Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Squeeze is Worth the Juice

Whats up, whats up!!

So this week has been swell.. 

Studied lots this week, which I enjoy so much! Talked to a lot of people as well, it's always so fun to talk with people about our church, and what we do out here as missionaries. I have felt a sweet sweet spirit all week, and my love for the Gospel grows more and more.

We have a new investigator Karen, and she is the bomb. I love teaching her, she is so bubbly and fun. We read the introduction of The Book Of Mormon with her. I was happy to be able to tell her how much I love the book, it truly is such a divine book! She is coming to church with us Sunday, and I don't know who is more excited, me or her! 

Sunday the SUNSHINE was out! Hallelujah! I really do love the snow, and don't mind the cold too bad, but Sunday was the most beautiful day yet... until night when it started to snow again! We did lots of tracting in Manchester ME, which was beautiful. I felt like I was up in the mountains, just with no mountains. haha! Squirrels were running everywhere and all the birds were chirping and it was just such a pleasant day to be out! Made me excited for what is ahead. We ended to the night with dinner at Bishops house, and we had some dang good spaghetti. So that was way neat! 

I had an interview with President Stoker Yesterday, which those were great. :) I LOVED talking with him about the area and the missionary work that's going on. It was a good ole chat. He also asked about my family. Something he told me at the end of the interview was how he was amazed because he could feel the love that I have for all of you by the way I talked about you. All I could say is it's true my family is pretty wicked awesome. So I guess my point here is that I love you all so much, and my Mission President and his wife Sister Stoker are awesome. It amazes me how our President truly can show so much love and care to all the missionaries. I also got to meet their daughter Marisa that just got home from her mission, and she was way cool! It was a good day, and so uplifting to see them yesterday.

There is a quote I love from President Uchtdorf "We don't have to wait to cross the finish line to receive Gods blessings. In fact, the heavens begin to part and the blessings of heaven begin to distill upon us with the very first steps we take toward the light." I really loved that, thinking of life, and then relating it to running..and what a slow runner I am, (You think I would be fast with my long legs, but no!) Anyways I liked where it said "The First Step" that we try to come closer to Him He wants to bless us! Never forget how loved and blessed we are. I know that God has a certain plan for each of us, and all we need to do is take the first step to Him, and He'll reach out to us and bless us more than we can imagine.

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness! I'm grateful to be a missionary today, and I'm grateful to be able to help and serve others. I feel very very blessed for this Gospel, and how it is changing me! I know that if we stay close to The Lord, keep our faith strong in him, and truly convert ourselves to Christ, His Gospel, and His teachings that the squeeze is well worth the juice! Coming on my mission was the biggest act of Faith that I've made, but has paid off the most. I never thought I could love my Savior as much as I do now, He is my light in this life. The church is SO true. I know without a doubt, Jesus Is The Christ. I feel overly blessed to be in the New England area as a missionary. 
Love you all, with all of my heart . Xo

Sister Bee 

Just a little cold outside...

So much snow!

She said inside they had candles and it was like a mini house!

They drive over this pretty bridge every day.

Tracting away!

Raymond is in their ward and they went to visit him at the nursing home. She says he is so funny and so fun to talk to!

Getting good exercise with all of the hills they walk up!

A pretty night sky.

Sister B and C!

Not sure if they have room for much more snow!

'The cold never bothered me anyway!' We love our frozen Sister Bee!

Until next week...

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