Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference and Shotgunning!

Come what may and love it
Hi dear family and friends.
I had a spectacular week, and I hope to hear you did too!

I truly enjoy every moment of missionary work, I will never be able to
repay my Heavenly Father enough for The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and
for this sacred opportunity to serve Him.

How about that Conference? Sister Dickson and I got some treats, and
our blankets and went and watched it at the chapel. Such an amazing
conference. There were so many good talks that I loved so much. What
amazing guidance and counsel we can receive from conference! I am
eternally grateful for Jesus Christ and what He's done for me. I know
He loves and is so aware of each of us. I was grateful to hear words
that can draw us closer and help prepare us to meet Him again someday.

We also got the big transfer call on Saturday... Sister Bee is leaving
Somersoworth, New Hampshire.  Received the news that I'll be staying
senior companion, receiving a Jr. Companion and shotgunning a new
area. I spent all morning being a busy BEE getting my bags packed and
laundry done, so I can get a good nights rest tonight! Finally done,
but my brain is fried... So apologies on this scattered email!

Kind of been an emotional wreck these past two days.. Haha tears of
happiness, sadness, and spirit tears from conference! So many loved
ones here that will forever be near and dear to my heart. And... I
sure hate goodbyes. Never been good with them, and never will be! I
trust in the Lord and know and feel like I'm needed else where!

Till next week my fiddle cakes..
Love you so much.
-Sister Bee

Tracting in the rain! Love Sister Dickson!

My crazy district! I'm sure going to miss them!

The leaves are changing!!!

Some of the cute oldies at the assisted living home!

Debbie :)

The State line is right by my apartment! Two  places at once!

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