Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who is Jesus Christ to me?


hi fam, and friends,

Thanks for all the lovin, sure love to hear what's happenin!

Can you believe it's October? Can you believe it's been a year! What a
year. Haha :) it's kind of a weird feeling to know I have 6 months
left, such a good chunk of time, but then sometimes I feel like there
is no time left. I hope to make the very best of these last 6 months.

Well.. Let's just say that there is never a dull moment here in
Manchester! My oh my have my eyes been opened. It's seriously the most
fun thing to be a missionary here, always something new happening! On
my mission I can finally say I have mastered the gift of looking thug
and looking like I'm not scared, it's awesome cause then all my homies
think I fit right in the hood with them. Im sure I fool them in my
dress and tights huh ;) Mom... Maybe for Christmas, you could send me
some of my snap backs so I could fit in a little more? Haha just
kiddin :) Don't worry though, we had a lady tell Sister Hallam and I
that mace was an essential here, so we got some at the store today! So
we're safe. I know that the Lord protects his missionaries, we are so
very watched over and protected. D&C 84:88 - "I will go before your
face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my spirit
shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you to bear you
up." I know that promise applies to all, our Father in Heaven, and Our
Brother Jesus Christ is with each and every one of us.

So exciting news...Tuesday we got a new investigator! We may or may
not have done a victory dance in the road afterwards. Lol sometimes,
well let's say most times when really good things happen out here, my
Beyoncé kicks in again. I was just so excited about getting our first
new investigator in Manchester.

Yesterday was a great day! Primary program = the best sacrament
meeting, and I actually knew a few more faces at church this week, so
that was good! Out tracting we found our most solid potential yet,
Amber! We have an appointment with her tonight!! Also Bishop Dickson
had all 6 of us missionaries over for dinner last night too, so that
was really fun. He is probably the most funniest person I've ever met,
and a very good bishop. He told me to tell the Bee family hi, and if
you need anything you can give him a call!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a question
running through my head.. It was such a simple question, but also a
very deep one. "Who really is Jesus Christ to me?" That question
stayed in my head all night and all during my studies this morning. I
talk of Christ often, I testify of Him daily, I wear His name over my
heart always... But who is He to me? I thought well yes, He is my
Savior, He has truly saved me! Yes, He is my Redeemer. Yes, He is my
Mediator, but most of all He is my best friend, whom I'm eternally
grateful for. It's amazing to me someone loves me, and you enough that
they would die for us. Knowing we're loved that much is a wonderful
thing. I'm grateful for the sense of belonging that comes from the
knowledge that we are a child of God.

I can testify with everything in me that Jesus Is the Christ, that the
Atonement is real. There is no pain, addiction, hard time, or sin,
that is not covered by the Atonement. He is there through joy and
pain. I know that time, with Saviors help can heal anything.. Also a
nap always helps too! Family and friends, Hold on, and trust on.
Andddd have spectacular week.

Love you dearly.

Sister Bee

Dad, Ty, Ry, congrats on all the hunts. Those are some lookers, and I
hope you enjoyed!



Birthday package from a couple of weeks ago!

Exchanges with Sister Harper! She says they had so much fun catching up!

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