Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Week!

Happy Happy Christmas Week!!

It's been another good week here, loving every minute of it!
We had a fun zone conference up in Vermont at the JSM. Zone
conferences are my favorite. I always leave so uplifted and edified. I
hope I can do my best to apply some of the great things I was taught
that day, I was very touched by the spirit.

It's the greatest thing to be able to have morning studies. 
Studying in the gospel can honestly put anyone in the best
mood! I love morning studies more than anything.. I'm so grateful for
the study habits the mission has helped me get in, because before my
mission I was not the best at studying. This week I had a few
questions that I really needed answered. I said a prayer and opened up
the Book Of Mormon, and opened right to a chapter that answered very
clearly what I was looking for. I was once again just taken back at
how aware God was of me, and how he answered my question through the
Book Of Mormon. I am so grateful to know that we have a loving Savior,
and a loving Heavenly Father that is so aware of us and our needs.

Kiks, our sweet investigators baptism day is still on for the second
of January. She's really excited, and so am I! I'm so happy for her, I
know what happiness the gospel brings into lives, and I'm so happy
she's accepting such great blessings into hers.

The ward is so good here. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to be
here, and to get to know them. They are full of charity, and kindness,
and gratitude. The ward motto is "come as you are." I love that
because they accept anyone and just simply love them. I know that's
what Jesus Christ would do too. It's a wonderful ward, with the most
amazing people who emulate so many teachings of Christ. Yesterday they
did the most sweetest thing for us missionaries and got us very nice
presents. My heart was very touched to be serving here with them.

Well that's about it for the week.. Have a Merry Christmas.
Two questions we can ponder this week that our mission President has
encouraged us to think about..
#1-What has Christ given us?
#2-What can we give to Christ this year?
Such a special time of the year to celebrate Christ birth.. I love Him
with all my soul. I know with everything in me that He lives, I know
that because He has helped me with everything I have done these past
14 months. I glory in Him, because I wouldn't be able to be here today
without Him.

I don't think anyone could of said it better than my bud Nephi..
He said "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus,
for he hath redeemed my soul from hell."(2 Nephi 33:6)
So thankful for Him.

Hope we can all remember this week the importance of the Saviors
birth, and why we need Him. I hope we can all reflect on what He has
done for us. He loves you, oh so much.. And so do I!

Remember Him, Love Him, And Follow Him.
Feliz Navidad!! SEE YOU FRIDAY!
-Sister Bee

Went on an exchange this week with Sister Crook in Concord, NH. She's a sweetheart,
I really enjoyed getting to know her!

The missionaries in my ward!

Mom, I regifted the "riesens" candy you sent me... Haha and we attacked a
family's door in our ward with them!

The Adams (senior missionary couple) took us out to lunch this week! They're great, they both shared beautiful testimonies with us. I didn't know I could feel the spirit so strongly at a public restaurant haha

This is what the ward got us. Along with $55 to Walmart and $25 to Target. I couldn't believe it.... Best ward!

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