Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter Has Arrived!


So I ordered these boots from llbean. When they got to the apartment they were HUGE! I'm pretty sure dad could of fit in them ;) I was worried on what to do cause there is not an llbean in our area. I knew I would need the boots soon too. I was talking to this lady in the ward and she told me she worked at llbean. HOLLA!! I asked her to return them for me, and she gladly said it would be no problem. A week later we came up with a meeting place. we met her and she told me that the boots I had ordered were out of stock and wouldn't be in until February. She goes on to tell me they have an employee store with returned cheap items. She pulled out a size nine pair of boots. I was worried they'd be too small, but I slipped them on and they fit just right! she found these boots in there for $7.00!! She told me she had been watching all week and no boots were in there. On the last day as she was walking by she saw a worker putting out a pair of boots so she ran over there. My size and for cheap! She grabbed them for me and put my money on a gift card, so I have a nice gift card to llbean. Is there any in Utah? Anyways I was so happy and grateful for these boots. They have kept my feet warm so far and are cute too. haha I truly do feel like Heavenly Father answered my prayers and led her into these boots! 

This week was a little bit frustrating. We had two snow days, where we weren't aloud to drive anywhere.The roads were too slick! Church even got canceled cause of the weather which was a super bummer! When we tract it takes a lot to get people to talk to you and to listen to what you have to say. So it just makes you extra grateful when you run into someone that wants to listen!

I had the opportunity to teach Elliot about Patriarchal blessings this week. Which was amazing!! Its so fun to share things I've known about. He is working towards getting his. As I prepared to teach him the lesson, I studied mine A LOT. I am so thankful for that stinkin blessing. It helps me through so much. It really is a blessing just for us. I do know Heavenly Father knows us personally and he knows what we need to hear in life. They're amazing, and I'm thankful that from The Gospel Of Jesus Christ we have the priesthood and can get blessings. 

We shoveled off a ton of cars this week, and scraped lots of windows. On thanksgiving we woke up to snow and so for the first part of the day that's what we did. I love helping others, and I know you really do find joy by serving Gods children. My favorite thing is when they ask why we helped them, we get to say cause we're missionaries from THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATER DAY SAINTS!! 

I love that we have two hours of study time in the morning. There is always something to learn about. I know this gospel is true with ALL of my heart. I'm thankful for this opportunity that I have to share it with others, and to serve others. I love this time of the year, and I hope you all know how thankful I am for YOU!! Happy Holidays :) 

Love you all so very much. Know you are in my prayers! 

Sister Bee

Here is an overload of pictures! Tay finally got around to sending some. :)

Taylie and some of her friends from class at the MTC.

Taylie meeting her Mission President and wife for the first time. She loves them!

Sister Farrley and Taylie became great friends at the MTC. She is from Oregon.

Pretty doors in Maine!

After a new missionary meeting, they got to have Arbys! She was also
so excited to see Sister Farrley again!

Sister Collins and Taylie

Taylie and the Sisters in her district!

Taylie and Elliott! She loves this guy and his excitement to learn more about the Gospel.

Celebrating her one month mark by holding a crab.

Better get used to this snow!

Sister Harrington had the Sisters over for Thanksgiving. This is her with her mom.
Taylie was so grateful to have a family to be around on that day.

Pretty sky in Maine calls for a selfie ;)

Tracting in Chelsea, Maine. She can't get over the beauty of that place!

Just hanging out at their apartment!


Sister Collins and Tay did lots of shoveling throughout the week!

Cute companions at a river by their apartment!

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