Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Week!


:( Last week of team Mcbeeper... (McVey, Bee, and Draper)
BUT On the bright side it's Easter week, and that makes everything
better! Easter Sunday we have a big activity that we've been working
on! We're broadcasting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir "Messiah" sing at
our chapel, It's going to be so fun! We've literally invited everyone
and their dog to come, and have hung posters up everywhere in the
community! So.. PRAY THAT PEOPLE WILL COME! The branch is really
excited for it, and really helping us out with it by inviting friends
and they even made a Facebook page for us. We're going to hang these
huge poster boards all around the church explaining what we as Mormons
believe in. It should be neat, and don't worry I'll take pictures!

Yesterday I was able to attend my first linger longer. Where everyone
lingers, and stays longer after church and eats food... What a
glorious thing! It was kind of a cool thing to watch, after church we
walked into the kitchen to see if there was anything we could help
carry out. When I saw how much food was there I got a little nervous,
knowing how many people were staying after and seeing that there was
not to much food in the kitchen.  We had a really cool miracle though!
It may sound silly, but I saw it with my own eyes! It reminded me of
Mathew chapter 14 in the bible when Jesus feeds five thousand!
"17 And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two
fishes. (we had five sandwich platters, and two bags of chips,
18 He said, Bring them hither to me.
19 And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took
the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he
blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the
disciples to the multitude.
(We went in to the gym and had an opening prayer, as we went back to
the kitchen we had our own little miracle! There were platters on
platters coming out of the kitchen!)
20 And they did all eat, and were filled"
We all left fed, and happy, it was a great Sabbath!

I really am grateful for a living Savior, who performs miracles of all sorts.

This week was great, we taught lots of people, which is always
wonderful. Tuesday one of my companions woke up with this huge stress
cold sore on her upper lip, that morning we had an appointment with
one of our investigators. We go into her lesson and before we start
she looks at me and the companion with the cold sore and says "I know
you are sisters in Christ, but are you two related and really
sisters?" We said "no, we're just companions!" She then goes on to
say, "hmm.. That's weird! I totally thought you were related, you both
have the same upper lips!" So there I am with no cold sore, and was
just told that I have the same upper lip as my companion with a huge
cold sore on her lip. Nicccccce. Hahaha.

Welp... I hope you have a wonderful week and Easter. It's such a
special reason to celebrate.

He is Risen!
He lives
Because He lives
Wherever He Walked,
Wherever He Taught,
Wherever He Healed,
Then everything changed...
The man they called Master, Messiah, friend, was gone..
BUT THE GREATEST MIRACLE, was yet to come.
He is not here.. HE IS RISEN!
>>>He Lives<<<
And because He lives
If you reach out, call out, cry out,
Then, now, always, HE IS HERE..
During the good, the bad, the in-between,
He is Here!
No matter who you are
Or who you were
No expectations
No lost causes
At all times, in all places, He is Here!
He rose on the third day
-- and I'm so grateful that He lives, and Because He lives we will all
live again!

I miss and love you guys 🎈
-Sister Bee

If you haven't checked out this website... Check it out!
>>>> FollowHim.mormon.org <<<<< #HALLELUJAH

Went on an exchange with Sister Lewis this week. She is the coolest girl!

Some of the women in the ward play volleyball in the mornings at the church, our schedule finally worked out where we could go! I got a little too into it and the knees are all floor burned, but it was SO much fun! Such great people here!

Some of the sweetest ladies we serve at the food pantry with!

Wilson family, and Abbie!

Planting eggs for the primary easter egg hunt!

Hair colored!

Beautiful little lakes everywhere!

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