Monday, March 30, 2015

Character of Christ

Hi family and friends!

So funny tracting story from the week :) Haha It brings a smile to my face just typing it out in an email.. So first house of the day we knock on this past Saturday, the door flung open with the cutest little lady standing there. So spunky, brightest hot pink robe on, and a fun hat turned backwards, just all by her lonesome jamming out to some music.. She even blew her nose with a bandanna. Every detail about this lady just was darling.  She said she was in the middle of some spring cleaning but would listen to us for a second! Yay, we happily stepped in her house and I asked how her cleaning was going, she mentioned just wonderful! She started to tell us how there was a light way up high in her bathroom that needed to still be cleaned on the inside but was a little to high for her.. I told her well i'm tall let me take a look at it to see if I can get it! So there I am in her bath tub waiting for her to bring a little stool in for me to stand on, and I hear a squeal from out in the hallway. Both my companion and I looked at each other like oh no, what just happened! She came running in and said her dog had left a little "doo doo" in the hallway and one of us had stepped in it. I looked at the bottom of my foot and realized it was me. I chuckled a little and she said she would clean it all up. I wasn't worried one bit, I mean everyone steps in something yucky every once in a while, especially here in New England where everyone, and I mean everyone has at least 8 animals! ;) So then, I proceeded to clean the light as she takes my boot and drops it right in her TOILET!! Hahaha I couldn't believe my eyes.. Lol she just stuck her hands right in that thing and started to scrub the poop off my boot. Most people probably would have been mature about it. But for some reason I got the giggles and couldn't stop chuckling.. I am standing in some spunky and random ladies bathroom cleaning her light and she is washing my poopy boot in a toilet with her hands... there really is no point to this story other then I walked out of her house with the cleanest boot that anyone ever did see! ;) Oh and we did leave her with a message that she really liked, but she said she was very set in her beliefs and ways.

On a more spiritual note everyone should go to :) It is such an awesome video that we get to go out and share with everyone we see! I feel very grateful for this week. It is such a blessing to know that we have a Savior that lives, and that he is here with each and everyone of us. This week during my morning studies I have been studying a talk from Elder Bednar called the Character Of Christ. Talk about an amazing talk. I have felt such a spirit and greater love for Him as I have read more and more about His character. I am forever grateful for His Character and His sacrifice for us. A quote that I really liked from Elder Neal A. Maxwell is that "Without Christs Sublime Character there could have been no sublime atonement." The Character of Jesus Christ is remarkable! He is really an absolutely perfect man. Which I love dearly and am eternally indebted unto Him forever. I would not be here today without the hope and grace He gives me daily.

I hope you all enjoy Easter Sunday, and remember Christ that day!! I am so excited to Feast upon the words of Christ this week by watching General conference.  I feel very grateful to be on my mission this day, and will continue trying my best to be a good representative of Jesus Christ.

I love the Lord, and I love our Father who sent him. I truly know with all my heart that my Redeemer Lives.

Hope you all have a wonerful wonerful week <3

Sister Bee

I sent Tay a package last week so she sent me a picture with it! It might have made me tear up a little- I miss that girl!

"You know when Taylie tries to do something crafty in cooking and it usually fails?  haha I dont even know what happened to the middle of the cake we made him for his birthday.. but it tasted really good! ANYWAY he is from Pocatello Idaho and is serving here with me. Its kind of crazy cause we know a few of the same people. Elder Redford is his name! He is related to some wards that live close by or somethin... small world!"

Visiting a sweet sister who is so full of love!

I sent Tay a package of muffins to make and apparently she liked them! 

HAPPY EASTER! From Sister Bee and Sister Harper!

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