Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Climbing the Ladder


Welp.. Ladies and gentlemen... We made it into the double digits. Gah! 
10 months down! 
Wow oh wow! 

How's it going fam-dam!? 
Thank you so very much for your emails, your love, and your support.

So our car has been in the shop for a bit longer than we had intended for it to be.. Going on a second week without a car... Which means lots of walking! Luckily the Elders took us to church yesterday and took us grocery shopping with them today, bless their souls! :) I really don't mind the walking. We get to talk with more people, and have some funny stories from it. And It also just makes me more grateful for a car! Our area is so big, and covers so much ground that you can get so much more work done when you have a car. One of our walking days this week just happened to be the hottest and most humid day of the New England summer. Blah! Luckily we had two members see us walking at different times of the day, and they came to the rescue with some water! Nothing tastes better than some ice cold water on a warm day. I truly am wet all the time. I jump out of the shower, dry off and I'm wet, I step outside and I'm wet again. It's quite a cool experience actually. For all the walking we've been doing I sure hope I will get me some good ole calf muscles or a killer bum ;) You know what they say, what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger! 

We've been very blessed with member meals this week.. We had a meal appointment every night this week. Good people, good food. I truly love the Somersworth ward SO much. They're becoming more and more like family everyday.

I love training, and I love Sister Dickson. We get along really good. It's like doing missionary work with a really really good friend. On the hard days, I feel like we're both good at helping each other see the positives. We also laugh, and then laugh some more. I love hearing and learning from her testimony daily. 

My studies were kind of everywhere this week... It's hard to summarize them into just a few paragraphs...But I still loved every minute of it. I was thinking the other day of what I want to go to school for... And I decided I just want to study the gospel for the rest of my life and then call it good.

In gospel principles class yesterday at church I really liked a teaching from our Prophet Joseph Smith, He said: “When you climb up a ladder, you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel--you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles until exaltation." I loved that so much, we need to remember life is not a sprint it's more like marathon, and all we're asked is to move onward and upward. And when we do take a few steps down the ladder we look back to Our Savior to helps us in the right direction. There really is no need to feel anxious or scared in this life, because we have Jesus Christ on our side.....it is very important to take the time and learn and live the principles of the gospel. It'll bring us nothing but joy. 

I was reading a good talk from this months ensign on one of the first sister missionaries, her names was Josephine Booth.. One of her journal entries said how we need to "work more, think more, and pray more." So that's what I'm going to try and apply this week. 

I know this church is true with all of my heart, I'm grateful for the ways Heavenly Father has helped me change out here. I'm grateful that this is a gospel of change.. I marvel at the workings of Heavenly Father, and grateful for the times he allows me to have simple opportunities to share my simple testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel..

One of my favoritest things about life and the gospel is we can change constantly. Because of the Atonement, and Jesus Christ we're able to always become something.. And more importantly become better. We have our perfect example, and can constantly strive and endure to the end to become more like Him.

"GOOD, BETTER, BEST, never let me rest... Until my good is my better, and my better is my best!"
-I know I sure needed that reminder this week! We have the greatest gift of all to become better and to become more like Jesus Christ. 
Just like a parent would never want to hold back a blessing from their child, Heavenly Father never wants to hold back a blessing from us. So look to Him in ALL things. 

"May God Bless you in Jesus Name, Amen"
^^ we had a random lady yell that at us this week. So kind, but a little interesting. We happened to run into her again, we talked for a bit and as we went our separate ways she said the exact same thing again... So that's what I'm passing on to you this week.. May God Bless you in Jesus Name. 💜 

Know Sister Bee might be missin you a lot a bit this week.. Enjoy me some good Box Elder County Fair for me this year... Eat a big burger, sit at the band stand for hours.. Go and look at all the cute lambs and pigs.. And go on the zipper just enough times to make ya sick :) Yee-Haw!! Also don't forget to cheer loud for those cute bull riders ;)

Haha, hope you enjoy your day, and week! 
Today we enjoyed a relaxing day. Made a delicious cake, and some blueberry muffins. I also had some good tacos from Taco Bell... And then plan to go out and do some good tracting tonight at 6:00. So hope and pray that we'll find someone to listen. Have a fun week! 

Love you always. Xoxo
-Sister Bee 

- sorry if the email is err where, I took some time to reply to little emails this week, and ran out of time. 

That humidity though!

Cute Companions!
Tay and Sister Dickson were really sad that their awesome neighbors were moving. They packed most of their stuff in Vodka boxes and left a bunch of empty boxes right in front of their apartment door haha (probably as a joke!)

"The little girls in Africa finally got our dresses we made for them. It was a wonderful relief society activity and it touches my heart to see them in the dresses. The sweet girls can't go to school there unless they have a dress. Lots of women worked really hard in our ward to make this happen, and I was grateful for this opportunity to be apart of it. Andddd one of our investigators is a beautiful seamstress and came to the activity, it was neat to see her in the church. Little things like this are so humbling, I feel so much love for these sweet girls."

Transfer Meeting when Tay received Sister Dickson! This is her and ALL of her companions she has had up to this point! Such a neat picture! And they all wore blue. :)

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