Monday, November 24, 2014



Hey family!

This week has been great! The start of this week we went to New Hampshire, which is 3 hours from Augusta. We had a new missionary meeting, and it was so fun to see my friends from the MTC. I loved seeing the President and his wife, they are truly so AMAZING! They love and care for us all so much. Wednesday we had an amazing lesson at district meeting about being thankful, I feel so very blessed and thankful at this time of the year. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! We also did a lot of tracting this day, we were having no success, until our last knock of the day. It was a family with two little boys, and surprisingly they let us in! He was kind of a bible basher so it scared me a little, I just kept baring my testimony to him, and he could not believe that we as Mormons don't get paid in our callings. We taught him the restoration and he seemed pretty interested. He said we could come back under one condition which was if we brought someone who has had their life changed for the better from the gospel. So we are going to take Elliot with us, the recent convert that I told you about last week. We also have been having our ward write their testimonies down and we're going to take those with a Book Of Mormon to them. I'm so excited to see where this goes, and am praying so hard for them. We're hoping we can catch them sometime this week to give them another lesson!!  
I really love having the study time for two hours each day, It's so fun, and there is always something new I learn! I don't know where I have been my whole life.. probably on instagram or something, haha but I wish I would of read more out of the Book Of Mormon, because I seriously am just realizing how wonderful of a book it is. It has brought me so much peace while I've been on my mission. I love being on a mission, it has been a good week. Church was awesome this week, I got to teach the 8 year olds about Job and about how we need to be strong and have faith in our trials. I love that I actually know the members and have friends here now in Augusta! Plus this week the heater was working so we got to stay for relief society! woot woot :) 
Sister Collins and I have a lot of fun together, and learn lots together. Last night I turned breaker off when she was in the bathroom and so our whole apartment was dark. I hid behind the door and made her find me in the dark, it was really funny! I'm thankful to be out here on a mission, but i'm thankful that I get to still have fun and joke around! 
For thanksgiving we are going to a members house, her kids will be at their dads so she is happy to have us over! I'm excited because she is seriously the biggest sweetheart ever. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving! I'll be thinking and praying for you all day long! Have a good week, I'll be praying for sweet Cam to get feeling better, and for sweet Brins surgery to go well. I know this church is true, and I feel really blessed to have it in my life, I know it does bring us happiness by living it, and by serving others.
Love you lots, and lots!!

Sister Bee

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