Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recognizing Promptings


Hi family... :)

Hope your week was wonderful :) I sure enjoy hearing from you all on
Mondays!! It's good to get the updates on you.

So one of my biggest goals has been to learn how to make decisions by
the spirit. First off, I have the had the hardest time when it comes
down to it...knowing if that it is me telling myself to do something, or if
it is the the spirit. I have came to know that if its good, then just
go through with it, it won't hurt anything! For me the spirit
definitely speaks through my feelings, through little tappings on my
heart. So this week when we were out going from door to door and
needed to stop and go to a ward activity that we were invited to. I
knew it was time to go, and so did my companion. I felt like even tho
it was time to go, we needed to finish off the street we were on.
After talking my companion into staying, we finished knocking and the
last house on the street was solid. There was a man out planting his
flowers and so we went up to talk with him. He grew up in California
right next to a Mormon family with 9 kids and a tramp, haha he said it
was a blast! He said he loved it and has always wondered what made
them tick. We invited him to church, and he invited us back to chat at
a different time when he wasn't planting. I was so thrilled we were
able to meet him, and I felt like we were lead to that street for him,
and the spirit wasn't going to let us leave until we talked with him.
I know that as we act on good thoughts and feelings, we may not even
recognize that it was the Holy Ghost or the spirit telling us to do
it, but as we follow it we gain the Lords trust. Listen to your heart
and feelings, and I know the Lord can make anyone of us an instrument
in His hand. Even if it as simple as smiling to someone in the grocery
store. We finished that night off with the ward activity, it was a
cake auction at the church, it was quite hilarious to watch the ward
bid against each other for deserts. All the ward brought yummy deserts
and then had a auctioneer there bidding them out. All the funds made
went to the young women's girls camp coming up in June, let's just say
the young women should have a good girls camp this year! Haha

Monday we had an awesome family home evening with Gavin and Kate
Pouliot.. They're great, and have three darling kids. It was really

This week we also had a huge miracle!! We had a lady refer her self to
us online, she requested a Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her
Tuesday!! I called and talked with her on the phone and she seems
pretty legit. She said she's been searching for a church and everyone
she talks to refers her to the Mormon church. She even asked a few
questions about the church, and really agreed and liked the answers.
Can I get a huge WOOHOO! Haha

We ended our week with a great fast and testimony meeting. Along with
Dinner at Bishop Huntings house with a few other families in the ward.
Which was such a good time!! We finished the night off with some
tracting.. My poor companions allergies were acting up pretty bad from
all the pollen, but it was cool to see her work through it till the
end of the night.

This week I felt over blessed to be able to share the Gospel Of Jesus
Christ with others. We had some really good lessons this week, that
will forever be in my heart and memory. I've seen this gospel not only
change me, but it's the most beautiful thing to see it change others.
Its a great blessing to have the knowledge of the plan our father in
Heaven has for each of us. It can bring us so much hope and peace.

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I forget to take them.. Never
thought that day would come, lol! I'll try to be better. Have a great
week.. And I hope you never forget how much Sister Bee loves and
misses ya. Xoxo

Sister Bee

Tay forgot to send these home but they were back from their District P-Day at the beach!

She said these are the normal driveways there! So pretty and a good workout! ;)

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