Monday, January 12, 2015

New Investigators- Trusting in the Lord's Timing


What a wonderful week here in Maine!  Sounds like the flu bug has been going around in Utah, and I'm so sorry to hear some of you are sick :( 

We have three new solid investigators. I've loved getting to know them and teach them! I feel very blessed to have people to teach because we haven't for awhile! It really showed me that if you work hard, and do all you can, you just have to trust in the Lord and his timing! 

Our first one is Named Shelia. Sweetest person alive! Sisters Collins and I came in contact with her by tracting. This week we read the introduction of the Book Of Mormon with her and talked about Joesph Smith. She is awesome, and even said the closing prayer. We made some cookies this week and took them over to her house one night, and her Husband Steve was there, and was happy to see us and now will be joining the lessons too! How awesome huh? 

Our other new Investagator is named Mary! She is so beyond prepared to hear the gospel, and has just moved to Augusta! She has had a quite the life, and is really ready for a change! When we met with her this week we talked about Jesus Christ for most of the time,  and we invited her to church and she happily replied yes! She came to all 3 hours, and seemed to like it. We will be meeting with her twice a week and I hope and pray she'll keep having the desire to change for the better.

My companion and I the neatest opportunity to drive to Bath Maine and meet up with the Senior Sisters, and go to the St. Paul's Church, and teach them about what the mormons believe in. It was a great experience, and I will share more on it next week :) 

We had the sweetest lesson with Elliot this week. We actually had him give us the lesson!! He did so great, and has the sweetest testimony ever. For just being baptized in November it amazes me at the love he already has for gospel. The church has sure changed his life! 

I went on an Exchange this week with a sister names Sister Bulloch. Its always fun to get to know other Sisters!

I'm so sorry for the short email, just running out of time! but I thank you for you emails and love. I love hearing about how you are all doing! I pray for you all SO much. Things are awesome. The ward is SO great, and I'm thankful to be here! We have the coolest ward mission leader, and he gave the most wonderful talk in sacrament on Sunday on missionary work. We also taught the gospel principles class and the lesson was #1(Heavenly Father) where it's the new year. It was interesting having a lady in there that didn't believe that God was our Father. So we got to teach and bear testimony for an hour which was really cool! And awesome for our investigator Mary that was there :) 

Church Is So True
Miss You Guys Like Crazy

Sister Bee <3

Family Home Evening with the Houston family. Taylie says they are DARLING!

The gorgeous and COLD streets they walk down. Houses are far apart and so for tracting they have to walk a lot, and she said this day she was grateful for the sunshine!

She didn't take many pictures this week but just wanted to say that she loves everyone :)

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