Monday, October 12, 2015



Hello my dear friends and family!! This is Sister Bee, coming at ya
from Manchester New Hampshire! Yep you heard right, I've been
transferred. I'm excited to see the new adventures ahead.

First off...Thank you all so very much for all the birthday wishes!! I
felt your love clear up here in New Hampshire, and it really meant the
world. It was a great birthday. Why was it great? Well because every
day's a good day when you're a missionary... And well because I went on
a wonderful date with someone named Ben and Jerry... Okay maybe not a
date, but I definitely stopped in and enjoyed me a scoop of some good Ben
and Jerrys ice cream! What a blessing it is to have a birthday in
October especially in Beautiful New England!

Somersworth will always have a special place in my heart. Amazing how
many people became like family over a short period of 6 months. I sure
love that ward! But I'm so excited and happy to be here. I know it'll
be great! My companion, Sister Hallam is a sweetheart and she is from
California. We met most of the ward yesterday at church which it seems
like a wonderful ward. I really do love Manchester so much, already! I
At the first of the week you could say I was a wee bit stressed. No
knowing how to get into your apartment, not knowing a single ward
member, and being in a whole new world. I remained calm on the
outside.. But on the inside I felt a little bit like a chicken with
its poor head cut off.. Lol. I was reminded a good lesson though.. Is
that I didn't realize how much I needed Christ, until I needed Christ.
I try my best to always rely on Christ and to look to him, but I was
reminded this week that I needed to rely on Him more. He really is the
only one who can help us through!  I really have came to know that "In
the service of the lord, it's not where you serve, but how you serve"
is a very true statement! As Latter Day Saint I love how our church
teaches how important service is, and that we need to serve with all
of hearts, and all of our minds, and let's not forget all of our
strength. My wonderful friend, Elliot Kollman, a recent convert from
my first area has a favorite scripture, which helped his testimony
grow so much. It's in Mosiah, chapter 2, verse 17! "And behold, I tell
you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when
ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service
of your God." I hope we can all remember that everyone we meet daily is a
child of God, and we should try our very best to treat them as they
should be treated. There's a quote from last general conference that
has been ringing in my ears, it's from Larry R. Lawrence, he said
something like "Heavenly Father knows our divine potential, and he
rejoices every time we take a step forward!" I know that as we serve
others, and help strengthen them by bringing them closer to Christ,
that it only helps them and us to take a step forward towards our

Remember how loved you are by Sister Bee, sometimes I wish I could
just show you all how much love I have for you. I also hope that you
know that your loved way more by a perfect God, with perfect love for
you! I can promise you that, that love will ALWAYS be  there. Because
"Compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God."
-Uchtdorf. You're valued and loved.

I'm thankful that The Lord loves us, and that He prepares a way for
each of us to accomplish the things He asks of us. I testify that He
truly knows what He's doing, and what will be best for us. I'm
grateful for the Heavenly help I've had this week in His work. I know
that any of us can Heavenly help, all we have to do is ask on sincere

Oh two cool facts about serving in Manchester that I've learned in the
first week.. Always lock your doors... And there are missionaries
everywhere! 4 sets of missionaries in my ward, how exciting huh! There
is a senior couple, the assistant to the presidents, a set of elders
and then me and my cute companion. Also at the Manchester Chapel the
Bedford New Hampshire ward meets there too, which has two set of
missionaries, and senior couple, and President Stoker and His wife. So
it's just a big missionary party all time here. I love it! This
morning grocery shopping we ran into 7 other missionaries, it's really
fun to run into people you know!

Sister Bee

Oh ps: we saw a huge miracle this week, by having 12 people invite us
back for a lesson on a specific day and time! That never happens. It's
amazing the miracles God performs. Pray that they'll be there when we
go back! Thank you, and have a happy week!!


New address:
33 Croteau Court apt 1F
Manchester New Hampshire

Donna and Minus Wright! The best missionary grandparents a girl could ask for.

Saying goodbye to Sister Dickson!

Saying goodbye to the sweet Nord family. I really love them so much! They live an hour from our apartment. We were out doing missionary work 30 minutes from their home the night before I left and they came to meet us on the side of the road to say goodbye.

 My new companion, and a sweet little girl in our ward. -story about
this sweet girl, she comes into church early yesterday, and gives me
her baby doll and whispers in my ear "watch her good, I have to go to
the bathroom." So off Katie goes, and in comes the Manchester ward...
And what do they see? The new sister missionaries, and me standing
there looking like a twenty year old that brings a baby doll to
church. Haha #awkward. I'm so good at first impressions.. Not! Hah

Until next week!

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