Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Training a newBEE!

Helllllo :)

Oh how I miss all you dearly... Thank you for the emails and love sent
my way this week.

Emailing on a Tuesday.. Weird I know, but we're going to the Boston
Temple with 3 other sisters today, so we took our p-day today
instead.. Which I'm really excited for :) There is just something
special about the Boston temple. On our way to Portsmouth, New
Hampshire where we are meeting up with the two other sisters we had to
drive through downtown Portsmouth... Oh what a charming place!
Sometimes I just can't believe my eyes with how cute some of the
places are here...

It's been a pretty exciting week.. 👍
So I'm sure you're curious to who my new companion is.. Tuesday
started off with transfer meeting down in New Hampshire Manchester..
All my companions from the MTC up til now were there and it was so
fun to see all of them. My heart was so full to see so many girls that
I just love to death. Plus I had a sister training leader, district
leader, and zone leader all going home from their missions so it was
really nice to say goodbye to all of them. So.. first off I can't tell
you how fun it is to train a brand new missionary. I have honestly
loved every second of it so far. Her name is Sister Dickson, and she
is from South Weber! So not too far from home. She's great, and already
such a good teacher. I already love her so much. Besides her being
great, I never ever like goodbyes.. And it was weird saying goodbye to
Sister Payne. She is such a sweetheart and I am grateful for the
things I learned from her.

I know I tell you this every week... But the members in our ward are
so just great. It's a wonderful ward family, and I love how they
welcome anyone that comes in with such love. There also are some real
good cooks, which is great for me, but not so great for the gut! Haha

These past two days the work has been picking up and has been SOO
good!! It's just what was needed.. Yesterday we were able to teach not
1... Not 2... But 3 families!! Can I get a hallelujah!! These families
I had tracked into the first few weeks I was here, and we caught them
all home yesterday. Such a miracle. And it was such a blessing to be
able to share the gospel with them. We had a really spiritual lesson
with a new investigator Eileen, and it was on the plan of salvation.
I'm really thankful for the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father
has made for us.. I'm also really thankful that this plan is possible
because of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Sunday night we have a Book Of Mormon study class and this Sunday
night it just poured through the whole thing.. We got drenched running
to the car! Haha it was so fun, and plus I didn't have to shower when
I got home.. It was already done ;) I have gained such a testimony of
the Book Of Mormon. I love being up every morning, and having precious
hours to read and study from it. It has touched my heart beyond words,
and I know it can touch yours too. All we have to do it first take the
time to read it, and second take the time to feel the spirit. Once we
do that we're all set and we are able to feel how divine the book is.
I never was able to relate the Book of Mormon to my life, but now that
I have prayed for eyes to be open to it, Heavenly Father has taught me
so much on how the Book Of Mormon was written many years ago, but is
for us now, and can help us return to our Savior.

This week we've been sharing a Mormon message that's called the
moments that matter most.. There a quote in the video that I really
like by uchtdorf he said "We would do well to slow down a little, focus
on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that
matter most." I loved that so much, life can get so crazy and busy,
but as we take time and slow down we really can realize the things
that matter most!

I got some really good advice this week, that has really helped me
these past couple of days..
"Embrace the grind and trust the process.."
That's really all we can do.. Is work, and trust in Our Heavenly
Fathers work and plan for us all. I know that as we do that its can
bring such a peace into our life.
Have a beautiful week.
&&&...Love you amore then you can imagine.. Xoxo 😘😘
-Sister Bee

P.S.. Would you mind mailing me a garland slushie? Okay. Okay. Thanks
bunches ;)

Written after the temple visit

** Had a great time at the temple..!! My goodness still gorgeous as
ever. Im so grateful for temples and the spirit that is in there, it's
a great thing to be able to do temple work here on this earth. We had
a good meal afterwards at a restaurant called 99, had fish tacos for
the first time ever and they were pretty good.. And had the nicest
member pay for our meal.. Oh pps... I hate Boston traffic, way too busy
for me.
Tay and her newBEE :) Sister Dickson

Boston Temple!

Cute Sister Missionaries!
She says these are normal sized spiders :)

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