There are so many BEAUTIFUL green trees here.. I love it so so much. But can you say hello tick season? Also on Saturday they found out that the first speaker in church was not going to make it to church.. So who got picked on to fill the spot? Me haha... I had a half hour to prepare the talk Sunday morning, not saying it was great.. But it came together. My bishop said to prepare to 5 to 7 minutes.. so at 4 minutes 59 seconds I was closing it up. Nothing like short and sweet right ;) I spoke on obedience, and how I've seen it bless me in missionary work. I always love to write talks, I feel like none of us really enjoy doing it but it is where we grow and learn more.

Sorry that this is all over the place...I was so sad when I saw my email had erased.. I hope you all know I love you very much. And hope you have a good week!! Always in my thoughts and prayers.

Sister Bee 😘

All of Tay's companions in one picture! So fun to see.

Cute Kami Walker was visiting the area since her brother served in the same mission and saw Taylie :) So fun!

A fun P-Day!

We LOVE her!

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