Monday, February 9, 2015

Ups and Downs- Tender Mercies


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I love email Monday.. :) 

What a week, what a week! You know those weeks that you feel like you are on a wild wild roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs? This was definitely one of those weeks! 

At the end of each and every night I have a little book and I write down the tender mercies or miracles I saw in the day. It amazes me each and every day how much the Lords hand really is in our life when we think about it. It is also such a mood changer as well, any time I am having a hard time, or am not feeling like I have done any good I open that book up and it reminds me of all the miracles I have seen out here serving the Lord. 

This week we had to drop one of our investigators, cause we soon found out he is a little crazy.. Nice man, we just didn't feel like it'd be safe for Sisters to continue to teach him. Our other Investigator kept canceling on us cause she was sick. So we were down to having a hard time to find people to teach.. Friday night Sister Collins and I set a huge goal that on Saturday we'd go out and talk to 40 people and invite them to learn more about Jesus Christ. The promise from that is, usually out of every 10 people you talk to, you have one potential investigator. That day we prayed really hard and had a lot of faith that we could reach our goal. We worked so hard, and made our goal by talking with 40 of Gods children! And the promise was fulfilled, we ended that day finding 4 potential investigators. I know with the Lords help, he will help us fulfill any worthy goals we set, all we have to do is pray and have faith!! We ended our week with inviting 84 people to learn more about The Church, Jesus Christ, and how they could find more happiness in their life. Also from this we were lead to a man who has been searching for a church! He said he had prayed the night before and didn't know exactly how to... he asked if we could teach him how... we said of course! We had a dang good, and a very spiritual talk on the side of the road. He had just gone through a divorce with two kids, was kicked out and pretty much has nothing. He told us he would love to come to church, he didn't come yesterday because he didn't have any clean clothes to wear, but said he would aim for the next week. Such a kind man and he said he felt like we were a sign from God. He said he's seen us around and he also gets food from the food bank so has also seen us there, and he is very glad we came up to talk to him. I know that if we pray with a sincere heart and truly want to help, God will help us help his children. I'm forever grateful for these experiences i'm having out here, and I know God will direct us if we ask. 

We continue to meet with Elliot Kollman and teach him every Tuesday and Friday. More times than not I feel like he is teaching me! He is a man with a very sweet, pure, and strong testimony. We always joke around like we're family, I'm thankful that I have created a friendship with people out here, especially Elliot that will last forever. 

This week while tracting we knocked on a door that had a sticker on it that said "Only dragons are allowed inside" To be honest I was a little scared what was on the other side of the door. To my surprise when the door opened it was a nice man that invited us in to talk to him and his wife. We taught them about the restoration and got to talk to them a bit. Kindest people, with alot of Christ-like attributes that I could see in them in just that short half hour or so. They are foster parents and have A LOT on their plates. I don't know how they do what they do, but they said the situation they are in right now it would be extremely hard to go to church, but when things settle down they would love to check it out, because they know of some friends that were Mormons and then they met us. We're going to continue to go and visit them, but I was very thankful we were lead to their house this week.

I also had the neatest experience to go to the Young Women in Excellence and bear my testimony and give a little talk on how I got my medallion. I felt the spirit so strong, and it reminded me how grateful I am for the Young Women's program. I do know that it is a divine program, and Heavenly father loves his children so much, especially his Daughters! I will be forever grateful for that opportunity I had to share how important all the values are to me to all the girls and their parents. My heart is so full just thinking of how much God loves us. 

This week I had realized we didn't know our neighbors too well, so Sister Collins and I decided to make them brownies and go over and introduce ourselves. It was so fun to meet them! They had never heard of mormons before, or of missionaries! They were so surprised to see us and invited us in to talk and sit. After that I was reminded that there really a lot of people that need a visit from someone, and what a simple way to share the gospel!

Okay now I have to tell you about the moment I lost it... we knocked on the door this week, and it comes flying open with this very bigger boned man.. hahaha shirtless.. and hairy.. I had the hardest time keeping my cool, but I kindly and nicely told him who we are and invited him to learn. Sadly he said no, but I was happy I got my good laugh for the day. :)

We also got invited in and had a nice tour of a house with 13 cats and a big dog in there. We learned all of their names and left smelling, but it was totally worth it cause she took The Book Of Mormon, and promised she'd read it and give us a call after! 

Have a Happy Birthday This week mom :) And everyone have a good valentines day!! (Singles awareness day for me ;) haha but single and ready to mingle.... in 14 months of course!! ) 

Sorry this was a long one... but I had to share some of the neat miracles I saw this week. I know this church is very true,, and I know that one day every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ. Grateful for this gospel, I know it has changed my life forever. 

Love you all more than ever. xo

Sister Bee

SNOW..SNOW..SNOW! I don't thinks she'll ever complain about winters at home again :)

Cute companions!

Cool icicles!

She said you know you don't have many pictures to send home when you send home a picture of a bird :)

This is Maine! Actually a little warm for somedays there!

Attacking someone's door! She said it's these things that make being a missionary the best!

Always reppin' HOME!

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