Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sleeping Princess


Hey hey hey!

Things are still movin' and goovin' up here in Maine!
It was a good week, even though we had a lot of things fall through..
We had 5 member present lessons we had all set up with members fall
through at the last minute. Such a bummer, but we'll go and get em'
this week!! We have a lot of great people to teach in our area, with
great potential! One thing I was reminded time and time again this
week was that as we look for Gods hand in our life, even when things
aren't going exactly the way we had planned that we can always see His
hand and influence in our life more. His Tender mercies are
everywhere. I noticed an immense amount of them as I strived to look
for them this week. It may have been warming up my hands in the car
after a cold few hours of being outside, or it may have been a sweet hug
from a kind member. I know that God is everywhere, and so aware of
each of us. I'm grateful that as we be still, look for blessings in
our lives, that will be able to feel our Heavenly Father clearer, and
be more grateful for the blessings He sends our way.

So we had a funny experience after sacrament meeting. Sister Boudreou
in the ward came up to us after and told us that during the sacrament
her little boy looked back and saw me praying to myself and yelled
"Mom!! The princess is sleeping!" Haha he's so stinkin cute, this
branch has a primary of 60 kids, which makes things so fun!! Last
night at our meal appointment we taught 7 boys under the age of 7 a
lesson... Haha what an adventure.

We have an awesome week ahead.. We'll be busy traveling around doing
trainings for two zones, which I am really excited for! I'll be
praying hard that the spirit will be with me. I truly know The spirit
is the prime teacher, We have to be worthy to bring the gospel unto
others, and they have to be the ones that's let it into. I'm so
thankful for the Holy Ghost, and for the blessing it is to be able to
have such a gift in our life.

My apologies for the short update, I won't be emailing next Monday
cause I'll be at the temple! I'll be emailing this Saturday instead. I
wish you all a happy happy week!


Sister Bee

We had the BEST P-Day last Monday. We had the most intense snowball
fight I've ever been involved in, and then ended with the capture the
flag! These missionaries here in this picture are all so incredible. I
feel so grateful to be serving with such wonderful sons and daughters
of God.

ELDER ALCARION.. it was his birthday, so we made him a cake! My baking skills are improving!! #celebrate 

Micah Reynolds.. Such a little angel! 

These icicles are killers!

Emma Griswolds.. Haha man this little girl LOVES me. When it's time to leave her house she literally sits and holds my leg so I can't go. Haha. She has been working at making me a "New Sunday Dress." They'll see my coming to church in this one. Lol 

If words could only explain the love I have for this girl...

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