Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas cheer, and Manchester goodbyes!


Lots and lots of Christmas cheer this year!
I really enjoyed our Skype call, and when I say really enjoyed, I mean
REALLY ENJOYED! It was just so good to see all your cute faces. It was
good to fuel up with some family love, and laugh. You all sound great,
and I'm so excited to have another babe added to our family!!
The second Christmas away from home was much much easier! I was
thankful I didn't get homesick this year. I have found out that the
trick to a good Christmas away from home is to not expect it to be
like it is at home. To have Christmas focused on others and not me. To
find gratitude for the Christmas' that I've had in the past, and to be
thankful for the tender mercies of the one I had this year. It's such
a blessing at Christmas time to be a missionary, it's probably the
most Christ centered Christmas I will ever have. Being here really
showed me the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. What a splendid
time of year that we celebrate His birth, and how he blesses us all so
individually. The ward here made it so wonderful for us! I'm thankful
for my Heavenly Father who has helped me endure all the difficult
things out here. After we skyped we went caroling with the AP's which
was really fun! The weather was AWESOME too! We were caroling in
December with no jackets. Amazing huh? This season has just had such a
special spirit to it, that I love!

I finished packing today. Man did I have heavens help on that one. It's
not easy for a girl who loves clothes to live out of 2 suitcases,
haha! I will be transferred to a new area tomorrow as a sister
training leader, I feel very humbled, excited, and thankful for this
opportunity. I am sad I'll be missing Kiks baptism on Saturday, but so
happy for her, and for the decision she has made to make covenants
with Heavenly Father. The last Sunday in Manchester was such a
touching one. I love the ward. We even had a surprise former
investigator of ours that we found, pop her head into sacrament.
Bishop Dickson gave me such a comforting and sweet priesthood blessing
as well. It was a wonderful Sunday! Manchester, the ward, area, the
people we're teaching, and my companion, I couldn't love more. This
time I've spent here will always have such a special place in my
heart. I'm excited to see where the journey takes me now!

Nothing too crazy happened this week besides an Oklahoma Baptist trying
to convert us. We happened to run into Him the day after Christmas,
and his Christmas present was an anti Mormon book.. Eee, that was a fun
one! I feel like James E Faust said it best when he said "our own
personal testimony is the strongest arrow in your quiver." Sometimes
that's all we can do is just share your simple testimony of what you
know to be true. This week we ran into a lot of people that were out
and about, and I so strongly saw in them the need for the gospel in
their life. The Book Of Mormon, and the gospel will just help them so
much. I love the gospel, it changes lives, I love the Book Of Mormon,
it changes lives. I know that because I've seen it change my life,
and I've seen on my mission it change others.. There are a lot of
people who don't allow it into their life which makes me sooo sad. I
just want everyone to know about the gospel. They have a loving Savior
who will never give up on them. He's already died for them, it
wouldn't make sense for Him to ever give up on us. I love sharing the
gospel, and I love serving. Sometimes, well most times, I'm just at a
loss of words for this whole mission thing. It's just too great for

Welp family and friends.. Till next week 💜
Sure love you.
-Sister Bee

The "Called To Serve Missionaries from BRHS Class of 2014" Christmas
present was amazing!! I was so humbled to receive such a gift! I was
amazed to read over the testimonies of dear friends, and was happy to
feel of their testimonies. It's a book I'll hold close to me forever.
It took me to move out of Utah to realize what a blessing it really is
to be surrounded by people with the same standards and beliefs.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Sister Banks, and Kiks. Kiks got her baptismal interview after church yesterday! Today Sister Banks cut our hair. They're having us over for dinner tonight for my favorite sweet pork! So excited, but sad to say goodbye!

I wasn't kidding when I told you to send me my snap backs so I'd fit in! :)

Sister Wheeler! The most active 84 year old you'll ever meet. We enjoyed Christmas brunch with her and some of the single elderly. Earlier this week we made 120 gingerbread men to take to the food pantry. What a job, but we had fun!

Christmas Eve lunch with the Elders, and Bishop and Sister Dickson. We had a blast! 

Sister Hallam made me the BEST breakfast this morning. She's such a good cook.
I love her and  am going to miss her sooo much!!

Christmas Skype!

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