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Can you believe another transfer has gone by.. I was so happy to hear that ill be in Manchester for at least another transfer.. Yippee!! Sister Hallam and I will be staying together for one more!. I just truly love Manchester, and I love the people we're teaching here even more. We've worked so hard this transfer, and have definitely been blessed for it. 

So this week was real neat. We had real set appointments, with real people, who had real intent, and really wanted to learn! #holla

Talk about a super busy week... I swear my head would hit the pillow, and then my alarm would be going off the next second with me still laying in the exact same position. Lol!

Sister Stoker, the mission Presidents wife came out teaching with us one day this week. Which was really fun! I sure love that sweet woman. She made our investigator really feel loved which was wonderful. This investigator is amazing, she is so kind, and so open to the gospel, she even has agreed to be baptized! The first time we knocked on her door she told us that there had been a recent death in her family, and that this is something they could really use! She even came to church yesterday, she had to leave a little early for work, but I was still so happy and excited to see her there!! It's sooo amazing to teach her, because she knows it's all true!. There is a quote in Preach my gospel that I really like from President Boyd K. Packer, and he said, “A teacher of gospel truths is not planting something foreign or even new into an adult or a child. Rather, the missionary or teacher is making contact with the Spirit of Christ already there. The gospel will have a familiar ‘ring’ to them." I loved that so much.. It was a good reminder that everyone here is a child of God, and has already chosen Jesus Christ and His gospel once, we're just here to help them choose it again!

Sister Pettingail, and Sister Holm, they are missionaries in the office took us out to lunch on Thursday this week. Which was wonderful to get to know them better, they are such Christ-Like women. We had a good chat and then some yummy lunch. We met them on the side of Manchester that we never get to, and I feel like it was divinely inspired that we were led to that part of town at that time.. After lunch we figured we would just stay over there and do work in that area. We decided to stop by and visit a member that we didn't know too well, as we knocked on the door, she came running and let us right in. She said you guys are sisters huh! We both said yes, and then looked down and noticed neither of our name tags were showing because we had just put on our coats.We laughed for a bit and she told us of how she knew that we were going to stop by today, she said she was prepared because she had a feeling. So we sat down and got to know this cute member, and her friend that was over visiting. We shared a Mormon message on how we shouldn't be living beneath our potential or privileges. We then asked if they knew of anyone who could benefit from the gospel. The member got a huge grin and then her friends hand shot right up in the air!! It was great!! The friend has showed interest in the gospel before, but wasn't sure if she wanted to start taking the lessons yet, but she said us showing up when she was there was a sign from God and her grandma that has passed away that was Mormon. We ended up teaching the restoration right there and then. As we taught about the apostasy and how the gospel of Jesus Christ left the earth when Christ was crucified she let out this big sigh and said she wish that it could be brought back! My heart sang with joy as we told her how it's been restored back... Christ's EXACT gospel is here again. Well needless to say we have met with her a few times this week, she has already read a chunk of The Book Of Mormon, and she came to a baptism with us on Saturday. Last night we walked into her lesson and asked if she had any questions about the baptism on Saturday. And she said yes... She asked if I would give a talk at her baptism, and if Sister Hallam would sing at it... She then told us that the members we originally stopped by is going to baptize her. Haha wait.. What!? So exciting huh!! She so ready and excited to be a member.

So Saturday... It sure was a special day ;) Good ole Bishop Dickson sends us a text bright and early that morning to run out to our apartment parking lot. We were a little confused what he needed, but we took off running.. Opened the door and there is our bishop standing with a big box of donuts for us. Haha, he tells us that he's here with donuts to tell us that we need to bring our A game to ward clean up in a few hours. Hahaha man this man just kills me. (He's just like uncle Sammy, but on steroids!) Just an all around great guy. Shortly after we took off to go get the Elders (we're on a car share with the Manchester Elders, so we share the car with them) and headed off to ward clean up-- which was raking leaves... My oh my it was a blast! It was two wards combined so there were lots of hands there to help. It was really nice, and I truly saw that lots of hands make light work. We would rake all these leaves onto a tarp and then have to go dump them all. It was really enjoyable. As we were raking I was thinking about how this fall weather felt really nice, then I looked over to my companion and she's crying... I was so confused and asked her if she was okay. She said she was crying because she had never been that cold before. I couldn't help but giggle a little. She's from California and had never been in that kind of weather before. Needless to say I didn't dare mention of what is a head of us!

Wellll... Plain and simple family and friends... The church is true. God has perfect love for YOU. We have a God full of miracles who wants us to be happy, and will help us be happy.

"Only God can bless us. Only He can sustain us. Only He can cause our hearts to beat and give us breath. Only He can preserve and protect us. Only He can give us strength to bear up the burdens of life. Only He can give us power, knowledge, peace, and joy. Only He can forgive our sins. Only He can heal us. Only He can change us and forge a godly soul. Only He can bring us back into His presence. And He will do all of that and much more if we but remember Him to keep His commandments. What then shall we do? We will remember Him to keep His commandments. It is the only intelligent thing to do."

Remember... The Lord’s way is not hard. Life is hard, not the gospel.

Love you so so much. So thankful to have you all in my life.
šŸ’œSister Bee

 "COLD STONE!? Say what... I haven't seen one for a year, so
we had to take a pit stop and celebrate for a good week. (Good thing
celebration calories don't count)"

Leaf clean up!

 "Our investigator that had to leave church early for work is a
photographer and sent us this picture from her session last night! WOW!"

Sisters that live nearby!

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