Saturday, December 12, 2015



It was SO nice only having to wait four days to get to talk to you guys again!
You know what else is nice? The weather here!! It's unbelievable! The
sun is shining, and the birds are still chirping.. I'm hoping this
stays all winter long! We even walked to church yesterday, and I
didn't have to wear a jacket! I love to look back in my journal to a
year ago and read about the terrible weather I was in, haha. Last
November 30th church was canceled because the roads were too snowy,
and the next Sunday it was canceled again because the churches boiler
was broke. Yay for good weather, I'll be praying for the sun to stay
out all of December!

Saturday and Sunday we had the best event at the church! There were
nativity sets collected from all around the world... Talk about
BEAUTIFUL! It was so fun the missionaries all took turns either
dressed up as wiseman or took turns showing the new Christmas video to
people who came in. There was a great turn out. What memorable night!

We have a good week ahead of us. Lots of good work to do this week! 3
out of our 4 investigators dropped us this week, which was absolutely
heart breaking. It hurt, but I know that it hurts our Father in Heaven
even more. He loves us so much, and wants us to choose so badly His
path of happiness, hope, and joy. You know what they say you can drive
them to the well but can't force them to drink. So this weeks plans
are to find some new people to teach! I have full faith that we will

With the nativity event this week I was thinking a lot about The
Saviors birth. From day one there was no room for Him in the inn, even
Jesus The Christ was turned away from and rejected in His life. It
blows my mind that there were people who turned away from Jesus
Christ, The Son Of God. I know that when we understand Christ, and
that because of Him we can return back to God, that there is no one
we'd rather turn to. What a humble birth, for the most humble man of
all. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ. I know that He lives, and that
He is close, closer then we think. He is literally the Son of God, he
was tempted, just like you and me are, but with His help we can
overcome any temptation and weakness. I love the Lord, and that love
seems to grow deeper and deeper as the days on my mission go on.

Have a wonderful week.
Sister Bee

Sorry not too much to update on, and I got a little distracted in the
gym playing basketball and ran out of time to email. Wish you a great
week!! And please watch "Elf" for me! (I love that movie.. Haha)
I'll send you a video of the fun Elm street Christmas parade, it was a
blast and we got to invite so many people to the nativity event that
was as the church!
***Ohh, and our dear investigator kiks is still going strong!! We see
her tonight, I can't wait!! :)

The one and only Bishop Dickson!


Hot chocolate and church Christmas movie!

Ben and Jerry's P-Day stop!

Elm Street parade!

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