Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Things to be Grateful for


This week has been sooo busy! Monday and Tuesday we had a new missionary training down in Manchester New Hampshire for Sister Drapper. That was a great meeting, we got to spend the night at the mission home, which is always fun, especially because Sister Stokers waffles are so delicious. Wednesday we had zone meeting, which Sister McVey and I are over two different zones, so we had to split up and train by ourselves. That was a little bit scary, but I'm very grateful everyday for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Im sincerely grateful for the way He comforts and helps me daily. I'm also thankful for the opportunities that help me grow. Our mission President always says "there is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in growth zone." I know that to be so very true, we're given hard or uncomfortable things in life so we can grow! This week we also went on splits, so my two companions went together and I went with a recently returned missionary in our branch that served in Argentina. It was so fun to get to know more about her, she told me a lot about her mission which I really enjoyed, we were able to teach a lesson together and do some tracting.
The chapter we read through this week in our training was 2 Nephi 4. Man oh man, my love just continues to grow for good ole Nephi! In this chapter, Nephis dad, Lehi is about to die. He gives some great counsel to His posterity, and dying words of a parent usually have alot to say, let alone a prophet! There was a little insight I really liked and wanted to share. Nephi had a moment in the middle of this chapter that he was feeling down, and was feeling really bad about his mistakes. Which I guarantee everyone of us have moments like this. He was down in the dumps, it made me feel better for the times that I get down to realize that even Nephi, a prophet had hard times. The great lesson that is taught here is that he was only feeling down for three verses (17-19.) We are going to get sad, we are going to make mistakes and feel bad about them... BUT, like Nephi we can't stay there for long. We have to move on, and press forward.  Verse 19 says "And when I desire to rejoice, my heart groaneth because of my sins; nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted." 
He changes His mind set from wo is me, to God help me. Our attitudes are everything. I know that our thoughts are powerful. Because our thoughts lead to emotions, and emotions lead to our attitude. As we stop and recognize like Nephi where we are at, and what state of mind we are in, we then can change negative thoughts to positive. Even in the midst of his trails and hard time, he changed his thinking and had gratitude. When we start feeling low, I know we can say NEVERTHLESS and think of things to be grateful for, and just like Nephi we will remember in who we have trusted in. He tells himself in verse 28 to Awake, and ask for help from the Lord. He recommitted himself to God and walks again with him. I hope this week you can find the time to study your scriptures, turn to 2 Nephi Chapter 4 and see what you can learn. This chapter has taught me so much. I really love the Book Of Mormon, the principles taught in it truly has changed my life. It will forever be a testimony to me that Jesus is The Christ.
A little funny moment from this week.. So Maine is known for having not only having 4 seasons, but 5! Fall, winter, MUD, spring, and summer! Every year after winter all of the snow melts and its a big muddy mess everywhere. We have to wear a our big boots everyday, or were gonner's. Well it was dark and we were out in New Glouster, a little farm town on the end of our area. We were driving to go check up on a person and we come over this hill and we drive into a HUGE mud pile. We wiggled and turned the car as many ways as we could and we were nothing but STUCK. Three sisters with mud splattered on their dresses pushing and doing everything we could do. All I could do was laugh. It really was quite amusing. I just had no clue what to do.. So we decided to pray.. I'm not even kidding it goes something like this. "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." our heads all come up and we hear "Hey do you guys need some help?!" There were 4 boys in a shed near by that came walking out, they we're so kind and happy to help. They all had trucks, they hooked our little toyota up to some chains and out we came. It was such a blessing and an answered prayer. I truly believe God helped us get out of the mud after we remembered to ask Him for his help. It made me think of all the times we struggle in life, and forget to ask our Heavenly Father for help. He is anxious to help us with anything, all we have to do is remember to ASK! He is our Father, I know that He cares. If it matters to you, it matters to God. I have become reliant on Him. Overall this week I've been so grateful for my Heavenly Father. I could not do a darn thing without His love and help. Its nice to have someone who will listen to us all day. He can be on speed dial, and never get annoyed. How neat is that? I know He lives and its blessing to be here helping Him in His work. I know that as we reach out to Him, as we talk with Him, and trust in Him and His plan for us that we can find peace knowing things will always work out. I'm grateful for that peace that comes from having hope in the gospel and in its eternal promises that we can all live with Him again someday.
Sorry for the long email. The longer I'm out the more I just want to share with you! I bet you guys miss back at the first of my mission when you would get a nice hello and then a bye! Haha  
I hope you guys have a terrific week. I miss you dearly, and love you beyond words!
Love, Sister Bee

This was at the Temple today down in Mass. It was a beautiful day! Lovely Sister Call gave us a ride down :)

Everyone is tapping their trees up for homemade maple syrup!

The sweet Raynolds kids have my heart! The most wonderful family. Emily Reynolds is seriously an angel here on earth. They had us over for dinner this week, and they had some delicious soup. It was just what I needed getting over a gnarly cold and being out in the cold all day. On Sunday right before dinner at their house, we did some tracting and found a street with the nicest people. We were able to hand out 3 Book of Mormons and some pass along cards. That was super special!

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