Monday, November 10, 2014

In New Hampshire!


Hey family!! I'm here in New Hampshire!! I can't contain myself.. It is too beautiful here!! Like I can't even explain it. It's been such a great night. After We landed in Detroit we flew to Manchester. Once we got to Manchester our Mission President and his wife we're there and we are at their house now. Its a pretty house.. I want you to see it so bad, so hopefully I can email you some pictures next week! We had such a yummy soup dinner, and are sleeping here tonight. I'll meet my trainer tomorrow and find out where I'm going. There are still gorgeous leafs here, but I guess it snowed a lot in Maine today. So I guess I'll see where I serve for a few months tomorrow! I'm so happy, really just happy to be here. Don't worry bout me, and I won't worry about you guys to much ;) I'm feeling very very blessed to be here in this mission right now, so far it seems so wonderful. Have a good week and I'll be able to email you next week on my p-day. Thanks for everything! Love you guys so much. Have a wonderful week. 

-Sister Bee

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