Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a Small World


Hello Family!

How was your week?? Did you party hard on New years Eve? I think this was the first New years I've been to bed by 10:30... We ran into a man named Richard on January 1st, and he knew a little bit about the Mormons which was surprising! I asked him If he had a good new years eve, and he said yes! He then started to joke with me by saying " How was your new years eve? Did you stay up late and study your bible? Haha little did he know that's really what we did! Its different being on a mission, but I love it, I love being able to give 100% of my time to The Lord for this year and a half. Also that same day we had a meeting with some other Elders and and the older set of Sisters. After that we had a big lunch, and the senior Sisters had made us some yummy lasagna, and Sister Collins and I brought the salad. So that was yummy and fun!  Later that day we went and visited our investigator, and are going to start reading the Book Of Mormon with her, so that will be exciting :)

We had a lot of member meals this week, it's so fun to get to know them and their families. I even got to try some moose chili! So that was cool.. I love at the end when we get to share a spiritual thought with them, it's always good to feel of the spirit. 

This week was a cold one, I guess its supposed to be getting colder and colder too! When we were tracting this week we were bundled up to the max. Had my hand warmers in, beanies on, hoods up, and scarf over my nose.We both had our heads buried down into our coat cause the wind was hitting us pretty hard. Not paying attention to where we were walking, BAM I ran into a mail box. Haha we died laughing! Having it be soo cold, and then that happening made things better. We both were laughing so hard we were crying! 

So this Sunday was really good. I love Sundays out here! It had snowed a lot over the night and so the roads were a little scary in the morning. We didn't have a huge turn out at church cause of the weather. Where it was Fast and Testimony meeting, I got up and bore my testimony. My heart was so full and touched that I had to get up and share. Craziest thing too, so I met the Stake president for the first time yesterday. We got talking and his mission president was from Tremonton, I told him it was a small town and everyone knows everyone! His Mission President, was President Simmons!. Small world huh, crazy that our neighbor and the man that gave me my patriarchal blessing was his mission President! Where there wasn't that many people at church they asked  Elliot to pass the sacrament, which was way cool cause our lesson on Tuesday with him was on passing the sacrament!  

This past week has had its ups and downs for sure. But through it all I have really seen the Lords hand in my life. His hand is in everything, it's crazy once we start to look for it, we recognize it! This week I have studied quite a bit out of the bible. In John 14;16 He promises us that the Lord will abide with us forever. I loved that because I Know that The Lord is with us always, during our joys and our pains! If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:8) As long as we have faith, and try our best, I know God is proud of us! In my testimony yesterday at church, I said how thankful I was for my family, and my friends, I truly have been blessed with the best. I pray for you guys every night. I'm thankful that I've been raised in Utah, with friends that have the same values as me. I love Mondays to hear from my awesome family, but it is also so cool to hear from the other Elders and Sisters that are in different places of the world, that I've grown up with. I know we can all be missionaries every day, even just the small and simple things. Anyways, the church is true, love and miss you lots! Hope you have a good week!

Sister Bee 

Tay said they weren't looking forward to the colder weather this week! I think one day the high is 0! She reminded me to tell the family she wants a Lake Powell trip when she gets home, Summer must be on the mind :) She also told me that she found out she comes home May 4, 2016. I said her 18 months is up in April so it's not fair they get to keep her until May haha.. she said hey, what's another week or two? We love and miss her and are so happy she is doing well.

Sister Bee and Sister Collins! I think they will have permanent
hat hair for the rest of their lives!

How she really feels about the cold ;)

The castle looking building is the post office by their apartment

A member took them out for ice cream!

A typical New Englander car! She says they love their animals!

A cute street in their area

Tay is becoming known as 'the girl in the green beanie'

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