Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Months and Whoopie Pies


Eh Familia :)

Its been an AWESOME week here in Maine :) I saw lots of miracles and blessing. Hope it goes the same for you guys! All I have time for today sadly is a little update on some of the people we have been teaching: 

We've been busy teaching and even had a investigator come to church with us. He had to go in and out for his smoke breaks a lot, but hey its an improvement! and I know Heavenly Father is proud of him for coming to church. Our Investigator Mary has been sick, but she is simply amazing. It was neat to watch her have her first priesthood blessing this week. We even have a baptism date for her on June 13th, she is getting married June 6th, that's why it is so far away. But she is super excited! But she is so interested in learning, and really wants to come closer to Jesus Christ. Were teaching an older couple name Shelia and Steve and they are the coolest people ever, I love them to death. They really accepted the message of Joseph Smith well. I love being a missionary and being able to share the gospel. I hit my 3 month mark this week, so crazy! 

The Church is true, I know it with everything I am. Heavenly Father Loves us so so much! 

(Sorry you might have to get some stuff off of Sister Collins Blog this week, I ran out of time big time. But seriously was a great week. I promise it'll be longer next week)

Have a great week!!

Oh we got fed p-soup this week, it tasted like baby food. It was a little hard to shove that one down.


Miss you all! Give you all a hug from me to you! Give Brin a big birthday kiss, and cam one too! Xox

Sure Love You

Sister Bee

Augusta Zone Conference
Their investigator made them whoopie pies because she couldn't believe they had never had them before!

Looks like they enjoyed them :)

Chasing Turkeys and spreading the word

Tay says these are her best friends in the ward. She loves them!

Taylie just being Taylie! 

Cute companions after church!

An awesome member in their ward!

Cute Sisters at Zone Conference

Chocolate covered strawberries- Tay's fav!

Tay got her hair done!! She said it was weird not having my mom do it, but it turned out great!

Love and miss that cute girl! Even if her emails keep getting shorter :) Excited to hit the 3 month mark this week! She is doing great things!

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