Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Restoration


Hi my little family....
Man the Monday's are rolling around quick, I feel like I was just
updating you on last week!
We had an awesome meeting down in Manchester this week. They're pretty
great, I always learn a lot, and feel the spirit so strongly. It's
always fun to see other missionaries too. This week President Stoker
asked us the question of "What did Joseph Smith Learn from the first
The more time I think about it, the more and more the spirit teaches
me about it. I had jotted a few down that day and thought I'd share a
few with you:

We know because of the restoration that:
-Heavenly Father hears, and answers our prayers
-We know that God knows us by name
-We know God and Jesus Christ are two separate beings
-We learn the importance of modern day revelation, and that God still
talks to us and  to His prophets in our day

The list goes on and on. Needless to say I'm thankful for the
restoration of the gospel and for all that has been restored. I'm
thankful for the restored power of God, the Priesthood has blessed my
life so much. I'm thankful to know I can live with with you for
forever. I'm thankful to know the doctrine of Christ, Its such a
blessing to have repentance in our life's. It's a blessing to know of
the resurrection and that Christ lives, I'm thankful for all of the
things were blessed with because of the restoration and by having the
constant companionship of the Holy Ghost with us. The Book Of Mormon
has changed my life, and has taught me how to draw near to my Savior,
I am beyond grateful to have its divine guidance in my life because of
the restoration.
I'm thankful for Joseph Smith, he believed in the power or prayer, and
we need to as well. I know that wonders happen because of the
connection we can have with Heaven.

We found a new investigator this week! Yay, she seems pretty golden.
The spirit was so strong in her lesson, and I am looking forward to
continue and teach her! As we patiently waited by the door of
sacrament meeting yesterday, with several people promising to come to
church. Sadly no one showed. I was pretty bummed, I know that with
faith and time one day they will come. I was reminded of a scripture I
had read earlier this week from 2 Nephi 10: 23 "Therefore, cheer up
your hearts, and remember that ye are free to act for yourselves--to
choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life." I'm
not saying these people are choosing everlasting death, but I was
reminded that I needed to cheer up my heart, and remember that people
have their agency. And on top of that, I look up to see a member from
the Somersworth ward!! They were visiting family near by and decided
to stop on in, it was so fun to see them!

Each week we have an exchange with another set of sisters, I truly
enjoy it. It's fun to get to know new sisters, and to learn from each
other. When they spend the night, some sleep on our couch, and we also
bought a foam pad, so it's like a huge slumber party once a week! This
week on exchange we had a cool hand of The Lord. So for exchanges,
Sister McVey goes with one Sister, and I go with the other, but we
both stay in our area. So on Thursday, Sister McVey and her companion
for the day were at one end of our area, and we were at the other,
just doing work on opposite ends. It was lunch time so my companion
for the day, Sister Clegg and I went back for lunch. We went to the
back door to get in, and the lock was jammed and not letting us in..
It was a total bummer! There was no other thing to do than to walk a
few miles to go meet up with the other set of sisters to grab the key
to the front door.. So we took off walking. On our way to where they
were at we passed a post office that we live by and we look over and
there was a struggling mom, with a HUGE package, holding her baby in
its car seat carrier.. We were able to run over and help her get into
the post office safely. I know this sounds so small and simple, but I
was SO grateful our key didn't work and we had the chance to serve
her. My testimony was strengthened on how if things don't work out the
way you have planned, that it's okay.. Because Gods plan for us is
ALWAYS better than the plans we have for ourselfs. I see that time and
time again out here.

Line of the week... "I'm a 90 year old man... So I can flirt with
you..." Uh.... Probably not! Haha
Oh next Tuesday will be my p-day. We're going to the temple!! So
expect a little update on Tuesday instead of Monday.
-Sister Bee

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