Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!


Dear Family and Friends,

I've officially turned into a popsicle!! Haha
this week can be summed up in three words, SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
I'm sorry you guys have none in Utah :( That would make me really sad, cause I really love the snow.

We had 3 days this week that we were grounded and had to stay inside, and those made for some loonnng days! Haha but it's all good, we are out and about now, and it feels oh so good!! :)

So tracting in the negative degrees with wind chill is just miserable... I know thats a terrible way to put it, haha but i'm just being honest! I definitely just have to keep a prayer in my heart, and the Lord helps us through it! When some one invites us in, or lets us set up a return appointment it makes it all worth it! 

Its been kind of an uneventful week, but i'm so glad we got to email home today where yesterday we were snowed in!! Its always good to be updated :)

There was one day that I saw the Lords hand in everything. It is amazing if we look out for it! So we went out to go out for the day and had parked on the end. (big mistake) haha, the snow plow had covered our car with snow, and made it so we couldn't go anywhere!! So we had to get shovels and shovel the car out (in skirts, it was probably funny to watch). After we were done we were too tired to walk all the way from the parking lot back to our apartment so we just threw the shovels in the back of our car. Earlier that day I had picked out four people that had names on old missionary records that I wanted to go visit. I showed Sister Collins and she picked one of the names and started driving to the house. Once we found house we were looking for, house #23, we saw a little old lady shoveling her sidewalk, well trying to shovel her sidewalk. So we jumped out and offered her some help! She happily said she'd love some. She told us she was 80 years old and that this kind of stuff just hurts her, She also told us how she slipped on her steps on her way out earlier, she then went on to tell us that her husband usually shovels the walks but is very sick and inside. I felt extremely blessed that The Lord guided Sister Collins and I to someone who needed help! I know that when we are having a hard time, we can find happiness by serving others. 

Another awesome thing that happened this week, we meet with this awesome family who hasn't been to church in awhile. We got to meet their son this week for the first time, and he ended up showing up at church on Sunday. Which was super neat!

Hope you all enjoyed the super bowl! The only thing I was missing was family, food, and the half time. Haha! I'm just super glad the patriots won, serving here in New England, it definitely made a lot of the people I know happy! The Dawbins had us over for hamburgers and chocolate covered strawberries, which was really fun! 

The Church is very True. I love it with all my heart!! Have a great week :) Love you all, and so does your Heavenly Father!! He is so aware of all us, and wants to help us every step of the way through our life here on earth!!

I am so glad Brin is doing better!!

Sister Bee

You know it's cold when your name tag has frost on it!

Tay practicing her photography skills.. I love this picture!

Beautiful Augusta

This was after their first big storm, which was followed by two more!

Sister Austin took them to Texas Roadhouse! She said it was heavenly!!

Let it snow, let it snow!

Not very fun to tract in, but they are enduring and being blessed!

Who would have thought Lobster would become her favorite?!

Cute Sisters with Elliott who takes such great care of them!

Every Superbowl, Tay has been in charge of making chocolate covered strawberries. She usually tried to make them look like footballs, but gave up after they didn't turn out very well. Cute Karinna knew Taylie made them, and so she attempted them for dinner on Sunday, but ended up giving up like Taylie always did after a few! They still look dang good if you ask me! :) We are so lucky to have people who make these girls feel so loved!

We are so grateful Taylie has such loving members in her area, and a great companion! She is truly loving her mission and growing so much! She is an example to us all!

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