Monday, December 22, 2014

Working hard and Seeing Miracles


I can't wait to see you guys over Skype for an hour :) Such a beautiful and sacred day to reflect on our Saviors birth :)

This week has been swell! Monday we had a family home evening lesson, which those are always my favorite! It's a blast to get to know these cute families. This sweet family is moving to North Dakota for work right after Christmas, and its breaking their hearts, and mine. It's so sad to see how badly they don't want to move! I wrote Aunt Wendy a letter telling them where they were moving to, so hopefully they will be close and can go on lunch dates, and go to church together! North Dakotas a big place, but I'm praying that they will be close. Tuesday we had an awesome hospital service and made cute little treats for some of the patients, which I really really enjoyed :) We also showed Elliot the Family History website and taught him all about that. I was learning right along with him, such a cool thing to look into! Wednesday we got a new district, which will be great! It's always so fun to meet new Elders and Sisters, and to hear their testimonies! We have a set of senior sisters in our district both from Utah! They took us to lunch at Chipotle on Saturday, and it was so fun to get to know more about them, very sweet ladies. It was crazy to see all the crazy shoppers at some of the stores around where we ate lunch. I kind of forgot how busy of a time of year this is! We did a ton of tracting this week, and worked hard. I love to do that, its fun to talk to new people and if we get lucky we get to share a Christmas message with them. For our service on Thursday we wrapped presents at Barnes and Noble for an hour, and I really enjoyed that! (but I totally suck at wrapping presents, lol)

I have seen so many miracles this week. I have seen the Lord put people in our path that truly do need to hear about the gospel. I wish I could just call you up and tell you about all the experiences I am having, me typing them down just doesn't do them justice.. Truly I am learning so much, and am really loving this mission. The ward Christmas program was great yesterday, just a great spirit in the sacrament meeting. I love the ward, and am going to be sad when I have to say good bye to them. We had an awesome week where we had a lot of dinner appointments with members and families. They seriously are very kind and Christlike people. Some meals are wonderful, and some not so much haha but I'm thankful for them! It's been a great week, my testimony really is growing each and every single day. I had the most spiritual experience I've ever had in my life this week, and it was a big testimony builder to me. As hard as it will be to not be home for Christmas, I'm thankful to be having these experiences, and to be able to serve others. This Gospel is amazing, and I know all we need to do is have Trust in God and all will work out. The Book Of Mormon answers a lot of my questions, and I'm beyond grateful for that book. I can't wait for Thursday to see all of your beautiful faces!! :) Love you guys so much!!

Sister Bee

Cute Santa hats the Sisters made for the patients at the hospital!

Service with a smile!

She said this is the only thing she'll be flirting with for these 18 months :)

I think she misses her mom!

Pina Coladas with the Dawbin family.

She said there are random turkeys wandering everywhere!

We are sooo excited to be able to talk to Tay on Christmas and see her cute face! She is doing so well, and we are so happy she is loving doing the Lord's work. Onward and upward Sister Bee!

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