Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Month Mark!

Hi Family and Friends!

Here is a little weekly update.. Glad to hear you are all doing good :) This week we were just so busy! We were running to and fro to appointments and meetings, but it made for a good and fast week :)

The highlight of the week is that we were very blessed to find two new investigators! We had shared a brief message about Christ with them last week, and this week we taught how the gospel was restored back to the earth. The spirit was definitely there, and they both felt it. After the lesson Raj even asked if he could come to church!? haha I don't think "well of course!!" Has ever shot out of my mouth so fast. They are honestly the sweetest couple, both Catholic, and have a beautiful 4 year old little girl named Mia. Like seriously this family is so lovable, and full of love. They are from India, but speak really good English. They even were cooking some Indian food when we showed up and sent us home with some. They loved how The Gospel Of Jesus Christ is centered on Families, and how we can be together forever. I am more than grateful and excited to continue to teach them. This is the second Indian family I have taught on my mission. Here in Maine there are all sorts of different religions and cultures here, as well as little church houses all around. This week we talked to 3 different people on the same street that were all from different backgrounds. We met someone that was Jewish, the next house we knocked at were Buddhist and the next was Hindu.  We joked in hope that the next house would be Christian. 

I saw you guys went to the farm this week. How fun! I miss that place. New dogs and cows.. Wow! It'll be like Christmas when I get back. Glad to hear you're all doing good :) I met a mom with the cutest little boy and baby girl at the Augusta food bank this week, and it just got me excited to love on Cam and Brin, and all of you when I get home! April 1st is coming up... Ty ty.. happy birthday, I hope all your wildest dreams come true.:) Man oh man how I love April! I'm super excited for general conference, and for Easter!! 

Yesterday I hit my 5 month mark of being out on my mission.. is that for real? So for celebration of that, my ward asked me to give a talk on missionary work.. Haha as I prepared for my talk the thought every member a missionary was running through my head so that is what I focused a portion of my talk on, as well as all we have to have to serve God is a desire! We had a dinner with a super cool family Sunday night and they fed us the yummiest spaghetti!. They had ended up missing church this week because they were up really late the night before, their daughter Bree is thinking of going on a mission so the mom made me give a summary of my talk around the dinner table, haha luckily it was still in my bag and I was so happy to give it again! 

There was a quote that I wrote down from a zone conference we had this week and I just loved it! It reads, "If you want a faith promoting experience, you have to do something that requires faith!" Our mission President also said something that stuck out to me.. It was that when we hit hard times in life, on our missions, at work, all we gotta do... is "go and do, not sit and stew" and things will get better! I have definitely done both in my life, and have seen a big difference when I go and do and think of others, rather than just sitting and stewing!

I hope you all have great great week!! I love you, and miss you always. :)
Sister Bee

Still loving Sister Harper, we work so hard together and get along great! 

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Cute Sisters

There is a road under all that snow!

Because it is! :)

Cute puppy!

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