Monday, September 21, 2015

Sick Days and Muffin Fails

Weekly email number 78923 ;)

Hi fam, hi friends,
Hope all is well!! 

Not too much happened this week. Just same ol' missionary work!! Sadly Sister Dickson got sick again, poor girl, she's been sick on her mission more times than not. But she's feeling much better, so we're both happy for that! Thursday we decided to take it easy, she slept and we tried to get as much work done that we could get done in the apartment. I'm terrible at being inside all day.. Holy cabin fever! I don't know if the Lord was trying to teach me a lesson to never do anything stupid so I don't ever get locked up in jail... Because I seriously think I would go crazy if I ever had to stay inside for more than a couple of days. On the plus side I feel like this was just what we needed, a day where Sister Dickson could get some rest and I was able to get a lot of little things done that needed to be done, work on the area book, some planning, and a little extra time to study. Oh and I even deep cleaned the whole house. I sure love a clean apartment, too bad it doesn't stay clean all the time! Just as I was feeling so accomplished I decided I would make some chocolate chip applesauce muffins, that we could take and deliver to some ward members and some investigators as soon as Sister Dickson was feeling up to it. Welp feeling like Betty Crocker and what not I pulled them out of the oven, let them cool down a bit, poured me a nice glass of milk, and decided it would be totally appropriate to taste test the muffins before we took them out. I took one bite and pretty much gagged! Oh man they were terrible!! Haha I don't know what in the world went wrong... But something went really really wrong... I followed the recipe exactly, but it ended up being the only good thing in the muffin was the chocolate chips. I was so sad! Sad they didn't work out, and sad they didn't taste like grandma Sorensons delicious applesauce cookies... After a little 10 minute meltdown that I was someday going to be the worst wife and never be able to cook for my husband, I got my act together and came up with a solution.. I'll find a park and feed them to the ducks! Then I thought again, I don't even think starving ducks would eat these nasty things.. 

Anywho.. the cutest thing happens here at this time of the year, I hope someday I'll be able to get out my camera to catch the moment on film to send to you! But there are little squirrels running around everywhere with acorns in their mouths.. Haha feel like every where I go and no matter what I do I'm like the little dog Doug off of the Disney movie Up, where he gets so distracted by a "squirrel!" 

Our investigators baptism date got moved back this week to October 10th. So we're keeping her in our prayers. Transfers are October 6th, So it's right after transfers, so hopefully I'll still be here for it. If not that's fine too, I know that Lord puts us where we need to be in life, and I have full trust in Presidents Stoker evaluation to where he puts his missionaries. Even though I'm dreading the goodbye to the people, companion, and area. A sister in the ward is thinking that my time is up here, (Aahhhh) and she's leaving on vacation tomorrow until after transfers. So she's having us over tonight for a "just in case goodbye" and she even dropped us off a loaf of bread this morning for breakfast. She has such a talent for cooking, and I admire how she uses it towards the ward members, and in my benefit for the missionaries. Lol! 

Zone conference,was Wednesday this week in Exeter New Hampshire, and my oh my what a wonderful day! The conference went from 9-6, so it was a really long day. It was a blast to see old friends, companions, the Mission President and his counselors. The George Town ward from Massachusetts  provided us a delicious lunch.. And last but not least.. The spirit that was there was beautiful. I learned so much, and it just makes my love for the gospel which is near and dear to me become even more dear. Most of the day was focused on the Book Of Mormon!! President Hinckley said that as we read the Book Of Mormon, something SWEET, GOOD, and BEAUTIFUL will always come from it. I know that to be true. The gospel of Jesus Christ, and The Book Of Mormon does and will bless our life as we embrace it. It has so many passages that can help us through are day! 

Speaking of the scriptures Elder Nessen shared a good scripture out of the bible with me in an email this week. I'm so grateful for all my friends that have helped keep me on the straight and narrow growing up, it's fun to email back and forth every week, especially with the ones that are serving God at this time as well. It's amazing to me to hear about all the miracles that God is performing all over the world. This verse rang so strongly in my mind and heart! It's in Romans 8, verse 39 "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Heavenly fathers love for us, and the Saviors love for us is the most precious thing on this earth, and I'm grateful to know that there is nothing that can separate that love from us.

Love and miss you much. Have a happy happy week. Keep on keepin on.
Sister Bee

PS: biggest blessing this week... Thank goodness for invisible fence lines. 

PSS: fright-mares looked fun! I'm excited to go on the new ride with you next year. Hopefully Ryan didn't scare any of you this year like he scared me last year in front of all those people. Hahahah

Lunch with the Portsmouth Sisters on P-day!

Helped a family whose home burned down go through some of their stuff this week. So heartbreaking!

Still green and pretty!

Zone Conference!

At Zone conference this week we got a bag with random bits of clothing..
And 5 minutes to come up with something to act out in the Book of
Mormon. So we got Samuel the Lamanite. I was his angel, and the
people below throwing paper at him were representing the people who
threw stuff at him when he was up on the tower preaching. Hahah pretty
lame, but we only had 5 minutes!

Talk to you all next week!

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