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Quick weekly update coming at you my fellow family and friends!
Just so you know I'm in public emailing you, eating cheese puffs, with
no makeup on sipping on a soda pop. I've really let myself go. Lol,
great thing about living out side of Utah is you know no one.
Hmmm... It's been quite the week!
This week we did a church swap with our investigator Valerie, that was
somethin' else!We go to her church with her, and then she comes to our
church with us. She is Seventh Day Adventist, and her church was in
Portland ME. The people there were SO nice, the teachings were about
Jesus Christ which was great, and they even had a fun pot luck after
so we got to talk to a lot of people. What did come to such a surprise
that there was just something missing at their church. Im just once
again, feeling so fortunate to be apart of the mormon church,
sometimes I don't quite know how I got so lucky to be born into this
true and amazing gospel.

Let me tell you about the wonderful Wilsons. So the Wilsons are the
most darling family ever. Just a young couple with little kids, all
boys! 4 little boys, and 2 are adopted. They are one special family,
who love the gospel. I could not say enough good things about them. So
awhile back we committed the Wilsons to pick a date to have a non
member friend to take the missionary discussions in their home. They
prayerfully selected a date as a family for the end of February.
During weekly planning last week we were talking about which members
in our area had dates set. As we were talking we realized that the
Wilsons date was only a few days away and we hadn't heard an update so
we decided to ask them about it at a ward activity that next night. At
the activity we were talking to Sister Wilson about it and she said
"We really just didn't put our all into it, we've only fasted for it
once, I guess we will have to set a new date and try harder next time"
we then told her that we were going to be praying in every prayer that
a miracle would happen before their date, and if it wasn't their time
we would plan on teaching them a lesson to raise their spirits and get
them excited for their new date!... So fast forward a couple of days
and we still hadn't heard from them so we assumed that nothing
happened. Then we get out of a lesson and see that we had a voicemail
from Sister Wilson and it said "Guys, I found her! I know that it's
all thanks to you and your faith. Call me back!" (We were freaking
out, and gave her a call back oh so fast!) a random friend of hers
showed up on her doorstep the day of her date, and the conversation
went right to God. The Wilsons were able to give her a Book Of Mormon,
and invited her to take the missionary discussions, she happily
accepted! A couple days later we were able to have a lesson in their
home with our new investigator Abbie! She is prepared for the gospel,
and I truly know that Lord has been preparing her. All of us learned
so much from this experience of the power of prayer and of faith.
Missionary work can sometimes be scary, but I do know that as we
exercise faith in and trust in the Lord, He will do the preparing. All
He needs is our faith, and the rest is in His hands. The Wilsons both
got up yesterday in sacrament meeting and bore there testimonies of
this wonderful miracle. I know that it inspired many others to set a
date and put the effort into this vision. I feel many great things
ahead with this 2016 mission vision of setting a date. I LOVE BEING A

I love the gospel of Christ, it's became apart of the person I am.
This church brings so much peace to my soul. I know that it is the
only true and living church on the early. I'm eternally grateful for
the grace of God that allows us to enables us to increase our faith.
Have a good week.
I Love you very very much! Xoxo
Miss you
-Sister Bee


We are in trouble ;)

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