Monday, November 10, 2014

First P-DAY!


Thank you SOOOO much for the package and the letter from dear elder. You guys are seriously the best!!

Oh how I've paitently been waiting all week to write you guys!! How are you all?? I miss you all so much already, but things are seriously so good here at the MTC.

 Tomorrow will be the one week down mark! Haha not going to lie, the first 4 days were a little hard, it was a big adjustment for me to get in the swing of things. It was weird getting used to being in a classroom all day. We start our days at 6, which is absolutely GREAT! You all know how much I just love mornings. Really its not that bad though, everyone around me is up and going anyways, its just sad when you look outside and its still pitch black. We eat three meals a day at the cafeteria, which is also weird, you know our family one big meal a day and we're set! ;) Good food tho, plus they have ice cream sandwiches for desert which is very very great, but could also lead to being very very bad. I share a room with 5 other girls and we use like the community bathrooms which was hard at first with all the sisters. Two of the girls in my room have had like strep, and one has had a really bad cold this week, so i'm praying I don't get sick!! The girls and I are all completely different in every which way, but we get along good! My companion sister Daughty, she is from North Carolina, and had been living in Magna this past year. We get along way good! Really quiet and i'm like not, but shes opened up alot, and i'm so proud of her! She is a sweetheart and I learn from her testimony. Hopefully I can send you some pictures later of all the girls and my companion. In my class all the girls are going to New Hampshire and all the boys are going to India. I have met some of the most amazing Elders and Sisters. 

I have the most awesome teachers in the world, I have learned so much. Seriously they cram so much info in and i'm trying to keep up. I love to learn about the gospel though. I really do love it with all my heart. The spirit at the MTC, is so strong. My companion gave a talk the other day and it was on how we feel the spirit. She said in her talk, "the spirit is when you cry after sending your first email home because you miss your family, but can only talk about all the good things at the MTC, cough cough Sister Bee!' So true I cry like all the time, i'm seriously like crazy haha. I cry when i'm happy, I cry when I miss you guys, and I cry when I laugh. It was hard at first because none of the girls in my room and class missed there family quite like me, they have all been to college or doing other things with there life, or had a not so good home situation. So no one could really relate. It made feel extra blessed to have a family as great as mine, i'm so lucky to have something that made saying goodbye so hard. We stay so busy here that really my mind is on the gospel and what were learning, so dont worry about me! We have personal study time, to which is good cause you can kinda study whatever and take a break from things.

We have gym time at night which rocks my socks.. I have forgot how much I really do love basketball and volleyball! We got to go to the temple this morning and do a session which was way cool. Oh and Sundays are like heaven on earth here, i'm sad i'll only be here for one more Sunday. 

I'm so thankful for this gospel and I really couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I fly out next Monday to New Hampshire. I was assigned the Travel leader from the president which is a little stressful cause there are 15 of us flying to New Hampshire that day!! Way cool huh, thats alot of people going there to serve!! it's fun and all here, but i'm excited to get where i'm teaching and not living out of a suitcase! I kinda feel like were in a prison here, but in a good way! We're like locked in, probably smart so I don't run home ;) haha 

Oh and everything has been way good, except for the first day I cut myself shaving and totally thought somebody had stole my bag with all of my stuff in it. No bags are aloud in the cafeteria and so I just left it out in the hall way and when I went to get it was gone... but somebody took it all the way to the front desk cause they thought it was a lost bag... haha kinda scared me, but I guess  the good thing about the MTC is I dont think anyone would steal your scriptures. 

I love you all more then anything!! I know this Church is true. I feel so blessed for this opportunity that I get to get to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I've been trying SO hard this week to see everyone around me a Jesus Christ would, and it has made the biggest impact on me. I know Heavenly father loves all of his children. His love is so perfect, and we are always worthy of it! I'm so thankful for the atonement and to know Jesus Christ has felt everything I have felt this week. We are so blessed to have this gospel, and such a great plan for all of us. I know this Church is true, no doubt about it;)

Have a WONDERFULLLLLLL week and i'll be emailing you next week in New Hampshire!! Thanks for all you do. Give Cam and Brin huge kisses from me.Give yourself a big hug from me. Hope you guys are doing good! Would love to hear whats going on!!

Sister Bee

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