Monday, June 1, 2015

SOMERSworth for the Summer!

Hello dear family and friends!!

Thank you for all the updates on how you are doing. Sometimes I just feel
like my heart could burst with so much love for you all. 💗💗

Not too much to update you on for the week. Worked hard in the heat this
week. And now it's just been pouring rain here! It sounds like Utah got
it first and it headed over here ☔️ It was a hard week for sure, but I
made it through!!

So our investigator Jonni... Man oh man do I love her!! She's great!!
So fun, so sweet and so ready to be a member. We are working so hard
for her baptism date on June 20th. I know that this gospel with change
her life for the better, and she knows it too! It's one of the neatest
things to have watched Jesus Christ and His gospel bless my life, and
it's even cooler to see it change other people's lives too.

This week a former Bishop in our ward passed away. So us missionaries
had a neat opportunity to help serve at the funeral. Funerals are
never fun, but it's so great to know of The Wonderful Plan Of
Salvation. It truly is a plan to bring us happiness. It was great to
see the ward really come together and show love this week. Its a
wonderful thing to have a ward family.

We also had some crazy fires this week. One being fairly close to our
apartment. Which was scary. Breaks my heart to think of families
losing everything.. One of the houses that started on fires was a
member in our ward, we had stopped by her house on Tuesday to see if
she would be interested in hearing a message from us and sadly she was
not interested.. Then Friday we drove by and the house was burnt down,
and I guess her dad passed away in the fire. Makes me sad to think of
the stress she's going through and she is supposed to be having a baby
this week.

Sorry those last two paragraphs were kind of sad... So on the bright
side.. Yesterday we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his
family... They only have 6 kids.. Haha it was a crazy circus! His
wife, Sister Knight is great, and I just love her to pieces!

It was transfer weekend. I'm staying in this area, guess I'll be
staying SOMERSworth for the summer. (Pun intended) haha. And I still
am with my same companion, Sister Payne. Both sets of missionaries in
the ward, so us and the Elders are staying for another transfer.

Sorry about not having much to update on.. But I'll leave ya with my
testimony, that I know this church is true. I know that the Book Of
Mormon is a very true book. I love it with all my heart. I am grateful
to know we have a Savior that knows how we feel 100% and that he is
Here to comfort and be by our side! I hope you all have a good week,
and know how much I love you!!

Sister Bee

"Agunquit beach! Last p-day the wonderful Davis family had us all over
for steak, chicken and a yummy picnic at their house. Afterwards we
loaded up in their mini and headed to a beach walk. It was beautiful!"

Sister Payne and Sister Bee!

Apparently a bird found Taylie! haha!

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